Author's Note

Dear Readers,

From my personal experiences, I've discovered that most of my favorite Slayers fanfics have references to Slayers Next and Slayers Try in them. Now, I know that I could just stop myself from reading these spoilers, but the thing is, I really want to read the story itself. As a result, I get jokes that I don't understand, characters that are mainstream but whom I've never seen, and a straight out explanation of what happened in Slayers Next or Try. So where does that put me? I expect what will happen in the anime series and, as a result, do not enjoy it fully. I know it's my own fault, but I'm sorry, I love reading fanfics.

When I first began writing Slayers fanfics, I realized that I was including characters from Slayers Next and Try, characters that I'd only gotten to know in other authors' fanfics. Needless to say, I figured out that writing about characters based on another person's fanfic wasn't such a great idea. As a result, Slayers Future was born. It will focus on characters from the first season of Slayers, something that I think most people interested in Slayers will have seen. Thus, there are no spoilers for Next or Try. Keep in mind that I will refer to Shabranigdo and Ceiphied as well as their subordinates, but it won't come up much.

Well, I'm not going to comment anymore on my story, what I really need to be doing now is writing it. I can't say that everyone will like this story, but I do hope that many people will at least give it a chance. So enough with the author's note, get on with the reading!

Yours Truly, Aurous

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