Red as Love

Rufus Shinra was waiting patiently in his office, sickness crawled up inside him, for a moment he thought about sneaking out but the next second he realized it would do no good. He sat down in the chair behind his big mahogny desk, trying to keep his mind occupied with some reports he had to go through anyway. His palms were wet of sweat and his hands were hard to keep steady as he picked up the first report. At first his eyes just skimmed trough it, unable to focus on the black printed words but then suddenly a smile crooked his lips. It was a review of the Turks latest mission, told from Reno's point of view. Rufus had read Tseng's report, but it had been nothing like this. Obviously Reno had never learned the proper language for these kind of things, or more likely Tseng gave up on him pretty quickly, realizing the redheaded Turk would fill out the reports the way he wanted to anyway. Rufus couldn't help but laugh, Reno sure was a fresh wind sweeping through Shinra Inc. Then a knock on the door cut off his thoughts and she stepped into the room.

"Reno, you have to get out of here now if you're going to be on time to pick up the vice-president," Tseng desperatly tried to get the redhead to hurry up.

"I'm on my way, Reno shouted from his bedroom. I just have to make sure I look proper." Tseng and Rude exchanged looks, Tseng shaking his head.

"What are you talking about Reno? You always look like a drunk from the slums," he yelled back to Reno.

"Ever considered that might just be a disguise," Reno came out from the bedroom, his blue Turk uniform a mess as always. Tseng sighed and walked over to him.

"I have seen you out of uniform and you wear your own clothes in the exact same way."

"It's a twentyfour hours job sir," Reno said with a wide grin on his face.

"Twentyfour hours a week?" Tseng asked as he tried to straighten some wrinkles out on Reno's suit.

"Where would we be without your humor Tseng, it sure brightens a Turk's day."

"I think you are forgetting, Reno, that it not me you have to suck up to, it's the Shinras. Now go get the vice-president."

"Yes sir," Reno saluted his two fellow Turks, trying to do an impression of a SOLDIER, then he left the flat.

Tseng shook his head again and turned to Rude. "Think he will screw it up?"

The tall bald man laughed at this and they both started to get ready to leave as well. Then the door suddenly flung open and Reno stumbled in again.

"Forgot my stick," he said and picked up his weapon which was leaning against the wall, then he disappeared out the door again.

"Remind me Rude, how the hell did he get into the Turks," Tseng said, making a tired motion towards the door Reno just left through.

"Beats me sir," Rude chuckled.

Rufus found Reno waiting outside the Shinra building, infront of a black limousine.

"Mr. Vice-president," the redheaded Turk said and held up the car door for him. Rufus just nodded in reply, he was still upset and didn't wish to be seen in this kind of state. Reno got into the car after him, seating himself on the opposite side to the young Shinra.

Rufus slipped into his own thoughts as soon as the limosine drove off. How could she say that? he wondered. How could she be so cold towards him, did she hate him? Yes, she must do, he figured. She hated him, she hated his father, she was only in it for the money. He didn't mean anything to her. She just dropped by occasionally to let him know how much trouble he was to her, how much she had lost because of him. That it was his fault his father had left her. That he had taken a mistress when she was pregnant, because he couldn't stand to look at her when she was fat, carrying his child, the future president; Rufus. It was all his fault his father had left her, she constantly reminded him of that. Of what a mistake it had been to give birth to him. He had never brought any happiness into her life, and he never would. Rufus clenched his fist as he felt tears burning in the corners of his eyes. She was his mother, damnit, she was supposed to love him. But she didn't, and neither did his father. If they couldn't find it in their hearts to love him, then who would, he often wondered.

"Mr Shinra?" Reno interrupted his painful thoughts.

Rufus looked at him, surprised to be spoken to. He deeply wished the Turk wouldn't see that he was close to tears.

"Yes?" he asked, trying to keep his voice steady.

"Do you want me to wait in the car or should I go with you into the restaurant?" Reno asked.

Rufus turned his face away, pretending to watch something through the window as he felt Reno studying him. "No," he finally said.

Reno was confused, what the heck did that mean, it didn't answer his question. He looked at the young vice-president, something was obviously wrong. How do I handle this kind of situation proffesionally? Reno wondered and quickly realized that he had absolutely no clue, but he started feeling stupid just sitting there, not saying anything.

"Rufus," the vice-president's eyes widened in shock as he used his name instead of mr Shinra or mr vice-president. Reno quickly spoke again, afraid Rufus might tell him off for not using his title. "Are you ok?" he asked.

"What?" the future president was still a bit shocked, Reno wasn't supposed to talk to him like that, as a matter of fact he wasn't supposed to talk at all unless Rufus spoke to him first.

"You look like something is wrong," Reno tried to explain, "so that's why I asked if you were ok."

Rufus just stared at him as if he didn't understand the words coming out of the redhead's mouth. "Spare me your sympathy Reno, you don't get paid for caring about me," he said coldly.

"Well sir, I don't get paid for being annoying either, still, I'm quite famous for being so," Reno grinned, it took a lot more than a cold remark to offend him or get him to back off.

A smile played over Rufus lips for a brief moment but it was enough for Reno to catch up on it.

"Your parents sir?" he asked, not bothered by the fact that he was sticking his nose into something where it didn't belong.

"Why do you think that?" Rufus asked, trying to not sound interested.

"I know what it's like, they are a pain in the ass. At least I thought so when I was your age."

Rufus arched an eyebrow, he couldn't keep a smile from curling his lips this time. "You are my age, Reno," he said. "I know because I saw it in your file."

"You were looking in my file?" Reno asked, wondering why the vice-president would bother to do such a thing.

"I tried to find out what kind of mistake they had done when they hired you," Rufus grinned.

Reno laughed, so there was some humor in the young vice-president after all.

"I want you to come with me," Rufus suddenly said.

"Now I'm lost," Reno had no idea what he could be talking about.

"Into the restaurant," Rufus explained.

"You sure took your sweet time to answer that one," Reno chuckled.

"You know you don't get paid for being rude to me either, right?" Rufus was enjoying the verbal duel he had been dragged into by the young Turk.

"I do that for free Rufus," Reno said and pushed the fiery hair out of his eyes.

"And another thing, it's mr vice-president," the seriousness in his voice made Reno fear he had stepped over the line this time. "When my father is around," Rufus added with a smile.

The vice-president of Shinra Inc. and the redheaded member of it's special force known as the Turks had occupied themselves at the bar of the luxurious restaurant. Rufus plocked a pink umbrella out of his drink. His dinner party had left long ago and since then their intake of alcoholic beverages seemed to increase by the hour.

"Wow, look at her," Rufus said as a tall legged blonde passed them by.

Reno turned around, putting one hand on Rufus' knee for support.

"Hey, your taste isn't so bad as one would think," he said, glancing at Rufus clothes.

"What's that supposed to mean?" the vice-president chuckled, he was really enjoying himself in Reno's company.

The redhead just laughed at him. He was having trouble sitting up straight now and didn't remove his hand from Rufus' knee. Suddenly the blonde woman slipped up behind Rufus who was turned to Reno.

"Hi there," she purred, putting a hand on Rufus shoulder.

"Honey, can't you see we're busy," Reno snapped to her.

"Sorry then," she said and walked away from them, quickly finding someone a bit more interested to restore her hurt pride.

"Reno, what are you doing, she might have come with me home tonight if you had given me half a chance to talk to her," Rufus said rather shocked Reno had chased the woman away.

"Mr Vice-president," Reno slurred.

"Oh, so now it's back to Mr. Vice-president."

Reno ignored his remark and continued. "Let me tell you something very important, we are much better off without women, they are just trouble sir."

"Is that right?" Rufus laughed. "You know," he filled in, "you are probably right, but they sure are good to have around for sex."

He suddenly felt Reno's hand slide up to rest on his thigh.

"Actually, you don't need women for that," the Turk said.

"Well no, but it's so much more fun when you're two," Rufus said, the amount of alcohol he had taken in reflected in his speech.

"You don't have to have a woman to be two," Reno said.

"Oh my god, can't believe you said that Reno," Rufus exclaimed.

Reno just laughed into his glass and poured the last liquid into himself. "You shouldn't dizz something you haven't tried," Reno couldn't help but laugh out loud at Rufus shocked expression.

"You are fucking with me, right?" Rufus laughed as well.

"I wish Mr Vice-president," Reno chuckled.

"Reno, shut up, people might hear you. Let's just get the hell out of here before you get too drunk to walk."

They both staggered out of the restaurant and out to the limosine that was still waiting for them.

They were sitting in the back of the limo, leaning against each other, trying to keep their tired eyes open.

"Thanks Reno," Rufus suddenly said. The Turk lifted his head a little and looked at him.

"For what?" he asked.

"For tonight, it was fun."

"It was," Reno agreed.

"And for being my friend," Rufus added.

"You turned out to not be such an asshole as I thought you would be," Reno chuckled, his head resting on Rufus shoulder.

"I think I'll take that as a compliment," Rufus smiled. The sweet scent of the redhead reached him, somehow making his mind seem clear again. Reno's eyes were shut and he wondered if the Turk had fallen asleep.

"Reno," he almost whispered the name, "did you mean what you said back there."

"What did I say?" Reno asked and Rufus for some reason feared that it had only been words of a drunken man coming out of the redhead's mouth back there.

"Nevermind," Rufus said.

"You would just freak out Rufus," Reno suddenly said.

Rufus looked confused."What are you talking about now?" he asked.

Reno heaved himself up, sitting up straight but still turned towards the vice-president. "You would freak out if you were to have sex with a guy. With me," he then added.

"You don't think I can make that desicion for myself?" Rufus asked. He took the young Turks hand and placed on his own thigh, the same way it had been in the bar. Then he brought his hand up to his face, stroking some fierce red strands of hair out of his blue eyes. His thumb gently traveled over Reno's lips. "Will you kiss me?" he whispered.

Reno leaned in closer to him, pressing his lips lightly to Rufus's, afraid he would scare him off. The young blond abrubtly ended the kiss, his sapphire eyes were wide, Reno was unable to read the expression in them. He drew himself to the other side of the car and they were silent for the rest of the journey.

When the limousine finally pulled up by the Shinra building they still didn't say a word. They could hear the driver get out of the car to open the door for them. Rufus suddenly turned to Reno, a terrified look upon his face.

"Come with me Reno," he said, "please come with me." The door opened and he jumped out of the car.

"Should I drive Mr. Reno home sir?" the driver asked.

Rufus prayed silently that Reno would step out of the car as well, as the driver patiently waited for his answer. Rufus closed his eyes. He's not coming, he thought, sadly.

"That won't be necessary," he heard Reno say, "I'll just crash here tonight."

"Very well then," the driver got into the limo again and drove off. Rufus opened his eyes and looked at Reno.

"Come on," Reno said and Rufus followed him into the building.

It was dark in Rufus bedroom, they were standing close to his king size bed. Reno gently caressed his face, not sure if he was going to kiss him, he was afraid Rufus would pull away once again. Rufus started to unbuttoning the redhead's shirt and Reno then dared to let their lips touch. He could feel Rufus parting his warm lips and he let his tongue seek it's way into his mouth. Rufus answered hungrily but this time Reno was the one who ended the kiss. He turned the blonde man around and started kissing his neck. Rufus pressed himself back closer to Reno. The lips on his skin sent pleasant shivers down his spine. Reno pressed himself against him and feeling how hard he was made Rufus breathing heavier. Reno's hand travelled over his abdomen, he rubbed Rufus's groin, making sure he was hard as well.

"Lie down on the bed," he said and the vice-president did as he was told. Reno quickly got undressed and was about to get into the bed to when he noticed Rufus was sitting up.

"Don't move," he said, Reno froze where he stood. Had he changed his mind again?

"I just want to look at you," Rufus said and Reno could feel how he blushed.

"Shy all of a sudden?" Rufus smirked. Reno silenced him with a kiss. He gently pushed him down to the bed, he kissed his chest, letting his tongue flicker over the pale skin sometimes.

Rufus caressed Reno's back, his breathing was getting heavier as Reno's mouth closed in the distance to his groin rapidly. He moaned in pleasure as Reno took his cock into his mouth. But the sensation was quickly numbed as Reno lifted his head and looked at him. The redhead smiled and then he rolled off of him, lying by his side. Rufus understood what he wanted and was surprised, he hadn't expected this.

"Me?" he asked.

Reno nodded and they kissed. Rufus moved down a little and kissed Reno's back then he moved his body up over Reno's. The Turk moaned loudly as Rufus probed into him. At first he moved slowly inside him, afraid he might hurt him, he bent down to kiss Reno's neck.

"Rufus," Reno moaned. Rufus moved his hips a bit faster now, thrusting further into Reno. His breath was warm on the Turk's skin. Rufus buried his face into Reno's back as he climaxed, his body fell on the other man's as his limbs relaxed. He could feel that Reno's body was still tense, not quite satisfied. He slid off of him and turned him over by the shoulder, his lips searching for his mouth.

Rufus reached for Reno's cock to find it still erected. He separated his lips from Reno's and smiled. To Reno's great surprise he kissed his erection, letting his tongue stimulate the top of it. He then took it in his mouth, sucking it rhytmhically. Reno's body arched in pleasure.

"I don't want you to come in my mouth," he said suddenly.

"You sure know how to spoil a moment," Reno whined.

Rufus smiled and sat up on his knees, pulling Reno with him. He moved up to the head of the bed and pressed himself against the cold wall.

"I want you to come inside me," he whispered.

Reno was on his knees as well now. He gently kissed Rufus shoulder. "Are you sure?"

Rufus nodded. Reno moved his hand down his back, firmly massaging his buttocks. Then he started to stimulate Rufus's entry, preparing him for what was to come. As he entered the blond man his hand reached for his shaft. At first he didn't move his hips, he just stroked Rufus's cock until he felt it getting hard again, then he probed into Rufus a bit further, pressing him against the wall. With his free hand he pressed Rufus's abdomen backwards, giving him space to move his other hand faster over the blond man's erection.He slowly rocked his hips back and forth, trying to match the tempo of his hips to his hand.

Rufus closed his eyes, he liked where he was, pinned between the cold wall and Reno's warm sweaty body. He pushed the lower part of his body back, making Reno sink further into him. A pain cut through him, but it was a pleasant pain and it was numbed by Reno's hand stroking his shaft. He started to move his hips as well and Reno had to move faster to keep up with his rhytmh. Rufus' could feel Reno's semen release inside him just as he climaxed himself. They collapsed onto the bed again, both of them gasping for breath. Rufus rolled over to Reno's side and kissed him gently.

"This isn't the end is it?" he asked.

"Dear Rufus," Reno smiled, "this is just the beginning."

"Good," Rufus said and kissed his forehead.

"I think I need a shower," Reno said, still not breathing normally.

Rufus smiled at him. "I race you," he said and jumped out of the bed.

"Hey, not fair," Reno called after him as he ran off to the shower, "I don't even know where the bathroom is here."


Disclaimer: I don't keep Reno and Rufus locked up in a dark cellar or anything. They belong to Squaresoft, and I don't make any profit on them or my stories, it's all just for fun.