Elena was surprised to open her mailbox and find a letter mixed in with all the bills. She couldn't think of anyone who'd know her current address.

"Whatcha got?" Reno asked as he walked by.

"An... invitation..." She pulled a card out of the envelope, "... to Richard and Bambi's wedding." Reno stopped and looked at her.

"Jesus christ, just think of how their kids will turn out." He cringed. She laughed and threw the card away. She perched on a nearby chair and watched as he threw the random belongings he had accumulated over the past few months in a small duffel bag.

"So where will you go?" She asked. He zipped up the bag and set it in front of the door. Digging in his pants pocket, he drew a pack of cigarettes and lighter out. After taking a long drag he said,

"Dunno. Even without Shin-Ra, there's plenty of work for assassins and bodyguards. I'll just wander around and see what I find." He shrugged. He slung the bag over his shoulder and opened the door.

"Well. I guess I'll see you around." Elena said quietly and walked to the door.

"Yeah." He replied and stepped outside. She stood at the door and watched him walk down the stairs. He hesitated and looked up.

"You really don't have anything keeping you here, do ya?" He asked abruptly.

"Not really." She replied slowly and walked to the top of the stairs.

"Wanna come with me?"

"I thought you'd never ask."