I'm primarily a Rufus x Reno fan, but thanks to browsing Japanese FF7 fanart sites and coming across cute Reno x Elena pics, I felt compelled to write a fic about them. The characters may be sorta OOC, as I haven't played FF7 in a few years, but it's not like you get much characterization on the Turks during the game anyway. And a big "Arigatou!" goes out to my friend, K-chan, for helping me through writer's block, thinking up a title for the fic, plus a summary for the listing, and generally coaching me through the entire writing of the story. What would I do without ya, K-chaaan?! glomp

It had been five years since her world came crashing down around her. On that day, the apocalypse had been avoided, but Midgar was shattered shell of what it once had been. Not that she missed it. She had been born in Midgar, spent nearly all of her life there. And she didn't miss it at all. It had been a breeding ground for every sort of human weakness imaginable.

Still, with the destruction of Midgar, came the destruction of Shin-Ra. Which left her without employment, or any sense or direction and purpose.

She had joined the Turks because things just seemed to fall into place. For whatever reason, Tseng decided there was potential in her, and that was that. From the moment she met Tseng, she fell for him. Looking back, she knew it probably was not "love", but a great admiration for the man who shaped her from a nobody into a member of Shin-Ra's secret police.

Right after the near-apocalypse, she, Reno and Rude parted ways. She assumed the two of them stayed together, but felt no inclination to travel with them. Reno and Rude had been inseparable as long as she had known them. They were each other's only friends, drinking partners, and she suspect at times, occasional lovers. She didn't think she ever was really accepted by them. Perhaps if things would have been different, and they'd had the chance to work together as a team for more than a year, she might've grown closer to them. But that was all in the past.

She spent the following years wandering aimlessly from town to town. Working in menial jobs such as waitressing had taken some getting used to, after being a Turk, but she supposed it brought her back to reality. Her moment in the sun was long past, and she was back to being one of the nameless, faceless millions that populated the planet living boring, mundane lives.

From time to time, she often wondered what had became of the other surviving Turks.

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