Part 14

Later that day Lina and Gourry came to the town where Zel and Kim was last heard from. They were walking trough the town searching for the Inn the letter was sent from. Lina walked slowly and was in deep thought.

What if we don't find Zel and Kim? What are we going to do then? I really hope that they are ok.

"Hey Lina. Is this the place we were looking fore?" Gourry was pointing at a sign were it was written "The Golden Scale".

"I think so...lest go inside." Lina walked inside and looked around and found the Innkeeper.

"Hey you, I have a question." She got the mans attention and she cleared her throat.

"Have you seen a man with blue skin?" He was traveling with a brown haired girl.

"I don't recall any person like that." He eyed the redhead.

"If you don't tell me when they left, I will Fireball you into next week. I know they were here."

"You better do as she says. It's less painful that way." The Innkeeper had a puzzled look on his face, until Lina began to cast the Fireball.

"Ok, they left about 2 days ago. I don't know were and I don't care. Will you go and bother someone ells now little girl. I don't have time fore this."

"Oh no, you really shouldn't have said that. I'm out of here." With that Gourry was out the door. And left a weary confused Innkeeper and a weary angry Lina. And about 5 seconds later there was no Inn any longer.

Not fare away from the town Zel was flying a Ray Wing bubble and Kim's body was also in it. He was trying to get to Seyruun as fast as he could. And it was fastest to fly, but he needed to land soon. It was then he saw the explosion.

"Lina....." Zel landed outside town and began to carry Kim's body into town. He had cast a spell so that the body wouldn't be so heavy. He hugged the lifeless body to his chest.

"I really hope you come back Kim...." He whispered. He walked into town and just followed the sound of Fireballs.


"Lina calm down. I think he had inuff."


"But you already blown up half this block. Don't you think that's inuff?" Lina just stayed quiet and started walking towards the towns gates. Then she saw a familiar face. Well almost.

"Zel? Is that you?" She started walking a little faster and stopped a few feet away from him.

"Zel what happened? How is Kim? Is she asleep or something?" Zel just looked at her. Suddenly unable to speak. He fell to his knees and just sat there.

"Zel what's wrong? Xellos came to Seyruun and told us that Kim was dead we didn't believe him so we came to look for you guys." Zel didn't even look at her he just stared at Kim's calm and dead face.

"She is dead..."

"Oh Zel I'm so sorry. Com'on lets go to an inn ok." Zel just nodded but wasn't able to stand. He was to tiered.

"Gourry carry Kim ok." Zel are surly to tiered. Gourry nodded and took Kim's body from Zel.

Kim was looking at everything that happened. She was relived that Lina and Gourry found Zel. She was "standing" beside Lina and looked at Zel. She already missed him. When Lina and the others was walking towards the nearest Inn they bumped in to a gang of bandits. Kim floated up and was looking at them from up above.

NO YOU CAN'T DO THAT, STOP!! She yelled but no one could hear her. They were attacking her friends. And she was really worried for Zel, he was in no condition to fight. And suddenly it happened, Zel was hit with a sword in the stomach.

"ZEL! HANG IN THERE!" Lina yelled and rushed to her fallen friend.

NOOOOOOOOOO! Zelgadis no.... She looked down at Lina and Zel. Oddly Lina didn't do anything. And then everything began to blur. She looked at her hand and they were also beginning to fade.

Xellos what is happening?! Answer me! But the only thing she herd was a snicker. And then she felt a sharp pain through her whole body.

Xellos you lierrrr...... Then everything went white.

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