Part 4

Zel was deep in the forest sad and angry.

Why did she do that? Why did she lie to me? I...loved her.

He sat on the ground and began crying, not just because he was sad, he was disappointed. He sat there all night. When morning came he walked slowly towards the camp the others had put up. When he came there every one was awake and was looking fore something when he saw that Amelia/Kim was no were to de seen.

"Where is she?" He sad with his ordinary calm voice.

"We don't know. We could only find this drawing pad in her tent. Take a look." Lina handed over the pad to Zel and he started looking in it. The pictures were of him and some girl he had newer seen. They were colored and rely good drawn.

"Look in the back Zel." Lina said.

He did so and looked amazed. The three last pics was of him as human. The girl was in the pics to.

"Is this hers?"

"Yes Zel. She left a note fore you to."

Lina handed him a peace of paper. And he read it in silence.

It said:

Dear Zel.

I'm really sorry that I hurt your feelings. I'm going to try to find some thing to separate me from Amelia's body. I don't know what's going to happen to me. I probably end up in my world but I'm not certain.

I hope you haw seen the drawings. The girl in the drawings is me. I'm probably not the girl of your dreams but I hope you like them. I love you Zel, and I always will. I hope you will forgive me.


Zel just stood and stared at the paper.

"Zel are you all right?" Lina asked whit concern in her voice.

"No I'm not all right. We got to find her."

"Zel it almost impossible to find her now. She left when Gourry had the watch. And that was early last night."

"How could you let her leave?" He yelled at them.

"Way did you run away and left the rest to us?"

They kept arguing like that fore quite a wile. And Kim was already in the next town and went to an inn and rented a room. She had walked all night and didn't really want to stay but she was so tired.

I'm only staying fore a couple of hours. They can't get here that fast.

She went to her room and had told the owner of the inn to wake her after lunch. The owner said that he would do so, so she didn't have anything to worry about.

After lunch she went to the town's library to check some books about spirit separations. She found what she was looking fore and took notes about what she needed to do.

"I hope I can find this temple and the stuff I need, so that I can let Amelia get her body back. Even if I don't want to." She wrote the last thing down and left the library.

She walked out of town when the other slayers walked in to town.

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