Online name: Catnip

Email address:,

Favorite Anime: Cowboy Bebop, InuYasha, Case Closed, Lupin the 3rd, Big O, Wolf's Rain, Gundam Wing, Trigun

Favorite Characters: Tseng, Reno, Rufus, Sephiroth, Rude, Reeve, Vincent, Red XIII, Barret, Cid, and Tifa

Favorite Pairings (all pairings are these and their opposites e.g Tseng/Reno = Reno/Tseng): Tseng/Reno, Tseng/Rufus, Reno/Rufus, Reno/Vincent, Tseng/Reeve, Vincent/Sephiroth, Rude/Reno, and Zax/Cloud

Webpages: Dead Sexy: A Shrine to Reno of the Turks

Bio: I love animals and love to read Anime fanfiction. I'll eat anything, but I jump around too much to actually get fat off of what I might eat. I love chocolate, too. My friends think that in my previous life, I was a cat. They say that I act like one in basically everything I do. If you haven't noticed by now, I am female (hence the name Catnip. What man in their right mind would have a nickname called Catnip? Ah, well.) I live in Washington, DC in a house. It's more like a house full of crazy people and two crazy felines. I love any movie that's gory (Ya know, anything that has to do with gore). I also love anything fast. That includes motorcycles, race cars, jets, speed boats. I love movies that deal with fast cars. And to top it all off, I love ::dramatic pause to play crappy music:: Beanie Babies. My muse is a gray striped beanie baby cat named Prance. ^_^

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