Chapter 2

The next morning everyone, minus Xelloss, was sitting around the kitchen table. Filia & Leila had cups of tea and Zerena had her coffee.

"Absolutely not" Zerena stated "It's bad enough Gourrin insists on traveling with me but I will most definitely NOT travel with Leila!"

Leila pouted "but why not?"

"Because you're annoying."


Zerena fumed. I will not give in. I will not give in. I will not give in. I will not give in. she thought

"Rena, how about if I go with you. To keep Lei in line." Valterra offered.

Zerena growled softly then answered "Fine! But she's your responsibility Val. If anything happens to her it's your fault. I will not be held responsible to any physical damage she might suffer as a result of her 'Tricks'." She glared, staring Valterra in the eyes "Got it?"

"Got it. C'mon Lei let's get some things packed up"

"Alright Nii-Chan!" Leila replied and shifted up to her room. Valterra, being unable to spacial shift like his sister, walked up the steps. Both sibling appeared a few minutes later with small bags with the essentials.

Zerena downed the rest of her coffee then picked up her sword and replaced it in the sheath by her side. She headed toward the door pausing to hit Gourrin on the head to wake him up. He blinked a couple times then picked up his sword and ran out the door after Zerena, Valterra and Leila.

They were walking down the road leading out of Madrake when Gourrin spotted a sign on the side of the road.

"Hey Z!" He yelled "Come look at this!"

Zerena sighed then headed back toward him. "What is it?" she asked looking at the sign. She started to read " 'Queen Martina and King Zangulas of the Kingdom of Xoana are offering a free stay at Xoana's five-star hot springs as a reward for ridding the kingdom of a vicious Beast that has been terrorizing the kingdom. Please apply at the palace.' hot spring trip does sound nice."

"Yeah! C'mon Z! This'll be easy!" Gourrin said grinning.

Zerena glanced at the hill where a semi-impressive palace stood "alright, let's go."

They headed up the road to the palace. A little while later they arrived at the front gate and were stopped by guards.

"State your business here" Guard #1 said.

"We're here about the extermination job" Valterra stated.

"Very well. Follow me." Guard #2 said and led the way down a long hallway. When they arrived at the throne room the guard directed them to the thrones where a green haired woman and a black haired man with a pointed hat sat.

The guard bowed then told the King and Queen why they were here then left.

"I'm Queen Martina and this is King Zangulas. What are your names?" the Queen asked.

"I'm Zerena Greywords De Seyruun, this is Gourrin Inverse-Gabriev and Valterra and Leila Ul Copt-Metallium"

Martina and Zangulas glanced at each other then Martina asked "If you don't mind what are your parents' names?"

"My parents are Zelgadis Greywords & Princess Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun, Gourrin's are Lina Inverse-Gabriev and Gourry Gabriev, and Valterra and Leila's are Xelloss Metallium and Filia Ul Copt-Metallium."

Both Martina and Zangulas's eyes widened.

"If you don't mind why'd you ask, your highnesses?"

"Your parents and us were old friends" Zangulas replied.


Gourrin snapped his fingers "I remember dad said something about someone named Zulangus! He said he had a magical sword too, the Howling sword! Right?"

Zerena, Leila and Valterra all stared at him.

"I'm amazed Gourrin, truly amazed! You were able to remember something for longer than five minutes!" Zerena said.

Zangulas smiled "so my old rival remembered me, and even told his son about me."

Martina was literally whimpering "They didn't say anything about me?" she looked on the verge of tears.

Leila looked thoughtful then said "My dad did! He mentioned something about a clingy princess by the name of Martina."

"Master Xelloss remembered me!" Martina crowed grinning. "But now back to business. You said you could get rid of the Beast. I trust you can do it without destroying my kingdom like Lina did."

"Of course, We don't deal in major property damage." Zerena said.

"Good as soon as the Beast is dead we'll give you a three day stay in our Hot Springs."

"Thank You, we'll get to work right away" Zerena said and walked off dragging a half-asleep Gourrin, followed by Valterra & Leila.

Valterra was leading the way along a rocky cliff with a map in hand. "Alright, the guard's direction's say the Beast's cave is right" he stopped at the entrance to a cave "here."

"Good let's get this over with" Zerena said then cast a lightning spell and walked into the cave. A few feet in they saw a large scaly brown....thing sleeping. "This must be it" Zerena snuck forward to get a better view. She picked out a spot that looked weak, backed up and began chanting "Source of all souls which dwell in eternal and infinite. Everlasting flame of blue, let the power hidden in my soul be called forth from the Infinite! RA-TILT!" The blue-white flame blasted from her hands and enveloped the creature. The others just gaped. Zerena dusted her hands, kicked the corpse for good measure then said "well that was easy. Let's go." She walked out the cave and waited for the others. Leila teleported back to the palace while Zerena and Valterra Ray-winged, carrying Gourrin.

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