Name: Gosai Son

Contact Info: ("SonGosai" for AIM)

Gender: Female

Location: Most likely found in her dorm cell

Major: Civil Engineering (I still ask myself why.)

Likes: Sleeping, drawing and bishounen

Dislikes: Exercising and too much sunshine

Favorite Manga: Hikaru no Go, Shaman King, Hoshin Engi, Wild Half, Kazan, Tokyo Crazy Paradise, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, DNAngel, Inu-Yasha....

Favorite Anime: The Slayers, Digimon, Pokemon, Medabots, Full Metal Panic, Metropolis, Gravitation, Saiyuuki, Weiss Kruez, Kodomo No Omocha, KareKano, Argento Soma...

Favorite Games: Rockman X, Final Fantasy Tactics, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Genso Suikoden, Genso Suikoden II, Sonic Adventure 2, Star Ocean 2, Magic Drop 3, Pokemon anything.

How I got into art: My first grade teacher told me my cousin colored a teddy bear better than me. I guess the competitve instinct kicked in and I drew a lot since then. Also, I watched Doraemon and other random anime in Chinese all through my childhood. And that's how I ended up as the strange, pasty person I am today.