Chapter 1

It was a cold night over NeoTokyo, a wind blew trash across the empty road, moments later a sonic boom emitted, and three strangers fell out. Lina, Gourry, and Zelgadiss all fell into the sidewalk, a ripple in existence opening. Gourry was the first to catch his feet, he looked up, "Hey, where are we?" Lina jumped up aside him "Look at that! Are we dead?" she questioned, pointing to a bar's neon sign. Zelgadiss stood up, moving his hood and mask over his face, "It appears we've landed somewhere, not on our world, but hey, steps!" he motioned to a pair of steps leading down into a bar. They followed his lead.

Entering the bar, the slayers crew looked around, finding a dirty hole in the ground. "Oh my l-sama! This place smells!" Lina yelled, catching the glance of a red-jacketed boy, he raised an eyebrow, turning from the jukebox. "Are you three insane? Or did you come to start a fight?" Questioned the boy, an intense look on his eyes. "Excuse me, boy, but we don't even know where we came to!" shouted Lina. "Oh, this is Kinkadae's bar. Suddenly shots rang out from a corner, nailing Gourry in the side. "Gourry!" Lina and Zelgadiss shouted at the same time, as Gourry sunk to his knees in agony.

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