Anyone thirsty? Or do you just come here for gossip?


    Ah, him. Yeah, lots of yummy stuff.

    1. You know his dad? Well, there's a reason he's always trying to measure up. ^.~
    2. And of course, we all know about him and the Turks ...
    3. After all, not only girls love Tseng ...
    4. And Rude isn't Reno's only lover ...
    5. Have you heard what the janitor's found in his office?
    6. That panther of his? Well, they're closer than they seem ...
    7. And I heard something else too. Sephiroth is his brother. So's Cloud. Rather twisted, huh?


    Everything you've heard is most likely true ... ^^***

    1. Everything


    It's always the tall, quiet ones ...

    1. Him and Reno. Are we surprised?
    2. What's in his beer mug isn't beer.
    3. What's in his trunk isn't a beer case.
    4. Hojo had more than one experiment ...
    5. After all, why else would he pick Reno?


    Just when you think it couldn't get worse ...

    1. He's Rufus's personal chauffer for a reason.
    2. And it has nothing to do with his ability to shoot a gun.
    3. Well, maybe it does ... ^^**
    4. Um ... anyone who would draft Reno has got to either be insane or have some problems
    5. That girl, Aeris, well, cough Tseng wanted to catch her himself ... and we all know why
    6. No guy looks that good in a dress.
    7. Did I say that?


    It did ...

    1. We know how she really got her job.
    2. And keeps her job.
    3. And why Reno keeps an eye on her.
    4. If you thought her gun was wicked ...
    5. Does she really hate Scarlet?


    It does ... and continues to get worse ...

    1. Reeve and robots ... we just don't want to know.
    2. At all.
    3. Or why Rufus always wants him in his office.
    4. And what's up with the stuffed mog he has tied up in the closet?


    Courtesy of YamatoIshida56@aol.com

    1. Why did he want to take Aeris a personal ride in the HIGH WIND?
    2. Why does Cid alway's smoke? (he has a problem)
    3. He just can't get enough (of cursing).

Sephiroth - NEW

    Courtesy of Alan Bates

    Anyone else think something's not..right..with this guy?

    1. He walks around in tight leather with no shirt.
    2. He tries to kill Cloud's first girlfriend (Tifa during the flashback), then he actually is able to kil Cloud's second girlfriend (Aeris).
    3. Then he disguises himself as Cloud's girlfriend (Tifa again).
    4. At the end of the game when it's just him and Cloud not only is he not wearing a shirt but he's taken his jacket off too.


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