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Zeng's FF7 Oasis
    ^^* Amusing little home to the Turks. It's got some good, some bad, some yaoi, but mostly silly stuff. ^^

feral ferret (Baby Roo)
    I have found it again! ^_^ Some yummy yaoi Turk fics as well as other interesting stuff is ghosting about this place.

out of lives
    o.O Ooo, her stuff is good. A little freaky, but gooood. Yaoi present.

Katze's Records
    Not the type of writing I'm usually fond of, but for some reason, I like this little page. ^^* Yet another site with yaoi.

The Floating City
    More Turk stuff. Yay! ^_^ Hehehe, she writes Reno like one seriously insane, far too wacked SOB with the cheery disposition of a dalmation puppy on anphethamines. Somehow, that makes it scarier ...

    Has some drop-dead-gorgeous-fanfics. A great Tseng/Reno I can't wait to see the end of and some other normal fics that are just as good. ^_^

Shin-Ra T.U.R.K.S.
    Lots of different stuff: fics, fanart, doujinshi, and just ... coolness.

Nightmares of the Soul
    More Turks!

Marino's Web Page
    [Japanese] There's a pic of Reno as a woman, here. A woman! ::snickers with glee::

    [Japanese] Various images, including several from other Square games.


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