3: Use and Destroy

Morning's calm, Inside I cry
This painful life has raped my mind
Take me down, slow release
From sorrows penetration

pity the sadness Paradise Lost

It was late and the streets of Midgar were wet with the water that had fallen throughout the day. Winter was starting to set in and the cold atmosphere managed to slip down to the slums and rise the polluted air that instead came up and made a sort of artifical fog up on the Plate.

Tseng walked home through this fog. He had an apartment in the Shinra Tower that he used whenever the job took over his life completely. But right now there wasn't much work for the Turks to do. There had been some threats to be delivered to various people, things that was best taken care of by Rude and Reno. Rude because everyone was intimidated by his size and Reno because he came off as someone who'd just escaped from a mental institution. Together they could scare the shit out of a heavy-weight champion.

One end of Tseng's scarf fell over his shoulder and he lifted his hand to throw it back in a smooth gesture. Frost covered the bridge he was just crossing. He looked over the railing, beneath him was the townsquare of Sector 4. It was a pretty nice square for being in the slums, nice enough to let the people on the Plate see it. He stood there for a while, then lit a cigarette. A young lady with two children passed him, no doubt she recognised him as Tseng of the Turks as she protectively grabbed the kids' hands and urged them to make haste. Tseng hurried on, it was getting colder.

Smoked trailed behind him as he walked the grey streets of Midgar. Would he find Reno waiting for him outside his apartment? He didn't know. The other Turk seemed to have made a promise of it, or was it a threat? He wasn't sure about that either. Maybe Reno would already be in his home, lazing on his couch. Tseng didn't want to think about it. Maybe he wouldn't turn up at all tonight. He had hinted that he would but Tseng knew it was never certain with Reno, he might just as well have hit the bars as soon as he was off his shift and by this time nothing could tear him away from the bar. But then again, he might not.

Rufus stared at his computer screen. He had work to do but his mind was blank. His thoughts didn't seem to make sense. The blue light started to annoy him, he felt frustrated since he couldn't get anything done.

Damnit, this is all Tseng's fault. But as he thought of the Turk he smiled. His thoughts lingered on Tseng, on what had happened between them just a few hours ago. He still felt a bit soar but he didn't mind it in the least. He decided to put the work aside and accessed the Shinra Files.

Tseng's file filled the screen. Rufus already knew what it said but for some reason he felt like reading it again. Here was a picture of the Turk, looking just as handsome as ever. Rufus looked through the other information.

Age: 29
Birthpace: Wutai

He skimmed through the rest. More photos. One from the annual Christmas ball, with Tseng looking even more attractive than usual, for once all dressed up. Reno standing next to him, just about to hand over one of the glasses in his hands to Tseng.

Rufus smiled again. He remembered that evening very well. Most of it he had spent staring at Tseng and avoiding all the people that was looking for an opportunity to suck up to him. At the end of the night he had left with one of the executives' dates. Just as he all to often did. Many of the male employees at Shinra didn't know that the vice-president had absolute no problem whatsoever with sleeping with men, so instead they brought beautiful ladies as their dates to all the parties. And they never minded when he laid eyes on them and then left with them a little later. Obviously they expected to gain something out of this but Rufus never gave it to them. He'd never made any promises to anyone. If they didn't want to play on his conditions then he could easily find someone who would.

Another picture of Tseng. This time he stood in the background, just a little to the side of Rufus. It was on a charity banquet. Tseng had been his bodyguard for the evening. It was an old photo. Maybe five years ago, Rufus figured. He looked like he was about sixteen.

There was more pictures, Rufus took time to study them all. I've known Tseng for almost as long I can remember. He had no memory of the first time he'd met him but it he'd probably been about seven.

Tseng had joined SOLDIER when he was fifteen. Rufus remembered his father and Heidegger talking about him once when Rufus had been in the president's office, getting an glimpse of what lay ahead of him. They had talked about re-starting the Turks with a boy who'd been found on the streets, a leader for one of the gangs in the slums. Rufus had only heard of the Turks briefly before. He knew they had been something like Shinra's hit-men.

Although that had changed somewhat over the years, the Turks now did a lot of things. Assassinations were still in their job description but it was no longer everyday work. Kidnappings were more common. Tracking down potential SOLDIER recruits, threatening people, stuff like that. They were also the Shinra family's personal bodyguards. Everyone outside the company was scared of them, they didn't have a very nice reputation. People inside the company was wary of them as well. And with good reasons too.

However, it had been Tseng's destiny to be the leader of the Turks since the day he joined Shinra's elite military force. But he was kept in SOLDIER till he was eighteen. Both Heidegger and president Shinra had agreed that it was for the best since Tseng was in obvious need of some discipline.

Rufus suddenly shuddered. He imagined having Tseng's hands running over his body. The feeling brought back flashes of the afternoon. Tseng's deep moan as he came inside Rufus. His cum running down Rufus's legs. Rufus wondered how it would taste.

"You took your sweet time"

Tseng looked up and saw Reno sitting at the top of the stairs, just outside the door to his apartment.

"What do you want, Reno?" he asked as he unlocked the door.

Reno shrugged, a tiny smirk playing on his lips. He followed Tseng throught the door. Uninvited he threw himself down on the couch and sprawled comfortably, just as Tseng had imagined him to do.

"So, tell me, I'm just dying to hear what you thought about pretty-boy," the sarcasm sipped through his words.

"I don't remember inviting you Reno;" Tseng said. Reno laughed wryly.

"Oh, I see. You don't have time for me anymore, have you? You and pretty-boy are gonna live happily ever after?"

"Piss off Reno. This is none of your business," Tseng stood infront of the sitting Turk, fighting the urge he felt to grab Reno and throw him out of his apartment with force.

"He can't handle you Tseng. You will break the poor boy."

"Nice of you to care, but I think he can handle it just fine."

Reno took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, lit one and looked up at his boss again.

"Ah, yes you would think so. We have all heard the stories about him, how rough he is in bed." Reno grinned, then, he played his trumph card. "But it is all slightly exaggerated, I should know, he's fucked me after all."

Tseng grapped Reno's throat forcing him to stand up. Reno hit the wall with a loud thump. "Get the fuck out of my apartment Reno. Now."

Reno just laughed again. "But he's not fucking you, is he, Tseng, hm?" he continued. He walked over to Tseng and tangled his fingers into the black hair. "I know he's not," he whispered in Tseng's ear, "and you know why I know. I'm the only one who can fuck you Tseng, you'll never let anyone else do it to you."

"Get out of here Reno," Tseng repeated but his voice held less conviction this time.

"What's the matter? Two times in one day too much for you?" His hand trailed down between the other man's legs, teasingly rubbing up and down. "Not so unwilling after all, huh?" he smirked as a hard bulge formed in his boss' pants.

"Reno..." Tseng grabbed the other Turk's shoulders and kissed him. Reno squeezed hard with his hand, making Tseng wince.

"Sorry," he said," have to go, I've got to get up early tomorrow, I'm the vice-president's new bodyguard. Must stay focused on the job from now on, we wouldn't want him to go and get shot on my shift, now, would we."He laughed when he saw the expression on Tseng's face. "Oh, I forgot to tell you that, didn't I? Heidegger assigned me. He's gonna tell you tomorrow. You'd already left for the day when it was decided." He leaned in and planted a rough kiss on Tseng's lips but the other Turk pushed him away this time. "Don't worry, I'll still have time for my favorite toy." He turned and headed for the door. "I'll drop by sometime soon," then he left.

Damn him, Tseng thought. Then he cursed himself for almost falling into Reno's arms once again. But he still felt the arousal the redheads touches had brought with them.

He sat down, half lying on the couch and unzipped his pants. He forced all thoughts of the young Turk out of his mind and thought of Rufus as he started pleasing himself. He slid further down on the couch and thought of how Rufus had looked in the shower, how his cock had felt in his hand, what it had felt like to probe into him. still thinking of Rufus, the naked flesh against his own.

Still, his last blurred thoughts before release were of Reno.

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