Chapter 5


navy = flashback

We open as our heroes are coming to a stop on a cliff overlooking a peaceful looking town. Everyone is looking a little worse for wear, that is, with the exception of a certain Princess of Seyruun.

"YES!! Atlas City! Finally! I thought we'd never get here." cheered Zerena, jumping up and down. She turned to notice her companions. "Huh? What are you just sitting there for?"

Her companions groaned in response and fell over. Zerena shrugged and sat down to wait for them. She sat impatiently, throwing rocks in Leila and Gerik's general direction.

"Oh screw this." She said standing up. "See you later" She sing-songed before levitating down to the city below.

Her companions sighed then followed suit.

Zerena was bouncing around like her Mother at a Justice rally. (O.o that's a scary thought) Gourrin was following, half-asleep. Leila was floating behind them drinking a cup of tea. Valterra was generally looking bored with the whole thing. Gerik was...well let's just say he's gonna get hit by a few hentai mallets. And Milissa was looking at all the clothing shops with sparkling eyes.

"Rena, Gourrin, Gerik and I will go get us a couple rooms at an inn." Valterra said.

"Ok, sure, whatever." she answered, barely acknowledging him.

He sighed then grabbed Gerik's collar, paused just long enough for him to get hit by another mallet, then grabbed Gourrin in a similar fashioned and dragged them off in search of an Inn.

Milissa squealed before dragging both Zerena and Leila into a nearby shop. Zerena got a glance at the sign above the door before being dragged inside.

The Gap? Why do I have a bad feeling about this? she thought.

Milissa had barely gotten thru the door before grabbing something off the rack and holding it up to Zerena.

"What do you think of this? I think it would look perfect on you!" She squealed.

Zerena stared. It's pink, frilly and most importantly a dress! No way I'm wearing that!

"Well?" Milissa pressed.

"No offense Lissa but that's just not me."

Milissa pouted and hung the dress back up. Instantly after it had been placed back on the rack, Milissa dragged Zerena off to another. Leila took this opportunity to escape.

This continued for another hour before Zerena actually found something she liked and bought, even though she only said she did to please Milissa.

Zerena stepped outside; she was dressed in an outfit almost identical to Lina's except for the colors. Where Lina's was red, (or pink, whatever you want to call it) Zerena's was royal blue. Where Lina's was yellow, Zerena's was Dark Red. Where Lina's was white, Zerena's was black. She also had Navy gloves & boots and black cape & shoulder guards.

Leila teleported in front of them. "Hello!" she chirped "Nii-Chan said for me to show you to the Inn where we're staying tonight. Follow me." She turned to Zerena. "My, my Rena-Chan that's a new look for you. Lina-baasan will certainly be pleased." She turned around and floated toward the Inn. Zerena and Milissa followed, Milissa describing to Leila, in detail, everything she had bought that day.

The next day, as the group was leaving town, something jumped in front of their way. At closer examination it appeared to be a large female fish-like creature with arms and legs.

"Ewwwww" Squeaked Milissa. She threw a fan at it and struck it right between the eyes.

"Owww!!! The thing yelled, holding it's head and jumping around.

The others sweatdropped, Leila giggled.

Zerena cleared her throat. "Excuse me, but who are you?"

"Me? Why I'm..." she struck a ridiculous pose (think Ginyu force or Sailor Moon) before answering. "Sakana! Servant of Lord Deep Sea Dolphin, and in her name I've come to destroy you!"

Zerena and Valterra both raised an eyebrow and glanced at each other.

"You're a fish" Gerik stated "What could you do to u..." Sakana fired a blast at Gerik and he hit the rock face behind him, unconscious and bleeding.

"Dammit! Milissa, heal him!" Zerena said. Milissa nodded and started Healing.

Zerena scowled and unsheathed her sword with a quiet chink. "Astral Vine!" she shouted and charged at Sakana.

Zerena knocked Sakana upside the head with the broadside of her sword. Sakana stumbled to the side a bit and was a little disoriented. Zerena took this opportunity to run it through with her sword.

She saw Valterra out of the corner of her eye as sent an Elmekia Flame at Sakana. Zerena cast a fireball through her sword directly into Sakana's body as Valterra's Elmekia Flame hit. The combination proved to be fatal for the fish girl.

Zerena sheathed her sword and slunk to the ground, breathing heavily. Valterra ran up to her.

"Rena-Chan are you ok?" he asked.

"Yes, I'm fine...just the strain of holding the Astral Vine and casting Fireball at the same time." She paused to catch her breath. "Wait, did you just call me Rena-Chan?"

Valterra blushed a little "uh, yeah. Sorry if you don't like it..."

She cut him off "nah, it's ok. I actually like the sound of it when it's from someone other than Leila." She stood up and smiled at him.

"Well at least that's over" Gourrin said, interrupting them.

"No, it's not" Zerena stated, completely serious. "That can't be the best Deep Sea has. If she's really after us then we need to be ready for stronger opponents in the future."

The others nodded solemnly, even Leila.

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