Conflicts of Interest


Everyone knows that there are many secrets in Cloud's past. But just how dark and tangled are those secrets? And how does Cloud's friend Zack fit into the picture?

The WEAPONS have reappeared, signaling the existence of a new danger to the Planet - or the return of an old one. Suspecting that Jenova is somehow involved, Cloud and his friends set out to locate and neutralize the mysterious threat.

But as Cloud encounters certain people from his past, he gradually begins to remember what happened to him between his first departure from Nibelheim and his reunion with Tifa at a Midgar Train station seven years later....

        ....dark and terrible things....

In the meantime, strange creatures break into a half-forgotten Shinra storage facility. The resulting theft leads Cloud and his companions even deeper into his murky and disturbing past.

Cloud also learns that his ties to both his old friend Zack and his arch-nemesis Sephiroth are deeper and stronger than he could ever imagine.

        Cloud thought that he had escaped Sephiroth's shadow forever.

        He was wrong.

        And the big question still remains....

        Who is the true Cloud Strife?


Part 1: Dread Harbingers

Part 2: It's a Great Day ... For Science

Part 3: Fire & Blood

Part 4: Conspiracies of Silence & Omission

Part 5: Shards of Truth