Chapter 2

The two Turks strolled casually up the Wall Market, they had a scary reputation and many had heard of them, but few knew what they really looked like. Therefore they walked on virtually unnoticed. Although it was obvious to everyone that these two were not from the slums, they clearly must have come from the Plate, the big thing covering the slums, where the rich people lived. No one were surprised to see them enter the weapon shop, Midgar was a dangerous city after all, everyone was armed in one way or another.

"Ladies first," Tseng said as he held open the door for Reno.

"Ooh thank you," Reno wiggled his skinny ass for his boss as he walked through the door. Tseng just prayed that no one else had seen it.

"Can I help you, "a man behind the safety fence asked.

"Yes, we want guns, big guns," Reno exclaimed. Tseng held him back by the collar before he started climbing the fence and embarrass them even more.

"Bad dog, sit," Tseng ordered.

"Sure you don't want me to lay down?" Reno purred. Tseng concluded that it would be best to ignore him.

The man glanced sceptically at Reno but dedided against saying anything since they both looked like the kind of people you didn't want to pick a fight with. Instead he just smiled at the man with dark long hair since he seemed more sane than the other one at least.

"I'll just go see what we've got in store," he said and disappeared into a room in the back.

"Hey, Biggs, you lazy son of a bitch, where are you."

"Here boss," Biggs looked up from behind a box full of ammo.

"Take care of those two customers, will ya."

"Sure," Biggs went out into the store where the two Turks just were examinine two guns closely.

"Can I help you," he asked and their heads snapped up at the sound of his voice. He recognised them, they were Turks. Relax, they don't know who you are, he told himself. The handsome one looked him over, slowly, taking in every feature of him, before he finally answered.

"Is there anywhere we can try these?" Tseng asked the young man that had come into the shop.

"Yeah, just outside. One at a time though."

"Oh, me me me, me first," Reno started jumping up and down, waving the gun as he did so.

"Ok, but take it easy," Tseng tried to sound as normal as possible even if he knew the redhead loved it when he played along and behaved silly too. This didn't seem to be a good place for acting stupid though.

Reno started clapping. "Oh, you're the best Tseng. I'll lick your nipples anytime you want for this."

Tseng closed his eyes, no, shut up. He turned to the shop assistant and smiled. "Just ignore him, that usually works."

The kid nodded, not sure if he should laugh or just not say anything at all. Instead he managed a muffled sound that just sounded more like he had problem with the lungs.

Reno vanished through the door out to the shooting range and soon the two men still in the shop could hear the gun firing of a round and then be reloaded.

"Sure he's gonna be ok?" the guy behind the fence asked.

Tseng shrugged. "If we're lucky he will blow his head off. And I'm talking about the little head, since that seems to be the source to his problems and disturbing behaviour."The Turk smirked as he saw the other man blush. He shrugged again and picked out a packet of cigarettes. "Can I smoke in here?"

The guy nodded. "Yeah, sure."

Tseng held out his pack so that the kid could take one of the cigarettes through the fence.


"Die you fucking bastard," they heard Reno shout at absolutely no one outside then fire off another round.

"He gets a bit ecxited whenever he's allowed outside the Tower," Tseng inhaled on his cigarette.

"You are Turks." It wasn't really a question, it was more of a statement.

Tseng nodded. "Yeah, how did you know?"

"The suits for one thing. And then your, well, I don't know... your karma I guess. It's like the suit."

Tseng arched a brow. "Our karma is navy blue?" he asked with the fraction of a smirk.

The kid actually laughed and that made Tseng's smirk wider. "No," the guy explained, "like the suit, it says authority."

"Really," Tseng chuckled. He looked over the kid again, till he noticed him getting nervouse, starting to shift under the Turks gaze.

"Biggs, don't just stand there, do your job," the owner of the shop peeked out behind a pair of curtains that hung in the doorframe into the storage.

"It's alright, he does," Tseng assured the man who muttered something and disappeared again.

Suddenly Reno appeared. He threw his arms around Tseng and loudly proclaimed;

"Take me to bed or lose me forever."

Tseng just shook the smaller man off of him. "That's not exactly a threat Reno," he said.

Reno tossed his read hair and acted like he was insulted. "Well, you certainly won't be getting any tonight mister." Then he stormed out of the weapon shop.

Tseng and Biggs looked after him, then Tseng shrugged. "As I said, just ignore him, he's been watching way too much TV for his own good." He handed over the guns to Biggs. "We'll take these, plus some ammo." Tseng payed him and then headed for the door. As he opened it he half turned and gave Biggs one last look.

"I am so insulted, you were checking out another man right under my nose," Reno snorted.

"If you kept your long nose away from me, then it wouldn't be right under it, would it."

"Piss off Tseng," Reno laughed.

Tseng reached out his hand. "Give me the car keys, I'm driving." He caught the keys as Reno threw them over the car. "I was crazy to let you drive my car in the first place."

Reno went lose on the CD player as soon as they got into the car. "Damnit Tseng, don't you have any boyband records."

"Shut up, or you'll walk back to the Tower. And don't sing either."

Reno crossed his arms and pouted. "Not fair." Then, as he so often did, he turned serious again, well, semi-serious anyway. "Don't you think that kid was a bit young?"

"I was not checking him out."

"You are not actually thinking about going slumming, are you. Coz that's what it would be. If you fucked him; slumming."

"I thought that was what I did when I fucked you," Tseng's voice held a certain edge to it, and that shut Reno up for the rest of the drive back.

As Biggs wandered home that same evening, he thought about going over to Seventh Heaven and tell Tifa that two Turks had been in the shop to by weapons. But then it seemed like a stupid thing to do. They were, after all, Turks. It wasn't really big news that they'd gotten new weapons. Biggs told himself that it had got nothing to do with his and Jessie's little attempt at sabotage the other day.

It was his first encounter with the Turks. Not quite what he had expected. The redhead had acted like a talk-show host on speed, but when Biggs later had examined the target on the shooting range he had seen that every bullet that the Turk had fired had helped to shred the doll to pieces. It had been a frightening sight. Especially when you'd met the person who'd done it, and you knew his mental health must be in a serious need of a check up. Even without a gun in his hand.

The other man, the handsome one, the one with the ebony hair, Tseng, he'd seemed to have everything under control. As Biggs had told him himself, there was an air of authority about him.

Thinking of Tseng sent shivers down his spine, but not all unpleasant. The way the man had looked at him. Almost as if he wanted him. Biggs dissmissed the thought. He'd probably have me shot just for thinking such a thing. And even if he wouldn't, well, it just wasn't possible, Tseng belonged to Shinra, the enemy.

Two large padlocks sat on a chain over the door to the hovel he called home. Sometimes he wondered why he even bothered to lock it. The sight probably attracted more thieves to it since they must think he had something of value in there.

He took the red bandana out of his hair and ran his fingers through the dark mane, trying to straighten it out. A shower, that was what he needed. He went in to the small bathroom, if it even could count as such, and was not unsurprised to discover that there was no hot water. With a sigh he pulled off his t-shirt and went over to the sink and filled a pot with water. He turned on the gas on the stove and it lit up in blue as he put a lighter to it. Suddenly he felt very tired, a lassitude he'd never known before overpowered him.

I'm so sick of this, so sick of living in this shitty hole. Biggs sank down to the floor and buried his face in his arms. But he didn't cry, he never did. He just sat there, eyes closed, thinking of nothing, or maybe everything but he wasn't able to grasp any thought and make it make sense.

Since AVALANCHE had decided to stay on hold there hadn't been much for Biggs to do. He knew he should try and recruit new members or something but... He wasn't sure why he hadn't. It wasn't the same when the others weren't there to push him further all the time. Without them he'd just lost his motivation. He wasn't so sure if he wanted to run around blowing up reactors all the time... well, always talk about blowing up reactors but never really doing it. Maybe he could go back to stealing cars, it had at least earned him half a descent living in the slums. He'd had more than he had now anyway.

He streched out on his old couch, not wanting to think about it. It was too depressing. He needed sleep, he started early the next morning. Working twelve hours as usual, it was the only way to get things to go around.

Some soap was on the TV, but he didn't really notice. His eye lids were heavy and soon they shut. He wondered briefly before he passed out if he was going to run into the Turks again.

And he was, sooner than expected.


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Reno's quoting a line from the movie Top Gun (if I remember correctly) when he says; Take me to bed or lose me forever.

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