Slayers Quiz for Boys

1. My friends describe me as:
A) slow
B) cynical
C) quirky
D) persistant
E) tricky
F) insane

2. My favorite color is:
A) blue
B) beige
C) white
D) green
E) black
F) red

3. When I was growing up the main influence on me was:
A) my aunt
B) my grandfather
C) my family
D) the heroes I read about in books
E) my mentor
F) my clan

4. Theoretical situation: I am in an outdoor restaurant with my friends on a sunny summer day. What am I doing?
A) eating a pile of food that goes higher than my head
B) drinking coffee
C) making a speech
D) scheming
E) enjoying quietly all the chaos around me
F) drowning in angst

5. My criteria for a really good cup of coffee are:
A) it comes with food
B) black
C) decaff
D) caffinated
E) it is actually tea
F) it's spiked

6. I am in love with:
A) someone to whom I am committed
B) one person
C) my country
D) the person to whom I am married
E) hmmm...
F) I'm to busy for love

7. My weapon is:
A) a fancy bladed weapon
B) my sexy voice
C) my fists
D) a bladed weapon
E) information
F) my affiliates

8. I fail to admit I am romantically involved with my significant other because:
A) she would cause physical pain
B) I am too stubborn
C) I don't have a significant other
D) she does all the talking for me
E) this is classified information...
F) I have issues

9. Theoretical situation: I am in a typical department store with the task of procuring garments for myself. What do I get?
A) lunch
B) jeans, a nice t-shirt that isn't too expensive, and a leather jacket
C) I have a private tailor
D) wait a minute...I have to ask my wife
E) something flamboyant
F) I can barely manage pants

10. How would you decorate your house for Christmas?
A) colored lights
B) white lights and a wreath
C) a nativity scene on the front yard
D) white lights and a small nativity scene indoors
E) something that stands out...gets attention...looks awful
F) I don't believe in holidays

11. I listen to:
A) alternative
B) smooth jazz
C) christian rock
D) classic rock
E) oldies
F) heavy metal

If you have mostly A's - Gourry
B - Zelgadiss
C - Filionel
D - Zangulus
E - Xelloss
F - Vargarv