Slayers Quiz for Girls

1. My friends describe me as:
A) very action-oriented
B) eccentric
C) persistent
D) quiet
E) obnoxious
F) caring

2. My favorite color is:
A) red
B) black
C) white
D) blue
E) gold
F) pink

3. When I was growing up, the main influence on me was:
A) my older sister
B) my mother
C) my family
D) my father
E) royalty
F) my teachers

4. Theoretical situation: I am in an outdoor restaurant with my friends on a sunny summer's day. What am I doing?
A) eating a pile of food that comes higher than my head
B) drinking alcoholic beverages and eating a pile of food that comes as high as my head
C) eating a pile of food that comes as high as my chin and staring lazily at the general outdoor surroundings
D) eating a decent meal and enjoying the company
E) scheming
F) slowly getting infuriated at the surrounding chaos

5. My criteria for a really good cup of coffee are:
A) it has milk
B) it's spiked
C) it has so much stuff in it is basically indistinguishable from a sundae
D) it's quality
E) it is incredibly high quality
F) it is actually tea

6. I am in love with:
A) one person with whom I am commited
B) myself, until I find someone better…
C) one person
D) one person who is unreachable
E) anything male
F) one person, it's rumored…but I myself don't believe it

7. My weapon is:
A) my anger
B) my choice of clothing
C) my fists
D) I can't fight with a clear conscience
E) curses
F) a large, heavy object

8. I fail to admit I am romantically involved with my significant other because I am too
A) stubborn
B) what significant other?
C) too frightened
D) he belongs to someone else
E) fail to admit? Do I fail to admit anything in this area?
F) I don't believe I am romanitcally involved with him

9. Theoretical situation: I am in a typical department store with the task of procuring garments for myself. What do I get?
A) the entire contents of the bargain shelf
B) something from Hot Topic Anything from Hot Topic. Heck, EVERYTHING from Hot Topic!
C) something nice that isn't too expensive and isn't manufactured by slave labor
D) something conservative
E) something bizzare enough to scare my family and any other innocent mortal who is unlucky enough to be wandering about
F) a nice dress or skirt

10. How would you decorate your house for Christmas?
A) flashy lighting
B) I'd find a way to decorate with leather and black lights
C) live christmas tree and a small nativity scene
D) I'd put a nativity scene in the front yard
E) someway that is obnoxious and overbearing, and most of all, attracts attention
F) white lights and a live christmas tree

11. I listen to:
A) alternative
B) heavy metal
C) light rock
D) christian music
E) rap
F) classical

Mostly A's - Lina
B - Naga
C - Ameria
D - Shifiell
E - Multina
F - Filia