Shattered Glass

Reno slipped into the office and hoped that he wouldn't get caught. All he wanted was a glimpse of Rufus, only a mere glimpse, just so he could sleep easily. Damn crush. Reno thought to himself. It won't let me sleep without seein' his majesty. Reno looked around the huge, empty office and wondered where Rufus was. He evidently wasn't isn't in the office. Reno sat down on the desk and began pawing through the papers that were there. His eyes skimmed over things like "Deeds to Wutai" and "Expenditure of Midgar." Reno blinked and silently mouthed, "The price of Midgar?" Reno shook his head and began to read the print. It had a bunch of crap about "The party of the first part" and "The party of the second part" and it began to bore Reno. He yawned and thought, How does Rufus read this junk without dying of boredom?

A soft voice asked, "What are you doing?" Reno stiffened and looked around. Rufus stood at the doorway wearing a silk robe, his hair wet and slick from his shower. Reno slipped off the desk silently and in a self-sure tone replied, "Nothing Sir. I'm just - "

"Going through my papers." Rufus finished, briskly going up to the desk and quickly putting the misplaced papers back into correct order and neatly stacking them on the desk. He then turned to Reno and sharply asked, "What are you doing in here?" Rufus's icy blue eyes glared into Reno's gray-green ones until Reno gulped and looked away. Rufus sighed in defeat and went up to the window. He sighed and ordered Reno, "Come here and look at this." Reno obeyed and looked out one of the huge windows in the dark office. Midgar sparkled like a field of stars under the dark night. Reno could hardly believe that it was the same city as the one he had grown up in, and gasped in shock. Rufus stared at it and told Reno, "This is all mine. I own the city, yet every time I see it glow like this, I remember that I never will. The city is the heart of Shinra." Reno looked at the blond President and wondered what had happened to him. During the day he was cold, unbending to anyone else's will except his own. The man who stood before Reno seemed so delicate, just like the city underneath. It seemed that if a pebble was dropped into Midgar, it would shatter into a thousand pieces. Reno suppressed the urge to take Rufus in his arms and tell him that it would all be all right. Reno closed his eyes and shuddered in desire. He opened his eyes at the strange feeling of two velvet lips against his own, at the tongue pressing it's way between Reno's teeth. Rufus was standing before him, kissing him. Reno was shocked for a moment, then took Rufus around the waist and intensified the kiss. They were soon parted by the sudden need to breathe, and as Reno gasped for air he thought, What's going on? Rufus pressed himself to Reno and whispered, "The only thing that I want to own right now is your heart. Reno..." Reno pushed away from Rufus and a sudden part of his mind reprimanded, What's the matter with you? You've only wanted this since the first moment you saw him! Rufus blinked in confusion, then his eyes narrowed. He had humbled himself in front of an employee, and then was pushed away. He blinked away the fresh tears and told Reno, "Leave. If you mention this to anyone..."

Reno nodded, knowing the consequence. He slowly took a step to the door, then his body didn't allow him to move. He turned around to face Rufus, and then told him, "I love you."

Rufus just turned his head and shook it, saying, "Just leave. Don't justify it. Just leave." Reno left the room, shattered, torn, as Midgar soon would be. As the Midgar that shattered like glass under the pebble. As Rufus had been at the moment of his betrayal. All Reno could do was walk away and into the city, as Rufus, in the top floor of the Shinra building, cried.