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    Home to many things, namely Valhalla, Ruaki's website.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond NEW!
    Ruaki's artblog! Go! Go! Go!

Eternal Evenflow
    Wheeee~! Diary of Roo. I mean, really, what else do you need to know? It's Roo!

Rood Awakenings
    The fanfiction is awesome. I love the way she portrays Sydney and Ashley. ^____^ And, of course, there's some shonen-ai and yaoi. Hehehe ...

Rockman Yaoi
    Bwahahahaha~! I got annoyed by the absense of such an ML as this ... so I made my own~! ^_^ We're nicely talkative ... and very hentai. o.O But it's all good yaoi, so I can't complain.

Albus Dumbledore x Severus Snape NEW!
    The one and only Harry Potter couple I well and truly like now. This probably means that I'm taking my last dying gasps of the fandom. But until that final gasp, I really, really, really like these two together.

Issendai NEW!
    Must I explain? She is brilliantly humorous and so sharp in her witticisms that I am cut, nay chopped! and I thank her every day for it!

Bernice NEW!
    A source of Snape pr0n. =3