Not Supposed To Happen

What can I say? I was bored. I'd never enjoyed life in Midgar very much. I stayed in the building most of the time, but sooner or later you will have to break out of the monotony of every day life.

There weren't much for me to do that day. I'd already finished my work, so I was strolling around the building, trying to find something to occupy my mind with.

I guess I should tell you that I am rather picky, I don't go for just anyone.

First rule; use people before they use you.

Second; never let them stay till morning. All the better if they leave as soon as they've fulfilled their purpose.

What I needed was a good challange. Someone who could match my needs. In reality, I could have had anyone I wanted. But I needed someone new. And that narrowed it down quite a bit.

The President's son, now there's a pretty boy. Just look at him, standing there radiating arrogance. He's got nice, pale lips. And he know how to make good use of them. It's always a pleasure taking him to bed, for both of us. Rufus Shinra is always willing to have a bit of fun. I like to try to keep on friendly foot with him, he is after all going to be President himself one day. He'll definitely be a useful toy then.

But as I said; I was on the hunt for something new, so I had to pass up on our pretty vice president that day. When he glanced over at me I looked away. He's a smart boy, he can take a hint. He was gone when I looked back at the spot where he'd been standing, chatting to one of the executives.

I continued my search, my eyes wandering dully over the people I met on my way. But there was no one important enough, no one beautiful enough, no one new. I sighed, the insight began making me depressed.


Slowly I turned, I knew who the voice belonged to before I'd even seen who'd called me. After all, I had to listen to that squeaky voice every day at training.

"What is it, Strife?"

"I was just wondering if there's anything I could help you with, sir. I've finished training so..."

I crossed my arms and looked at him. This one was definitely no challange. I just had to give him a quick glance and he would roll over and spread his legs, begging me to take him. Pathetic, really. His friend wasn't much better. I once had them do each other, right infront of me, that was entertaining. But I would never touch either one of these little creeps myself. As I said; too easy.

"Are all the toilets cleaned in the SOLDIER barracks?"

"I'll be right on it, sir."

Way too easy.

And they say I have no sense of humor.


I realized I would have to move to newer grounds to find what I was looking for.

The elevator brought me up to the 44:th floor. A place where I rarely visited. Not much there, a few offices, a private gym and a cafeteria. This was also where the Shinra Towers second heli-pad was. The other one was at the 70:th floor, the Presiden't office. Hm, must mean important people work here.

The lounge looked somewhat different compared to the other floors' though. Comfortable leather couches, real comfortable.

I looked up as I heard voices. Three men were heading over to the cafeteria.

The Turks

I should have figured.

I could feel a smirk creeping on to my face. Of course, why hadn't I thought of it before? The Turks, what could be more perfect?

Now who should I pick?

"Hey, I asked for a cold beer, not a fart warm beer. Give me a new one."

Hm, Reno, the crazy redhead. He know how to use that skinny body of his. You can bend him and twist him like a doll. We had fun.

I never had bite marks on my butt before though. And he calls me Seph.

Case closed.

Tseng, must without a doubt be the most beautiful man in Shinra Inc.

Second most beautiful I meant to say.

Elegant and graceful; wouldn't mind keeping him around for decoration, I tell you that. Just looking at him makes me all tingly.

But no, not Tseng. He's got a weird effect on me and I would probably end up doing something idiotic like geting attached to the man, so I'll pass.

Then there's the tall bald guy. I wouldn't go as far as calling him beautiful but I guess he's got a certain amount of charm.

Hm, the more I think about it the more sense it makes.

I'd love to seem him twist and squirm beneath me. He'd be a real conquest.

Apparantly he liked to twist and squirm beneath me because after that first time I began to see more of him.

I didn't mind. He knew a few tricks to make every encounter special.

One night he showed up at my door. Lucky for him he caught me in the right mood. I let him in. His jacket wasn't the only piece of clothing that came off in the hall.

Soon he was on his back on my bed. I kneeled over him, slipping my cock into his mouth. He sucked it willingly, lifting it head a little, taking it in fully.

Not that he could take all of it in though.

Anyway, his hands were squeezing my thighs. He always knew the right spots to concentrate on, maybe that's why I kept him around.

It annoyed me a little that he didn't have any hair though. I like holding a steady grip in the hair while someone's sucking my cock. Now I had nothing to do with my hands. It's not that easy to be imaginative while all of your blood is rushing to one place in your body. I placed my hands above his head, on the bed, leaning forward slightly.

His hands were roughly caressing my ass, it was a rather new sensation for me but I liked it. His fingers would sometime stroke that spot just where the spine ends, that touch would make my whole body shiver in a very pleasant way.

Suddenly one finger traveled downwards, between my buttocks. You can imagine my surprise as it found it's way into me, deftly teasing in and out of my opening. I got mad at first but before I could do anything about it another finger joined the first.

I leaned back a little. A moan slipped. I don't know why, I guess it happens even to the best of us.

But truth to tell it was actually quite nice. For the first time I could understand why people enjoy being fucked.

Excuse my language.

I could see Rude smile as he saw that I was enjoying it myself. I moved frantically above him, supported by my hands on the bed.

With his hand on my ass and his fingers inside of me he pushed me forward, deeper into his own mouth as I released. Another pathetic moan escaped me.

I allowed myself a moment to catch my breath, still kneeling over Rude. His hand started stroking my limp cock, I guess he was impatient, waiting for his turn.

What? You thought I was done already? Hey, I just had my mako treatments. I swear, Hojo would go nuts if he knew what all those treatments were wasted on.

I turned Rude over and told him to get up on his knees. He did. I stuck my fingers into him, just to make the entrance easier. He moaned, I felt his muscles close around my fingers. People see Rude and think he likes to be in charge, but truth is he's a real masochist most of the time. I've chanied him, gagged him, blindfolded him, everything. And he loved it. I guess you never can be sure about the quiet ones with assassin skills, eh?

Before I entered him I changed my mind. Get on your back again I told him, he looked at me, a bit surprised but did as he was told. He was even more surprised when I kissed him. We'd never done that before. But it felt pretty good so I did it again.

His legs wrapped around me as I pushed myself into him. I put my lips to his neck, something we were both more used to. But I realized quickly that I liked the taste of his mouth more, and soon my lips were over his again. It was a bit awkward. Neither of us were really much for kissing otherwise, so I guess we just had to practice on each other.

We had to angle out heads to get better access. His hand found my back for support as he raised himself up to answer one of my kisses. His weight was too much for my weakened body and I was dragged down on top of him instead of offering any support.

For a moment I was so concentrated on the kissing part I forgot to move. I suddenly felt Rude's hips push up against me as a reminder. Slowly I started up a rhythm, trying to match it to the kissing. How could it be so difficult to do two things at one time?

As we both drew near to orgasm I pulled my mouth away from his. I once read somewhere that it was believed in old times that women could bite the tongue off of the man if they were kissing while she orgasmed.

I don't know what this has got to do with anything really, but I'm not taking any chances.

He would have laughed if he knew I said that.

But he won't know, because he's peacefully at rest beside me. Yeah, I know I said I never let them stay till morning but you know, I might need some in the morning.

If I'm honest though, then I'd have to admit that I probably did the idiotic thing. I got attached to someone.

And it's really convinient to have someone so close by if you get in the mood. Which is something I do a lot.

Ok, ok, it's not the first time he's stayed over. Probably not the last either. I saw an electric toothbrush in the bathroom today. It sure isn't mine. There's a lot of other new stuff in there as well. An after-shave I've never seen before, I smelled it though and it smelled like him. Some kind of scalp shampoo, certainly not mine. And a tube of... lube? Who knows, maybe I'll let him stay.

He likes to sleep with his arms wrapped around me. I could push him away I guess, but he's kind of big, and I wouldn't want to wake him anyway. And maybe I like it.

I turn my face to look at him. I think he looks happy. I hope he is.

He's asleep, so I can kiss him, no one will ever find out anyway.

I can nuzzle my face into his chest and no one will ever find out about that either.

Well, I guess he knows. He usually wakes up right about then, places a soft kiss on my hair.

He calls me Seph.

We go back to sleep, all wrapped up in each other's arms.

Damnit, this wasn't supposed to happen to me.