My Guardian


This fic was a spur of the moment type thing which I wrote pretty much all in one go. I was lying in bed trying to get to sleep when the idea for this fic came to me (don't ask me how) so here it is. I wanted to change the roles between Rufus and Reno (two of the best things about FF7) and...just tell me what you think 'cause if you guys think it sucks then I wont bother writing a sequel (and I'm not talking about flames from homophobes, I mean if you think it's badly written.)

Oh well, whatever. Read and enjoy ^_~

Reno's Monday morning started like any other; he'd enter the Shinra building, meet up with Rude and Tseng to grab a coffee, flirt with Elena in the corridor then go to his office to sort through piles of paperwork until he was called upon.

He sat at his desk flicking through a Shinra company life insurance leaflet inappropriately called "Death Insurance: What happens if you're killed" until the buzzer from his intercom snapped him out of his morbid thoughts.

He flicked a black switch and spoke into the intercom.


"Mr Fernandes?"

"Call me Reno, Tina" he replied to the nasal voice of his secretary.

"President Shinra would like to see you in his office ASAP, sir."

Reno looked across his desk at the mountains of unfilled forms and report sheets.

"I'll be right there."

The elevator journey to President Shinra's office was not an unfamiliar one to Reno but one he'd rather take with another Turk. Despite the President's appearance everyone at Shinra feared him, and Reno was no exception.

The number dial signalled it was his floor so he stepped out into red carpeted corridor, at the end of which was a large oak door with two guards on either side.

"Name?" asked one of them, eyeing Reno's notoriously scruffy appearance with clear disdain.

"Reno Fernandes, Turk." He replied pulling an ID out of his pocket then slipping it back in casually.

The guards looked at one another then nodded.

"Go right in Mr Fernandes."

Reno nodded as he pushed the door open.

The President sat behind a large oak desk, and Reno noticed the white Persian cat that strolled around the room. He approached the desk slowly, conscious of the President watching his every move.


"I'm Reno sir, you called for me?" he asked, his voice sounding less than confident.

"Yes, yes I did. I have a new assignment for you."

Reno usually got his assignments given to him by Tseng, which made him curious about the importance of this one. He took a step closer.

"I need a bodyguard for my Son, Rufus" he began, his voice darkening at his son's name, "since he is to take over when I am gone. Which will not be for a while yet but still...I am concerned about his safety and need someone to watch over him." he said, his voice showing no sign of concern at all.

Reno eyed the old man curiously. A baby-sitting job? Reno was a Turk, not a baby-sitter...

He took a folder from his desk and handed it to Reno who took it slowly.

"I expect you to keep him out of trouble. That will be all, you may leave."

Reno turned without saying goodbye, running the new information through his mind as he walked out of the room.

"So that's your new assignment?" Rude asked before taking a sip of his coffee.

"Yeah, I've gotta baby-sit that stuck up brat. This is not what I'm trained for."

Reno placed his cappuccino down on the table and looked around the cafeteria. Sure, the job would be easy enough but this wasn't what he'd expected when he'd joined the Turks.

"Well, at least you don't have to worry about him too much." Rude remarked, taking a bite of a bagel, "It's not like he goes out very much anyway."

Reno shrugged and looked through the folder in his lap. All that was in it was some contact numbers and some info on Rufus. He had to admit that he wasn't totally without his charms, despite his well-known superiority complex.

"Yeah, I guess so. I've got to go to his apartment later to 'check up on him' so I guess I'll go up to my office and finish my reports. I'll see if I can make my job any fun. I'll catch you later." he said, winking at Rude before scrunching up the Styrofoam cup and throwing it in the bin.

Fun? Rude asked himself as he watched his friend walk away, I just don't get you Reno...

Reno drove up to an expensive looking apartment block. It was raining and the white exterior stood out against the bleak grey sky that loomed over Midgar. He parked his car and walked toward the building, trying to avoid the large puddles in the sidewalk.

A warm blast of air hit him as he entered the ground floor. There were two men standing behind a desk and one of them, Reno noted, had a handgun concealed in his jacket. At the site of Reno they walked over.

"Your apartment?"

Reno looked down at where he'd written it on his hand in pen.


The man's expression darkened.

"What business do you have with Mr Shinra?"

He pulled out his I.D and showed it to him.

"I'm Reno Fernandes, I am here to babysi-I mean, I'm his bodyguard. Speak to the President if ya like."

The man looked to the I.D then back to Reno several times before letting him through, but Reno noted the other man had indeed called Shinra on the phone.

"Jesus, I don't know why I was sent here when there are people protecting him already..." he mumbled to himself as he took the elevator up.

When he reached his destination the doors opened and he walked down the hall.

" it is."

He stopped in front of the door; tried to straighten out his suit a little then pressed the bell. He waited for a long time and was considering leaving until the door opened and a blond, several years his junior with a sarcastic expression stared down him, an amused smile on his face.

"And what do you want?"

Reno ignored the less than friendly welcome and once again took out his ID

"I've been sent here by your father to be your bodyguard."

Rufus let out a bitter laugh whilst running the card through his hands a few times.

"Bodyguard? Since when did he start caring about me and what makes him think I need one, Turk?"

Reno took in a deep breath, trying to resist the urge of strangling Rufus right then and there.

"I don't know Rufus, I've been sent here so...ya know."

Rufus' look turned into a bitter scowl and his voice demanded respect.

"That's Mr Shinra to you, Turk. You may as well come in until I get someone to cancel this." he finished, waving Reno into the room.

Reno clenched his fists and followed him into the room. He noticed how neat everything was, how clean, how...white.

Rufus snapped him out of his thoughts with the click of his fingers as he pointed to a chair.

"Sit, Turk."

Reno sat down reluctantly, wishing he could kill the brat. Rufus picked up his phone and pressed a speed-dial button.

"Hello? It's Mr Shinra here. Mr Shinra Junior you idiot, put me through to my father."

He looked over to Reno as he waited, strangely drawn to his auburn hair.

"Rufus?" An annoyed voice that he recognised as his father's came from phone.

"Yes, why did you send someone to get in my way?"

Reno listened to the conversation as Rufus said the sentence 'I do not need a bodyguard' at least five times, his voice growing more irritable each time. Finally it seemed that he'd given up and he slammed down the phone.

"Well, I guess I'll be seeing more of you than I'd like over the next week or two. All you have to do is stay out of the way, got it Turk?"

Reno shrugged; he'd rather stay out of the way than be around this power-hungry brat.

"So how's the baby-sitting going?" Rude asked, chuckling as the bartender passed them their drinks.

"God, if he calls me 'Turk' one more time I'm gonna waste the fucker, I can't believe we have to take orders from that jerkoff."

Rude shrugged and drank down some of his beer then he put it down suddenly as he remembered something.

"Hey Reno, you coming out Friday? I persuaded Tseng and Elena to go down to lower Midgar. What d'ya think?"

"No can do buddy, I've got this assignment for a while yet and I've got to make sure the little Prince doesn't stub his toe or something." He replied, sighing.

"Too bad." Rude checked his watch, "Oh shit, I was supposed to meet up with Elena, I'll catch you later."

Reno waved him goodbye then finished his drink. He hated pointless assignments.

Reno sat in his chair and looked over to where Rufus sat on the couch, watching TV. The only communication between the two had been Rufus telling Reno to get out of the way, get him something or bitch about his father while Reno simply answered appropriately with the word 'sir' at the end of each sentence. Reno was very bored, as per usual. He looked at the clock and wondered how drunk Rude was by now.

He saw Rufus look over at him from the corner of his eye and as Reno turned he saw his head snap back quickly. Reno figured that Rufus was as bored as he was by the way he seemed to pay no attention to the TV show, so he dared to start a conversation.

"Ru - Mr Shinra?"

Rufus turned around to face him, his eyebrow raised.


"You wanna talk or something?"

"If I wanted to talk to you I would have told you so, so no. I do not."

Reno hated his arrogance but had to admit that Rufus was not too bad in the looks department. He also kind of liked the way he didn't respect his father, just like him.

Pity he doesn't shut up though he thought

He suddenly had an idea.

"Would you like to go for a walk?"

Rufus turned back to him, an annoyed look on his face, but Reno couldn't help but notice the curiosity in his eyes.

"Didn't I tell you I do not want to talk?"

"Yes sir, but you see...Have you ever been to the Great Gospel Inn?"

Rufus' interest came through in his voice.

"I can't say I have."

"I thought maybe you'd be interested in getting out of the apartment."

"Hmm..." Rufus looked like he was in deep thought, "And what kind of establishment is this Inn?"

"Let's just say your father wouldn't like it." Reno said wearing a lopsided smile.

Reno looked through his options; he could stay in the apartment and be bored or go to this place and rebel against his father...

"Fine, get my jacket and we'll go. I'll call for my limo..."

"Sir? This isn't the kind of place you'd want to be seen in a limo at unless you want to get mugged."

Rufus shrugged impatiently and gestured for Reno to hurry up. Reno grinned as he picked up their jackets.

They walked downtown which Rufus complained about a lot but Reno didn't seem to mind, at least he'd be doing something besides staying in Rufus' apartment tonight. The bouncer welcomed Reno when they reached the Inn.

"Hey Reno, wassup?"

"Nothing much, just came for a drink."

The bouncer looked over at Rufus who stood silently.

"And who's your friend? Another one of your playthings?"

"He's with me Frank, don't get any ideas."

"Possessive as always, well, have a good time Reno." Frank winked as he opened the door.

Once inside Rufus asked, "What did he mean by that?"

Reno simply shrugged.

"Don't worry about it Mr Shinra, let's just have a few drinks 'kay?"

Rufus looked a bit defeated. His power only extended so far as his employees at present. They walked over to the bar whilst people greeted Reno on the way. When they got there the chubby barmaid looked very excited.

"Oh Reno, you're back! Haven't seen you in a while, thought you'd died or something."

"Yeah, or something." he said, looking over at Rufus.

She noticed the blond vice-president.

"So, what can I get you and your friend?"

Rufus was about to speak when Reno interrupted.

"Two Smoking Ifrits if you will."

After she'd waddled off to get them Rufus started at Reno, the way he thought he would.

"What is this place?"

"I told you, it's an Inn. Don't be so uptight."

Rufus scowled "Don't tell me what to do Turk, I'm still your Boss."

Reno felt more confident in his own environment "You're the boss's son, it doesn't mean I have to take your orders."

"Yes it does."

"No, it doesn't."

Rufus blinked. He'd never been told no in his life. The barmaid came back carrying two heavy-looking glasses.

"Here ya go sweetie, enjoy!"

Reno took his and drank half of it down. He watched Rufus sniff the drink then put it back down.

"Not having yours?"

"What is this muck?"

"Stuff that's going to make you lighten up, try it."

Rufus looked at it and took a sip. It tasted foul but he watched as Reno finished off his glass and placed it on the table so he swallowed down half a glass, feeling nauseous afterwards.

"There ya go, good huh?"

Rufus didn't answer. He just held onto his stomach and turned a pale shade of green.

Rufus' vision was blurry as he drank down another beer, having lost count ages ago. Reno seemed a little affected but it was obvious that Rufus had a low tolerance to alcohol.

"So, ya having fun yet?"

"Yeah, I guess know what? If my dad caught me here..." he started but broke into a giggling fit.

Reno looked at him curiously.

"Rufus, you're drunk."

"I am not!"

"You so are!" Reno answered back, pushing Rufus lightly.

The push didn't seem to go very well when Rufus told him that he was going to throw up. Reno rushed him out of the bar and into the bathroom where Rufus was promptly sick. When he was finished Reno handed him some tissues to clean up with.

"You okay now?"

"Ugh, I still feel sick." Rufus replied groggily, "I need to lie down. Do something!" he said impatiently.

"Okay, okay, I'll get a room to rent for a while, you wait here."

Reno felt guilty as he paid for the room. All he'd wanted was for Rufus to lighten up and get off his case but now he was throwing up. Then he remembered what a spoilt brat he was...

Great job I'm doing he thought to himself as he walked back to the bathroom and led Rufus up the stairs.

The room was dark and cheaply decorated, with only a small couch, a bed and a TV inside. He helped Rufus to the couch and sat down next to him.

"Just rest a while and I'll take you home, okay?"

Rufus simply nodded and closed his eyes. After a long silence Reno felt a hand on his thigh.



"What did that man mean by 'plaything'?"

Reno felt the hand moving upwards and stopped it.

"I sometimes bring company here, not that it's your business."

There was a pause before Rufus spoke again.

"I've got an order for you, Turk."

Reno sighed "What?"

Rufus put his hand on Reno's cheek.

"Kiss me." he whispered.

Rufus leant towards him but Reno quickly pushed him off onto the floor.

"Woah! Easy there."

"That was an order" Rufus stated, his usual self returning.

Reno's tone changed into one of bitter deadly calm, one Rufus had never heard before.

"Rufus, I'd gladly fuck your brains out but I don't think your daddy put it in my contract. Besides, I don't go for controlling brats."

Reno expected an outburst but instead Rufus crawled over from where he had fallen and rested his hands on Reno's thighs.

"I am not conrollting."

"The word is controlling and yes, you are."

There was a pause and Reno realised the power he had over this man who was sitting in front of him. He grinned to himself.

"Fine then President Pretty boy, you wanna see how I treat the guys I bring here? I'll show you."

Rufus was caught off guard as Reno hauled him to his feet and pressed him against the wall. Rufus tried to move but found his hands pinned to the wall above his head by one of Reno's.

"You wanna get a taste of what real life is? Fine..."

Reno's other hand lifted Rufus' chin up and he kissed him, slipping his tongue past willing lips. He heard a low moan come from the blond man against him. He brought his knee up in between Rufus' legs and soon heard another moan. He pulled away abruptly, making Rufus look up at him.

Reno leant forward so his mouth was next to Rufus' ear, "You may be used to getting every single fucking thing you want but by the time I'm done with you I'll have you begging for it, don't you worry."

Rufus opened his mouth to object but Reno's free hand slipped down in-between them and slid past the waistband of Rufus' pants into more interesting territory. In a matter of seconds Rufus had his head back against the wall, gasping loudly.

"That's right, when it comes to this you're nothing. I bet you're a virgin, am I right?"

Rufus nodded shakily, letting out a small cry as his hips bucked.

"Good...I think what you need is a good fuck. You need someone to put you in your place."

Reno noticed belatedly that he was growing hard from the power rush and after making the blond moan a few more times he pushed him onto the bed, promptly pulling his trousers down so they rested at his knees. He looked up to where Rufus was watching his every move, fear, desire and confusion filling his expression.

Reno dipped his head in-between Rufus' legs, his hands holding down his hips as he ran his tongue along the hard length receiving a sound of surprise from Rufus. He continued his torturous ministrations by taking the head in his mouth and running an expert tongue over it.

Rufus' mind was covered with a thick cloud of confusion caused by the alcohol and he was immediately brought out of it as a wave of heat passed through him. He could hear himself cry out but his voice was a million miles away.

Reno teased him, never taking his full length. He could feel Rufus' hips desperately trying to thrust up. Soon he could hear Rufus' frustrated sobs and taste bitter moisture. He pulled away.


He got a frustrated moan in response. ""

"No can do little prince. I want to hear you say my name."

Rufus clawed at the blankets around him tightly as Reno teased him by licking at his inner thighs.


"Good enough" Reno replied and he took all of him in.

On his list of things that Reno expected to do during the course of the day this was not one of them. He did not expect to have his superior hot in his mouth as he clawed the sheets, gasping his name. That particular thought made Reno even more eager to take him. He let Rufus thrust up as he climaxed, a strangled cry filling the room. Rufus' body went limp and he let out a soft child-like moan as his eyelids fluttered.

No way are you passing out on me, I'm not done yet. Reno thought, pulling out some massage oil from his jacket pocket before throwing it to the floor. And Rude wondered why he carried that around with him...

He pulled Rufus' trousers right off and did the same with his, rubbing some of the oil on himself before getting Rufus' attention with a soft slap.

"Wakey wakey Mr Shinra." he said mockingly.

Rufus looked up at Reno as he lifted his legs up so they were resting on Reno's shoulders.


"Tell me you want this." he commanded as he ran his hand up and down the blonde's thighs.

Rufus' pulse was racing "Take me." he whispered.


"Fuck me!" he said again, a note of desperation in his voice.

In one movement Reno was inside him. Rufus felt sharp pain echo through his body and he cried out, tears forming in his eyes. Reno's head was thrown back, a look of ecstasy on his face.

"Oh god, you're so damn tight..."

He started to move in and out of him, moaning with each thrust. Rufus' protests got louder as salt water rolled down his cheeks. Reno silenced his moans with an intense kiss as a hand encircled his sex. After working Rufus' sex in his hand a burst of pleasure suddenly shot through Rufus' body, his cries of pain turning to moans of pure ecstasy.

Reno pumped Rufus in time with each thrust, the look on the blonde's face almost sending him over the edge.

Rufus clawed at the mattress as he started to call out Reno's name frantically. His whole body was on fire, his nerves blazing as he looked up at Reno who looked back down at him, gritting his teeth together as he thrust in and out. The radiating heat that ran through his veins built up until he was consumed by it. A few seconds later he climaxed; his body spasming around the auburn-haired Turk's as he cried out his name.

Reno continued to piston in and out of the young blond but Rufus' orgasm claimed him and he came, a growling moan escaping from his mouth.

They were still for a long time after that. Rufus' eyes had slid shut, his body taken over by sleep. Reno laid next to him, letting him rest. He was thinking through the consequences. A part of him was glad to have put Rufus in his place; another was terrified of this information getting out, especially if the President was to hear...he was as good as dead. And yet, another tiny part of him felt some kind of affection towards the sleeping blond. He pushed that part of him down.

This should never have happened, I'll just take him home and deny it. He's very drunk after all... he said unconvincingly to himself.

He stood up, careful not to wake Rufus, and dressed them both before stumbling down the stairs with the blond propped against him as they got into a cab back to the apartment.

Sunlight hit Rufus' face as he lay in bed and he rolled over to avoid it. He opened his eyes a little and realised that his head was pounding. He was about to attempt to stand up when a pair of legs dressed in dark blue material came into his field of vision.


Rufus noticed that Reno seemed a little nervous for some reason.

"Yes sir?"

"Get me some asprin, my head is killing me."

Reno left the room without a word and re-entered moments later with a glass of water and two tablets. Reno propped up his pillows and Rufus sat up and gulped them down. Reno sat in a chair by the bed and pushed his glasses a little further up his head.

"Feel any better?"

Rufus closed his eyes and sank his head into the pillows.

"A little. How much did I drink last night?"

"A lot."

Rufus opened his eyes suddenly.

"I can't remember much about last night, what happened? I presume you were in a better state than I was because you brought me home."

Reno looked around uncomfortably.

Do I tell him or do I leave it...?

Reno sighed and Rufus noticed how he kept trying to start a sentence but it seemed to die as soon as it began.

"You" Reno gave up and sighed.

"What did I do Reno? I want to know."

"I think the question should be what did we do, sir..."

Rufus' eyes widened as pieces of his memory came up as mental images from the night before; Reno's face pressed close to his, the Turk's red hair between his own legs and Reno's face as he came inside him. His mouth dropped open.

"We, we...w-what? I - we, why?" he stuttered, sitting upright.

"I don't know why." Reno said casually, but not without a note of nervousness.

Rufus looked like a little lost puppy as he searched for a reason for the previous night's events. Having found nothing useful in his jumbled mind he lay back down.

"That'll be all Reno, I need some more sleep."

Rufus rolled over leaving Reno to stare at his back, not expecting this reaction. He stood up and walked to the living room where he sat down on the couch. Reno had expected a huge explosion of an argument to occur but there was nothing and he couldn't help but wonder if the future president felt a tiny bit of what he was feeling, no matter how hard Reno tried to push it down.

He sighed and walked back into the bedroom. He went over to the far side of the bed where Rufus was curled up among the blankets and sat down. He looked so young when he was asleep, so innocent. He combed his hand through the blond hair a few times and once over the soft skin of his cheek before standing up and walking back into the other room, his mind filled with bundles of confusion and emotions he'd deny.

Rufus opened his eyes, memorising Reno's touch before really falling asleep, Reno never leaving his thoughts.