Too Much EXE

Posted: 02-14-03


Gah! I finally got to see Enzan in Rockman.exe but he's SUCH a jerk! He needs an uke! ::eyes Netto-kun::

::hands Netto a "Glomp" chip":: "Here, kid! It's really powerful! Have your navi use it on his navi! Nyoh hoh hoh hoh hoh!" XD

Net: "Um...okay..." O__o; "Glomppu chip! Slotto IN!"

Rockman.Exe: ::is powered up:: "Um..." ::starts feeling really weird, twitches a little::

Enzan & Blues.Exe: ???

Rockman.Exe: "I LOVE YOU!" ::GLOMP-tackles Blues.Exe::

Blues.Exe: O___O!!!!! CRASH!

Enzan & Net: o___O;;;

Rockman.Exe: ::cuddling against Blues.Exe:: =^_______^=

Blues.Exe: @______@

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