Can I?

I need to find it
~ but then I have,
Why should I laugh? I never have
~ but it has made me once,
It makes me smile
~ which no-one else can,
It makes me feel normal
~ even though I'm not,
It doesn't like the way it looks
~ but I do,
I like to wwatch it
~ when it doesn't know I doDoes it know how I feel?

So quiet and serious
~ not one thing like me,
Always looking for it
~ I wish I were it
Hold's it feelings in
~ but some times shows them to me,
Thinks of itself a monster
~ but I don't
I know you watch me
~ do you know I watch you,
Does he know how I feel?

Can I be your treasure?
~ because to me you are my cure.

Can I be your cure?
~ because to me you are my cure.