Part 2

Not surprisingly, Vincent was in the first place that Cid asked for him: the hotel. Neither he nor Cid were much for garish light shows. If they weren't in the hotel, they were likely in the bar.

Cid went up the purposely-creaky stairs and headed for their room. After a moment's thought, he knocked on the door before coming in.

Vincent was curled up on the room's one bed, his back still to the door. Cid closed the door silently, and then walked towards the bed, realizing Vincent was crying.

"Hey," he said softly, sitting on the end of the bed, "C'mon, don't cry." No, seriously, don't cry. I have no idea in hell how to deal with "cry." It's a complete fucking mystery to me. Brushing Vincent's black hair from his face, Cid sighed. "I'm sorry that I kissed you, if that's what's wrong."

"... No, that's not it."

Ok... good. You didn't traumatize him for life because he was kissed by a man. "Then what is it? If it's that bullshit about you being a monster, I'm sure as hell not listening, because you aren't a monster, I know that much."

Looking up into Cid's blue eyes, Vincent wiped some of the tears off of his face. "You believe that?"

"Yeah," Cid answered, grinning.

"Then I guess I'm mostly afraid..."

"Of what?"

Vincent sighed. "Rejection. That this is a one-time thing. And, as illogical as it sounds, I'm afraid you'll leave me like Lucrecia did."

Cid lay on his side beside Vincent, propped up on his elbow, looking into the ex-Turk's face as he spoke. "Well, I'm not exactly the brightest crayon in the box, but I'm smart enough to know better than to kill a friendship with a one-night stand. I could get sex in plenty of other places, especially in this hellhole."

Vincent smiled somewhat.

"As for the other count," Cid started again, smiling back at Vincent, almost hyper now that he had made the older man smile, "I swear on my mother's grave never, ever, to fall in love with anyone in the science department of Shin-ra." That earned Cid a good punch in the side, but, miraculously, Vincent didn't retreat into that emotional shell of his.

"Shit," Cid cursed, rubbing his side; "You pack a good punch when I say stupid things."

"Yes. You better remember that, Captain."

"Argh! Don't call me that! I already got a whole town calling me that; I don't need you, too. Still, I'm sorry. That was a really dumbass thing for me to say."

"Well, you do promise you won't leave me, then?"

Cid sighed, rolling onto his back and looking up at the ceiling. "Hey, I can't promise too much on the first date. Me and forever ain't the best of friends, anyway. You know. But," he said, looking back over at Vincent, "I can sure as hell try."

Vincent reached out with his right hand carefully, putting it on Cid's arm. "I'm glad."

"Then you trust me?"

"... I think so."

"You gotta do better than that. I'm not gonna do anything until you trust me, not think that you trust me."

Vincent propped up on his elbows, looking into Cid's eyes and thinking about it. He almost laughed. How many times in a day did he have to ask himself how much he trusted this man? And all the times before, did he ever do a thing to betray that trust?

"Of course I trust you. I've always trusted you. More than anyone else on the team, at least... I just keep second-guessing you."

Cid grinned, running a hand through Vincent's mid-back length black hair. "Has anyone ever told you that you're beautiful?"

"Flattery will get you nowhere, Cid," Vincent retorted, but smiling anyhow.

"No, I mean, really. You are."

"That's probably the only time I've ever heard that. Thank you."

"I find that hard to believe... still... If I kiss you again, you won't run away?"

"No, I won't. I promise."

"So I don't have to lock the door."

Vincent laughed a little. It looked like Cid was going to talk again, so Vincent decided to shut him up. Gently, he put his lips up against Cid's. I hope I'm doing this right... It's been over 30 years since I've actually tried to kiss someone. After what seemed like forever to him, he nervously parted Cid's lips with his tongue, feeling a surge of happiness as he heard Cid moan. As they pulled apart, he laughed again.

"Fuck... where the hell did that come from?!"

"I don't know. You were talking too much."

Cid shook his head, then gathered Vincent into his arms. "Hell. You may be just perfect for an old bastard like me."

"You aren't that old," Vincent objected, "I'm older. Barrett's older."

"Yeah, but you're really only 27. I'm 32. So I'm older."

"Not really. I've existed longer."

"Listen. I did not get you all the way into this bed for a discussion on metaphysics."

"What did you get me here for then, hmm?" Vincent asked, looking up and grinning with an odd mix of shy and coy.

"Don't act like you don't know," Cid answered as he tilted Vincent's face towards his own and kissed him again. Cid rubbed his cheek up against the palm of the hand caressing him and then decided to take care of the black glove of Vincent's normal hand. The thing had been catching on his stubble for a little too long. He reached up and pulled it off Vincent's slender hand, throwing it to the ground. "Ok... that's one article down, something like 20 to go... what the hell do you wear so much clothes for, anyway?"

Vincent laughed softly, and pulled Cid back into the kiss, after asking Cid why he talked so damn much.

The ex-Turk still tasted overpoweringly of alcohol, and Cid didn't only because he'd only stopped smoking that cigarette about a minute ago, but neither of them seemed to care at all.

While they were kissing deeply, Cid gently flipped Vincent on his back and reversed their positions. He caught himself running his hands through Vincent's hair again; it still seemed surprising how soft it was.

Vincent chuckled into the kiss. Cid was a little too eager for Vincent to keep a straight face. He tried to run his fingers through Cid's hair, but the goggles were annoyingly in the way. He broke the kiss to pull them off.

"Hey, if you get to take those off, I get to take the headwrap off. And the cape."

Vincent laughed again, shaking his head, but obliging happily. They went back to kissing, and Vincent helped Cid shrug off his flight jacket. Everything went along fine, until Cid tried to unbutton Vincent's black shirt.

"No," Vincent said, kicking away with a slightly startled look in his crimson eyes.

Cid looked up in surprise. "Ok, maybe I'm just na´ve, but usually 'naked' is part of making out."

"Look," Vincent said, looking away and trying to hide behind his hair, "I don't want you to see me. You may be able to deny I am a monster at this moment, but beneath all this... I am not as beautiful as you are thinking. I'd prefer you to remember me as beautiful than what I really am."

"I told you I wouldn't listen to the 'monster' crap anymore, and I meant it. Listen, I truly doubt it's as bad as you say. Hell, nothing is ever as bad as you make it out to be. Anyways, there is very fuckin' little that would make me stop thinking you're beautiful, Vincent."

Shoving his hair out of his eyes, Vincent sighed. "I just don't want to, alright? Don't push me for answers why. I don't want to anymore, and that should be enough for you."

"Well, I'd consider tellin' you I won't take no for an answer, but that'd be rape, now, wouldn't it?" Cid shook his head and muttered a curse. "Some day you're gonna have to deal with this shitty self-image of yours. I was just offering today. But if you don't want to, I guess we won't." Cid stood from the bed and pulled his flight jacket back on, obviously annoyed with the whole deal. "Look, I'm gonna go take a walk, alright?" he said, frustrated, "I'm gonna try to cool off."

Vincent sat up and was about to reach out for Cid, but stopped himself. "Cid! I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you angry with me." He hid behind his dark curtain of hair again.

Looking back over at Vincent, Cid groaned and went back to sit on the edge of the bed, brushing the silken threads away, partially to be able to feel them again, but mostly to force Vincent to sit up and look at him. "Hey. I'm not fucking pissed at you. I just wish you'd deal with your guilt and your past and get it over with. You can't let that bit... woman... control you from all the way back then, and you can't let Hojo fuck with you anymore, either. It's different now."

Growling, Vincent tried to strike Cid. Cid caught his hand a bit too easily for Vincent not to get more upset, and he struggled for a minute before spitting at Cid. "You know nothing of Lucrecia or my past, you bastard!"

"You aren't so fucking drunk that you forget spending the entire goddamned night telling me your life story, are you? Look at you! I've never seen you act like this! Are you fucking afraid of letting go of all that guilt you've let build the fuck up?"

They sat there for an uncomfortably long moment, Vincent's wrist still tightly in Cid's grasp, the two breathing raggedly.

After a few more minutes, Vincent whispered lowly, low enough that he hoped Cid wouldn't hear, "Yes."

Cid raised his eyebrows, and looked at Vincent curiously. Suddenly he realized he was still holding Vincent's thin wrist firmly. He let go with an apology. Vincent nodded. "I didn't hurt you, did I?" Cid asked.

"No, I don't think so. It's all right, Cid. Listen, I'm sorry I tried..." He was quickly retreating into that damn shell of his.

"Nah, it's ok. I'm glad I know all that now. At least we know what we're dealing with, right?" Cid said, grinning. "And I'm fine, if not a little wet."

"Oh gods! I'm sorry, Cid..."

Cid laughed, kissing Vincent gently. "Look, Vincent, I know you're scared I'm gonna think you're a monster. I know you think you're a monster, there's no two ways about that."

"Cid, I know what you're going to say. And no, I've changed my mind. I'd rather you'd keep your illusions of me."

It didn't matter, Cid wasn't really listening. He ran his hand down the side of Vincent's pale face. "This may be totally stupid of me, but I think I can make you believe you're human. I know you don't think so, but you've gotta move on, y'know?"

Vincent turned into Cid's hand almost instinctually. He didn't say anything, just trembled a little as he kissed Cid's palm.

Brushing Vincent's hair back with his other hand, Cid whispered to Vincent. "It's gonna be alright, I promise you. And you know I'm not one to go back on a promise, Vincent."

Nodding, Vincent laid back without protesting as Cid guided him down. Cid took his jacket back off, then kissed Vincent again. Vincent had to admit that Cid made it seem like it was going to be alright-if Cid thought it was true, it almost had to be; Cid's emotions were usually pretty damn contagious. This wasn't to say that Vincent wasn't afraid anymore; he was terrified of Cid's rejection, but at least he wasn't about to jump out the door.

"You say nothing will convince you that I am not beautiful... so if you are so sure, then go ahead. I won't stop you again," he whispered, pushing Cid off of him slightly to look him in the eyes. Cid nodded once, and then got up into a kneeling position, stopping and looking back into Vincent's red eyes again to make sure he wasn't about to kick him or anything. Vincent just looked back at him silently.

Carefully, Cid undid the first button, whispering assurances as he felt Vincent tense. Gods, what the hell is he so afraid of?

When Cid finally pushed the cotton black shirt back, he kissed Vincent before raising back up.

And then, eyes closed, Vincent waited. Cid was silent. Vincent was about to pull himself away and tell Cid that he knew he was going to be disgusted, when he felt the soft touch. Vincent opened his eyes.

"Oh, hey," Cid said, looking up, "I'm sorry I was quiet so long. You're just so goddamned beautiful. Yeah," he grinned at Vincent's surprised look, "I still think so."

Vincent watched in quiet astonishment as Cid ran his rough hands over the pale scars. He'd always been disgusted with them himself, the several reminders of Hojo's mutilation of his body, reminders of all he hadn't done for Lucrecia and the rest of the world.

The real reason Cid had been silent for a while was because he had no idea what to do to get Vincent past the scars. He decided to just go with instinct after a while, but he was still unsure if it would work, until he looked up at that wondering expression.

The scars didn't do much to turn Cid off of Vincent; at most they just made him more pissed off at Hojo for ruining any ego the man below him might have had in the first place. The whole of Vincent's torso was scarred-long surgical incisions crossing the milky-white chest like a demented road map, marks that looked like they were from fumbled I.V. insertions on the inside of Vincent's elbow, and, most prominent, the large, splattered, almost star-shaped scar from a gunshot wound.

"Vincent," Cid said, still tracing the old incision marks that hadn't healed all that well in that 30 year sleep, "When you look at all these, I don't want you remembering Hojo's madness. I want you remembering mine."

Vincent cried out in surprise as Cid kissed the gunshot scar. "Cid!"

Cid looked up and grinned wickedly. "What?"

Sighing with a bit of shaky pleasure, Vincent nudged Cid's head back down to keep kissing him. "Nothing."

Laughing, Cid kissed Vincent's smooth chest some more, licking along the pale, razor-precise scars. Gods... Is this working? he asked himself, astonished. When he finally looked back up from his nervously dedicated movements at Vincent's fine-boned face, he realized that Vincent had been crying.

"Hey," he said, getting up to his knees, "Don't start cryin' on me! You know I don't have a fucking clue how to deal with that!" He wiped some of the tears away from Vincent's face, and Vincent smiled up at him.

"It's alright, Cid. I'm just trying to let go..." He reached his good arm up and wrapped it around the younger man's neck, holding him closer. "I'm sorry... My past must be very boring to you..."

"Nah," Cid replied, grinning, lying against Vincent as he brushed the dark hair out of the deep crimson eyes. "It's fine with me."

Vincent beamed and kissed Cid deeply. "Thank you, Cid. I don't know how I could repay you for this."

After moving his face back down to Vincent's chest and giving his right nipple and experimental lick, Cid spoke, "Just don't make me stop." He kept suckling on Vincent, feeling the taller man arch into the feeling, and hoping that he wasn't scratching him with his stubble too badly.

Soon Vincent found himself taking off Cid's shirt. Cid pulled away to pull the shirt all the way off and throw it on the floor. "You used your claw, you know," Cid said laughingly. Vincent smiled, and stroked down Cid's side with the false appendage. "I know."

He shifted himself up and ran both his hands down Cid's broad and tanned chest, grinning nervously as he felt the blonde-haired man tremble somewhat from the slight chill of the metal one. Almost shyly, Vincent licked from Cid's shoulder up his neck to his ear, where he whispered, "You make me feel human again, Cid Highwind."

"Damn," Cid whispered, his voice a bit strained, "You'll have to give me some more time then."


Cid opened his eyes and firmly kissed Vincent, pulling away to whisper, "Because I'm meanin' to make you feel like a fuckin' god here." Gently, he rested his hand against the crotch of Vincent's pants.

Vincent shifted against the hand and sighed. "Yes..." he whispered raggedly.

Excited, Cid fumbled with the belt as he undid it then let it drop to the floor with a small thud. Vincent pushed him slightly away, kissing him at the groan of loss. "It's ok, Cid... I know this is the worst time ever, but the fact is that you can't take off my pants with my boots still on..."

"Oh, fuck..." Cid muttered, pulling away so they could take off their shoes. He caught Vincent grinning out of the corner of his eye, so the minute they were both done he jumped Vincent, knocking him back on the bed. "You're goddamned difficult, you know that?"

Laughing, Vincent kissed Cid and then whispered, "You wouldn't have it any other way, would you?"

Cid laughed deep in his throat as he kissed Vincent sloppily on the neck. "Hell no..." he muttered, starting a trail of kisses down Vincent's chest, making the dark-haired man sigh in pleasure.

"Oh... dear gods," Vincent whispered breathlessly as Cid detoured from the path that his kisses were making to suck firmly on Vincent's left nipple. Vincent hissed at the feeling and clasped Cid tightly, pressing the pilot's face harder against himself. Cid laughed again, this time at Vincent's responsiveness. The vibration of that laugh just made Vincent moan louder. Too soon for Vincent, though, Cid pulled away and continued the fiery trail of kisses down to Vincent's thin waist, then sat up a little. Vincent groaned in loss and grabbed for Cid.

Cid just silently slipped his hand down into Vincent's pants. Vincent cried out and strained excitedly against the callused intruder. Cid smirked, but ran his finger along Vincent's hard length, getting harder himself at the feeling of the hard warmth pressing against his palm; the gentle scratch of the thick hair surrounding it. He leaned down and licked across Vincent's lips, eliciting another sigh from the pale man beneath him.

"Cid..." Vincent whispered quietly, almost pleadingly, against the strangely soft lips. Cid looked down into Vincent's desperate crimson eyes and murmured to him reassuringly, planting a small kiss on his sternum.

"You've never been touched like this, have you?" Cid asked softly, still squeezing Vincent softly in his hand.

Blushing slightly (to Cid's surprise), Vincent shook his head negatively. "How can you tell?" he asked quietly, half-kidding and half-serious.

Cid grinned, and gave a firm jerk, making Vincent cry out, gripping and digging his hands into his friend's broad shoulders more than a little more desperately than an experienced person would. "That," Cid murmured as he brushed a kiss against Vincent's shoulder. Vincent kept panting, rocking against Cid's hand desperately.

"You know, Vincent," Cid whispered against the ear he had been covering with licks and nips a moment before, "I'm really fuckin' honored that I'm the first... That you trust me, of all people."

"Hnnn..." Vincent practically purred in reply, still pleasing himself up against Cid's palm.

Cid smiled even broader as Vincent leaned back, just absorbing the feeling of that paradoxically rough and gentle hand.

A few moments later, they pulled apart again, Vincent being the one to pull away this time. He sat up in front of Cid, hurrying to try and divulge the younger man of his remaining clothes. Cid grinned, amused at Vincent's eagerness, but breathing unsteadily nonetheless.

Clumsily, Vincent unzipped Cid's pants, pushing them down along with the boxers as he trembled half in excitement and half in nervousness. Cid helped him, pulling them off and tossing them to the ground, then sat there as Vincent just looked.

Soon enough, Vincent reached out to touch Cid's hardness, holding it gently in his good hand. He rubbed his thumb over the tip, more curious than anything else. Cid moaned in pleasure and ran his hands through Vincent's hair, kissing him. Vincent kept exploring Cid, feeling over the length of it and then down below it, just trying to gauge Cid's reactions.

Cid groaned and pulled away to take off the rest of Vincent's attire, muttering "You bloody infernal cocktease." Vincent silently laughed, then watched as Cid threw the black pants in the general vicinity of the already large pile of clothes, followed quickly by his equally dark silken boxers.

Kissing Vincent, Cid pushed him back and laid on top of his thin body, making both of them sigh and tremble in excitement. Vincent timidly slid his length against Cid's, grinding harder when Cid moaned in approval. He clamped his legs around Cid's lower back and lifted himself up to crush up against the heavenly heat and pressure.

"Shit," Cid rasped, pulling away slightly. Vincent mumbled his disapproval at that action and tried desperately to clasp Cid tighter with his legs. Cid just chuckled against Vincent's sweat-dampened skin as he started kissing down to Vincent's chest again. He took pity on his partner, though, and he reached down to grasp the slender man's erection. Vincent sighed, mumbling something in his native Wutaiian. Cid grinned at that, taking making someone revert to their native tongue as a very good sign, as he licked and kissed toward the center of Vincent's feelings at that moment.

"Ah... Cid?" Vincent yelped as he felt the hot velvet of Cid's tongue against him, lathing at the head of his erection. He looked down at Cid in complete amazement. He still couldn't understand in the least why anyone would ever want to touch him... especially... he blushed slightly. He couldn't help but get even more excited at the sight of Cid running his tongue across his hardness. "Cid..." he rasped, uncertain as he took a hand and rested it on the younger man's head. Cid seemed to curve into the touch, and Vincent smiled, more sure now, as he ran his good hand across his face.

Cid grinned to himself as he felt Vincent responding so readily. He closed his eyes lightly, concentrating on Vincent's smooth, lithe body beneath his, and even more so on the part of that body in his mouth. He tried to remember from the times that he'd done this before - growing up in a town with no girls his age and five guys who were, then in flight school... His trail of thought was broken as he heard Vincent's soft whimper, and he looked up into frantic and wanting red eyes. He flicked his tongue lightly against the tip, and moaned at his partner's sudden twisting writhe, making Vincent cry out even more.

"Goddess..." Vincent sighed as he felt Cid take him in deep, swallowing past the gag reflex.

TakeitslowTakeitslowTakeitslow... Cid repeated to himself like a mental mantra, not wanting to take Vincent too far too soon. He knew full well that he was treading on eggshells here. Slowly, he moved his hands behind the curve of the small of the former Turk's back, then moving downward to gently cup the firm buttocks as he pulled his head up again. Vincent cursed him and tried pressing against the back of Cid's head, trying desperately to get him to take it back into that tight heat...

Cid smiled a little, obliging for a few moments, but pulled back, ignoring the hand tucked behind his head, as soon as he felt Vincent get close. He leveled himself up on his elbows, looking down at Vincent.

He was beautiful, stray dark hairs sticking with sweat to his face, his skin now more a flushed pink than its usual pale. His breath still came in excited pants; his eyes still closed tightly. Cid kissed him softly. Vincent slowly opened his eyes, looking up at Cid.

"Why did you stop?" he asked, curious.

Cid grinned. Fuck, he's beautiful... damned na´ve, but beautiful...

"There's more you can do, you know," he said.

Vincent blinked. Then promptly started blushing slightly for the second time that night, which was also the second time since he'd left the coffin. "You'd... let me... to you? Why?"

Not as na´ve as I thought, I guess. "Because..." Cid stopped and thought about it. "Why does anyone let anyone do it? I have no idea. I've never done it before! I guess I'd just like to be... close to you, like that. Y'know. Damn! I don't know what the fuck to say!"

"I don't know... I'm afraid to hurt you."

Running a hand across Vincent's smooth cheek, Cid smiled. "You don't need to be. I'm not. Not really... I guess I'd be lying if I said I wasn't afraid at all... But really, I trust you, Vincent. I mean, I've always trusted you, I trust you during battle, and I trust you right now."

"Perhaps... but I don't trust myself with your trust."

Cid laughed, which made Vincent look up in surprise. Cid rested his head against Vincent's chest, composing himself, and looked back up at Vincent. "I know I shouldn't be laughing... but we're running around in circles again."

"I seem to have a rather good affinity at making us do that, don't I?" Vincent asked, smiling softly.

"Heh, don't worry about it... here." Cid kept holding on to Vincent and rolled over onto his back, switching their places. "It'll be alright, Vincent," he whispered as he kissed his lover's ear. Vincent shuddered at that feeling.

"What do I...?"

"It's instinctual, more than anything," Cid said, grinning. "Just move. That's all you gotta do."

Vincent looked anxious, it was obvious he wanted to do it, but still he hesitated. "I don't know, I mean, I want you to feel good, too... All you've done all night is pleasure me, and..."

Interrupting Vincent's trail of thought with a kiss, Cid laughed. "You're rambling," he stated as he strayed his fingers down Vincent's rear, brushing into the crack and making him sigh. "See? It's great on my end of the deal, too... But hang on a sec." Cid got up from his position on the bed, despite Vincent's protesting, and opened the drawer to the nightstand by their bed. "For once I'm glad this place is so goddamned seedy," he said, handing a bottle of what was somewhat tactfully labeled "Massage Oil" to Vincent as he laid back down.

Looking back up from the bottle in his hand, Vincent gave Cid a curious look. "I thought you said you had never done this before, Cid."

"Not what I'm doing, no. What you're doing, sure, but I never thought I'd be doing this."

A thousand questions to ask Cid went through Vincent's mind, the primary two being "You've been with a man before?" and "You don't mind, do you?" He asked the second, choosing concern over sheer curiosity.

"Nah, I don't mind. Hell, I asked for it, didn't I? Don't worry about it! I guess I was kinda waiting to fall in love, y'know? I just never figured that would happen, either."

Vincent smiled larger than Cid ever thought he'd see him smile, then kissed the pilot deeply, trailing his thin, tapered fingers down Cid's broad chest. He kissed downward, slowly following the path his hand made, bracing himself above Cid's body on his metallic claw, afraid to move the thing at all. He stopped a while, suckling and nipping lightly at Cid's nipple, encouraged by the vibrations of his lover's moaning. Meanwhile, his hand worked down further, tracing through the dark-blonde pubic hair to Cid's length. He held it in his hand, running across it open-palmed, making Cid grind against him. He smirked a bit as he let go of both nipple and erection and slid down to sit between Cid's somewhat spread legs.

Cid managed to stop panting enough to have the presence of mind to lift his knees up and help Vincent through this stage in the game. He knew that he had stopped pleasuring Vincent earlier near that same point of excitement, too, so he didn't complain, either. He also knew Vincent was at least as nervous about this act as he was.

"It's ok..." he whispered, smiling reassuringly to Vincent. "Go ahead, I'll be fine."

Vincent smiled back, kissing Cid's abdomen before reaching back down there, in between the two strong thighs. He cupped Cid's balls gently; stroking his thumb across them in a feather-light touch as he experimentally touched his tongue to the hot organ. Cid cried out almost desperately, his cock twitching. Vincent drew it into his mouth, barely covering the tip, only wanting to please Cid at this point; it just seemed like the universe was this bed.

The sheets were cool against Cid's back, and damned if they weren't the only things in that room that seemed like it wasn't 10 degrees above what it should be. He clenched a handful of Vincent's sleek hair in one hand, and a handful of the sheets in the other, and tried like hell not to shove himself down Vincent's throat. Soon he felt that erotically gentle hand move lower, and Vincent's whispered assurance. Funny, I thought I was guiding him along...

Finding the small hole with his still human hand, Vincent managed to open the bottle with only his claw. He pulled his hand away; about to pour the oil into his palm, when he remembered that he didn't exactly have another hand usable for this situation. The claw's "palm" wasn't dipped to really hold any oil, and... He practically growled in frustration, cursing Hojo in his mind. Then he smiled and poured a small amount onto Cid's abdomen. Cid grinned back at him and watched as Vincent rubbed his index finger through that oil.

Please let this not hurt him... Vincent thought as he brushed that one thin finger against Cid's opening, then gently pushed his way in.

Cid muttered a little at the intrusion. It didn't hurt and wasn't quite uncomfortable, but felt odd. The oil, he noticed, was slightly numbing, and was somewhat glad for that. Vincent soon had him moaning deep in his throat, though, as he rubbed the inside of the passage, working the oil in and trying to stretch Cid.

"Oh, FUCK!" Cid rasped suddenly, clenching around Vincent's finger as all his muscles seemed to tense in a pleasure that felt like fire burning through his body.

"Cid?" Vincent questioned, worried at Cid's outburst. "Did I hurt you? I'm..."

"Gods... No, you didn't. Hell, that was the opposite."

Vincent grinned and rubbed that spot again, making Cid cry out rather loudly. He kissed Cid firmly, silencing him, before pulling away and whispering that there were other people in this hotel. Cid nodded and licked across Vincent's lips, still panting.

Slowly, Vincent parted Cid further with a second finger. When Cid started shifting away from the fingers uncomfortably, Vincent took his cock partway into his mouth, distracting him as they slid in. He thrust the fingers in and out, scissoring them and whispering assurances. On an outstroke, he took the bottle of oil and dripped some onto the intruding fingers, and against Cid's crease. As he felt Cid start thrusting against his fingers, he entered a third, and allowed him to get used to that feeling.

Cid groaned, surprised at how good it felt to lie there, totally exposed to Vincent. He looked down and Vincent, and felt himself get even harder at the sight of the pale man, forehead furrowed in concentration as he held him in his mouth and stretched him out with those fingers. Suddenly Cid needed this act more than he had ever thought he would even want to. He grasped Vincent's hair a little firmer and pulled him up off of his cock. Vincent looked up at him with a slightly bewildered look on his face, and Cid moaned at the way Vincent looked; he knew it was the sexiest thing he'd ever seen, and thought it might be the sexiest thing he'd ever see. Vincent, his crimson eyes glazed over with lust and his lips with saliva and pre-come, was smiling softly, his mouth barely above Cid's turgid member.

"Vincent," Cid started, his voice gravelly and surprisingly deep, "I think I'm damn well ready...." he trailed off as he took the oil and beckoned for Vincent to sit near to him. He smoothed the oil over Vincent's long and thin cock in smoothing strokes. Vincent gave a ragged groan and kissed Cid's face repeatedly. Cid laughed deeply, even though he felt just as close as Vincent must...

Finally, Cid leaned back, excited but not without a ball of fear deep in his gut as he lay down, grasping his thighs as he exposed himself yet again. Vincent was crouched between his legs, his hand and claw working to lift Cid's hips up a little. Shaking a bit from nerves, Vincent angled his hips forward, but froze as he felt the tip of his erection press against that lubricated hole. Cid froze as well, gripping Vincent's shoulders tightly and looking up into the crimson eyes, which were darker than usual out of lust.

"Gods, Vince... Take me," he muttered quietly, his voice nearly lost in the garish sound effects of the hotel, which somehow both of them managed to tune out.

Vincent pushed gently. Cid gripped his hair and tried to relax, his eyes tightly shut as he felt Vincent working as gently as possible to take his virginity away. Vincent gave out a cry of surprise as he felt Cid open to him, the small pucker of flesh now encircling the very tip of his cock. He stopped, his chest heaving in excitement.

"Cid? How do you feel? Does it hurt much?" he asked, kissing his lover's cheekbones and running his hand in a soothing pattern over Cid's abdomen. Cid was breathing unevenly, and Vincent stopped kissing, as he tasted the salt of tears.

Oh... Gods, I've done it now he thought, trembling as he realized the pain he must have inflicted on Cid. He whispered an apology and tried to pull out, but was forced to stay as he felt the firm clasp of Cid's legs around him, holding him tightly.

"Fuck..." Cid grated out, "Just give me a fuckin' minute here... It's just so... intense." He dragged a hand across his own face, wiping away the tears. "Sorry... I just... Never thought I'd let anyone this close."

Vincent kissed Cid deeply, and settled his hand onto the thick cock in between the two men's abdomens, pulling it lightly to distract Cid.

Cid sighed in pleasure. Not only did that soft hand over him feel good, but also the burning feeling of being first penetrated was quickly turning into something else. He nestled his face into Vincent's hair, whispering that he was ready again; that the pain had passed.

Continuing his slow slide in, Vincent moaned deep in his throat. Rather than the original resistance he had felt when starting this act, it was almost as if Cid's body was trying to swallow his length. It was remarkably tight and warm, and soon he felt his abdomen pressed against the curve of Cid's ass. He waited again for Cid to tell him to go ahead.

"You're in all the way?" Cid asked, curious.

"Yes," Vincent answered, more calmly than he felt at that moment in time. He brushed his lips against Cid's, silently thanking him. "So what's it like, for you?" he questioned, brushing his hand over Cid's left nipple, causing the blond to shudder.

"It's... amazing, really..." Cid whispered. "I can feel your heart beat... it's... nice." He felt truly bound by words at that moment. There was no way to describe being this close to someone, so close that they were in you.

Vincent smiled. He rocked his hips slightly, grazing that spot that Cid had reacted so wildly to have touched earlier. Cid bucked underneath him, a startled cry wretched from his throat. Vincent smiled broadly, an odd feeling of satisfaction filling him as he realized that Cid liked it as much as he did. He pulled out gently, chuckling as Cid clasped him desperately. As he pressed back in, Cid writhed under him, muttering curses.

The two started a rhythm that seemed older than time itself, the bed squeaking its protest. Vincent's every thrust was met by Cid, and he pumped the younger man's thickness in time with his movements. He could actually feel Cid's approaching orgasm from both the inside and out, and he rocked harder to meet it.

"Holy... Holy... Holy..." Cid panted, his erection throbbing between the two heaving frames. He knew he was close, painfully so, and even as he tried to stop the impending orgasm, he knew it was too late; Vincent seemed to grind harder in every stroke against that gland. He turned his head against the pillow, biting the cloth desperately so as to not yell. He knew full well that he was a screamer.

Seeing that move, Vincent leaned over and pressed his lips tightly to Cid's, swallowing the scream as Cid's organ pulsated between them. The white, hot fluid mixed with their sweat and made the two slick against each other. He could feel Cid's insides flutter with his release, as if trying to take his in turn. Vincent cried out, too excited to resist. He tossed his head back, his long raven hair sticking to his flustered face and even flicking some sweat into the air as he made that motion. His mouth opened wide as if he was going to scream, but all that came out was a choked rendition of Cid's name. He thrust in deeply before pausing, coming so hard he thought he was damn well going to break something.

He collapsed, exhausted, against Cid, and smiled softly against the pilot's neck as he felt arms come around him soothingly. He made a motion as if to pull out of Cid, but Cid muttered something illegible and probably unrepeatable in any sort of decent society in protest and squeezed him tighter to his broader frame. Soon though, Vincent softened and slipped out, anyway, and Cid barely suppressed a sob, the dull ache of disengagement bitterly contrasting the most intense orgasm of his life. Vincent rubbed Cid's side and kissed his forehead in apology.

Cid ended up being one to roll them over on their sides and pull the blanket over their rapidly cooling bodies; Vincent too exhausted to do much else than bonelessly flop with him.

"Thank you," Vincent whispered softly against Cid's skin. Cid stroked his back in little circles, still marveling that Vincent was there in bed with him, naked at his side. He smiled and kissed him, brushing the sweat-soaked hair from his forehead. "Thank you, too, Vince."

They lay like that for a while, until Cid broke the silence once more.

"Vince, you'll be here in the morning, won't you? I mean... after all that... I..." he trailed off, at a loss for words for the second time that night.

Vincent smiled satedly, stroking his hand across Cid's stubbled cheek once more before going to sleep. "Cid," he whispered, cuddling closer into the man and seeing, as if for the first time, how well they fit together, "I'll be here as many mornings as you'll have me."

Though he knew what they would all have to face the next day, for the first time in over 30 years, Vincent Valentine actually slept peacefully.

Even if those crappy sound effects wore on through the night.