Exit Lina

The voice again, "Lina.. come to me.." The same voice as she had heard when she faught Phibriso. "Lina, please come." Again.. Lina fell into the darkness, her body, being enveloped in the casting of the gigaslave. She awoke, looking about, she found herself in a comfortable room, images of her life danced around her, in the shadows, naga and her travels, playing Brass Rackets, killing Gaav, running from Zelgadiss, and many many more. She fell to lay on a comfortable.. Familiar.. Loveseat. At that moment, a familiar face appeared out of the shadows, he smiled at her, his clothes hers, but tailored male.

"It has been a while, my love." His words where soft and compasionate, she recognised him as her love, the Lord of Nightmares.

"L-Lsama!" She jumped up, to a bow.

"Lina, just call me Nightmare, you are my equil." She stepped back, looking into his eyes, "Wha..?"

He nodded, "This time, you will stay with me, forever, your friends will live, and I will destroy your opponent. You will accend to the throne, and become my other half. Does this please you?" Lina nodded, moving to offer him a spot on the couch. His arms moved around her, and all was within her grasp.

"My love.." she uttered, before falling to his kiss.


This is a simple explanation of why Lina never appears in my fics, except in ones before meeting Ra-Gaav. ^.^