Part 1

Author's Notes

Ok now I'll tell you a story. I know it's really weird but I'm also weird so it's ok.


I'm Kimberly Ohmsford but I'm called Kim. I live in Sweden and I been trough the most amazing thing.

Anyway, at my birthday I wished for me to bee in the slayers world (not as me of course) as Amelia. She has it all. A perfect body, friends that like her and she's a princess. I don't have any of that. I'm fat, I don't have any real friends and I am certainly not a princess. When I went to bed after the so called "party", the last thing I thought of before drifting of to sleep was me as Amelia in Zel's arms. I know it's pathethik but dreaming about it dosen't hurt.

When Amelia woke up next morning the first thing I saw was a redheaded girl in a bed some distance from where she was.

She sat up so fast that she got dizzy and had to lay down again.

"What's going on here?" She said to herself.

She got up, still a little dizzy, to wake the redheaded girl to ask were she was. When she past the big mirror in the room she started to scream.

Lina opened her eyes within a second.

"Amelia what's wrong? What's happening?" Lina jumped out of the bed and began to cast a Fireball.

Amelia did not react to her name but she stopped screaming and just stared at her own reflection.

"Amelia what is it?" Lina walked up beside Amelia and looked into the mirror, not to see anything out of the ordinary but Amelia's and her own reflection. She lowered her hand and stopped the Fireball.

Why is this girl talking English? And way does I look like Amelia from the Slayers? Then she realised that the girl beside her was Lina Inverse. She just stared at Lina and then at her reflection. Just a few sekonds after that Gourry and Zelgadis came rushing through the door.

"What happened? Are you two girls ok?" Gourry asked with his sword in his hands and just wearing his boxers at the moment.

"I don't know?" Amelia screamed and now she is just staring at her own reflection! Lina said to the blond swordsman.

"Oh Dear God help me, I'm in the Slayers and in Amelia's body and everyone is talking English! What am I suppose to do now?" She said to herself.

"What did you say Amelia?" Zel asked with an raised eyebrow.

"Oh....hmm......nothing special......umm....just having a bad morning that's all." She said as with a small accent as she put her hands behind her head and sweat dropped.

"That's all? You scream like you are going to die, and then you just say that you are having a bad morning!" Lina's heed got huge and she grew fangs.

Amelia/Kim moved away from Lina with a terrified look on her face and fell backwards over a chair.

She fell onto the floor just in front of Zel who began to blush as Amelia/Kim had her head between his feet's.

Amelia/Kim was rubbing her heed until she opened her eyes and began to blush as she realised that she was looking up at Zel's crotch.

She sat up and moved away from him, as Zel took a step back.

"I give up! I am going downstairs to order some food, it's time to get up anyway!" Lina said as she put on her pants and boots.

"I am going with you!" Gourry said and followed Lina out the door.

"You should probably put on some clothes if you are going down stairs Gourry!" Lina said and glanced at the swordsman.

"Oh...your right I thought it was a little draftee out here!" He said and went to his and Zel's room to get dressed.

Lina went downstairs to order her food and Gourry soon followed.

I can't let him leave. Not when I got this body and him in the same room.

This can get very fun actually. But one thing that I got rely lucky with was that I ended up in the English wersion of Slayers and not the Japanese one. Then I would be In deep trouble.

Zel was on his way trough the door when he felt two arms slip around his waist.

"Amelia what are you doing?"

"Don't go Zel! Please don't go." She said with a soft voice.

Zel turned around to face Amelia. She loosened her grip but didn't let go, she didn't want him to live her.

"Wha...." He couldn't say any thing more because Amelia was kissing him gently on the lips.

When he didn't try to get away she began to brake the kiss, but when she did that Zel put his arms around her waist and started kissing her deeper. She did not mind being in his arms so she didn't try to get away.

After a wile they broke the kiss, but they didn't really want to.

"I didn't expect that a first kiss would be THAT good!" She said a little light-headed.

"You never been kissed before?" Zel looked at her a little confused.

Amelia/Kim began to blush and just shook her heed.

"You know that I love you Zelgadis, I been in love with you from the first day I saw you."

"How can you love some one like me? I'm a monster and I don't know if I ever going to find my cure." Zel said as he moved away from her.

"So you don't love me then?" She fell to her knees and began to sob.

"I didn't say that, please Amelia don't cry." Zel sat down on his knees in front of her with a worried look on his face.

"I think you are beautiful and I don't care if you find your cure or not, because you will always be beautiful in my eyes. You don't have to be ashamed about how you look, because there are nothing to be ashamed of." She said after a little while of sobbing.

Zel just stared at her.

Dose she really think I'm beautiful? I can't believe it, some one thinks I'm beautiful. And that someone is the girl I love.

Zel just sat there trying to take in all that had happen and what Amelia just had told him.

"Zel what's wrong? Say something!" Amelia said with a concerned voice.

"No.... nothing's wrong, I was just amazed at what you just said."

"Do you love me Zel, or am I hoping for something impossible?"

"No, you are not hoping for something impossible....I..I love you" Amelia and it is not easy for me to say that.


"Because...I didn't think that I could love anyone."

A single tear rolled down Amelia's cheek, as they moved closer to etch other and met in a deep kiss.

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