Cast Bios

Zerena Greywords De Seyruun:

Zerena, also called Z or Rena, is the main character of Slayers Generation. She's Zelgadis and Amelia's daughter. She's 18 and 5 feet 8 inches tall. She looks human but due to the 1/6 part golem in her, her skin a slightly tougher than a normal humans. She has black hair, in a slightly longer version of Zelgadis's style & Blue eyes. She usually wears a blue outfit, like Amelia wears, with dark red trim and a darker red lining the inside of her cape. Her father gave her his sword when she turned 15 and she keeps it with her all the time. She keeps to herself a lot but when she gets into something she's very energetic about it and in a word, bouncy. Unlike her Mother she doesn't believe that Justice will always triumph.  She specializes in Shamanistic magic with a few white and black spells thrown in. Her signature spells are Elmekia lance and Astral Vine.

Gourrin Inverse-Gabriev:

Gourrin is Gourry & Lina's son. He's 19 and 6 feet 5 inches tall. He has red hair in the same style as his Father's & Blue eyes. He dresses like his Father in a Navy blue swordsman's outfit with black armor. He carries the sword of Light with him at all times like his father did. (I happen to like the SoL so it was not given back to Sirius in the end of Try) He takes after his Father mostly, especially in the brains department. He's not a dense as Gourry, but pretty damn close. He's a naturally happy person and isn't irritated easily, but when he is that's when he takes after his mother.

Leila Ul Copt-Metallium:

Leila, or Lei, is Xelloss & Filia's daughter. (^_^ I happen to like that couple) At 15 she's the youngest of the group. She's 5 feet and 5 inches tall. She has blond hair in a Xelloss-like cut but with bangs like a shorter version of Filia's and Violet slitted eyes. She usually wears a pink turtle-necked t-shirt with black pants and black cloak with pink trim in the same style as Filia wears. She takes after Xelloss mainly; she loves to annoy people especially Zerena, Gourrin & her brother Valterra. She's hard to anger but when she does, say hello to her mace, then the ground. She also adopted her Father's catch phrase "that is a secret!". She uses her natural Mazoku abilities mostly but if needed, she can use a few Black magic spells.

Valterra Ul Copt:

Valterra, or Val, is Filia's adopted son. He's the oldest at 20. He's 6 feet 3 inches tall. Aqua green hair around shoulder length in layers and gold eyes. He wears white trousers, with a blue shirt/vest with red trim and a black waist-length cape (The same outfit he wore in Try). He takes after Filia mainly due to the fact that he can't stand Xelloss. He's normally a kind person and willing to help his younger companions with just about anything. The only ones who can really annoy him are Xelloss & his sister Leila. He still has that stick thing with the red pieces on the end (What is that thing called?). He specializes in White magic with a few Shamanistic spells.


Milissa is Milgazia's daughter. She's 20, the same age as Valterra, and 5 feet 7 inches tall. She has pale blonde hair that comes to mid-back and is done in layers to frame her face & Baby Blue eyes. She wears a semi-skintight white button up shirt with quarter-length sleeves that she keeps tucked into her knee-length white skirt with gold trim. She also has gold boots that come to mid-calf and gloves. She carries a seemingly unending supply of paper fans with her that she uses as weapons, where she keeps them is unknown. She's a normally calm person and is hard to upset, except by Leila. She's sort of the Sylphiel of Slayers generations, she's a wonderful cook and a decent fighter when her friends are in trouble, especially Valterra. (^_^ can you guess who I'm gonna pair up?) She can transform into her dragon form when she wants, or Leila gets her mad enough. She can also teleport. She specializes in White & Holy magics and is learning a few basic Shamanistic spells from Zerena. Her signature spells are Chaotic Disintegrate & Healing spells.

Gerik Xoana:

Gerik is Martina and Zangulas's son. He's 17 and 5 feet 10 inches tall. He has short spiky black hair and blue-gray eyes. He wears black pants, yellow vest & black cape with maroon lining. He carries a Zoalmelgustar pendant with him like his Mother does. He thinks he's the most handsome human on all 4 worlds and no one can convince him otherwise, no matter how hard they try. Like Martina he falls for every pretty girl he meets especially Leila. (Deja Vu huh?) He has enough sword skills to defend himself but he's not a good swordsman in general. He's not skilled in magic either, so like Martina he's just there for comic relief.

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