Turn out the sky, cast low the lights
      Lest humans see a glow in the waters at night

            You're living your life in that pearl studded hell
            Swimming in darkness that no light can dispel

      Daylight's no prettier, the sun not sweeter
      Don't be deceived by the gleaming gold glitter

            Sunlight is finer than magic in lamps
            Better wind's bite than the kiss of eel vamps

      Water is gentler on our cold, fishy scales
      Than the nets of the humans that killed the whales

            But humans can walk and talk on the land
            While you flop and whine in sharp, white sand

      Don't be persuaded by a lovely human's kiss
      To leave the water and forget they'll eat you, fish

            Better the human than the brother you love
            Who forgets you're his kin and sups on your blood

      When there's blood in the water, remember my words
      They'll catch you with hooks and pierce you with swords

            Destroying the beauty of scales mixed with skin
            Is the last thing we want from our watery kin

      Don't listen to them in their dry, dusty abodes
      They'd show you anything to purchase your soul

            Don't listen to them in their liquid hell holes
            They'd say anything to contain your soul

                  Stop telling me everything I should do and believe!
                  All you want is to seduce and deceive!
                  I've already decided the things I'm going to do!
                  I'll reach for the skies where the birds are free and true!