Chapter 1: Valterin's Happiness; The Anger of Filia

Author's Notes

My story takes place five years after the end of Slayers TRY. Yes all you Valgaav lovers, Val is in this too. He's a major character actually. Almost all main characters from previous Slayers are in this. A theory I've maintained; Xellos's hair does grow, though at a slow rate. Maybe an inch every two years. I got this theory from the fact that Xellos's hair was a little longer in Slayers TRY then in Slayers NEXT. Therefore, in this fanfic Xellos has hair about two inches past his shoulders.

Warning: Only read if you like Slayers. Then again, why would you be reading this unless your love of Slayers drove you to read the works of the fans, desperate as you are?

P.S: Please don't write threatening e-mail addressed to me for doing a bad job.

"Lord Valterin, please come back here!" Jillas yelled as he chased the young dragon down the road through a crowd of people in the marketplace. Val didn't stop, but when he passed an alley, the dragon made a sudden turn and dashed down the shortcut. Jillas didn't see him change direction but the fox stopped running when he realized he couldn't see Val anymore. "Boss is gonna eat me alive. Lord Valterin knows he's not suppose to go to the lake without me or Boss Gravos. It's filled with water dragons, and who knows what else!" Jillas started running again, this time headed for Sya Lake.

Valterin ran down a dirt road as fast as he could, with Sya Town in the background. When Valterin reached the edge of the lake, he looked around to see if anyone is near, then put two fingers in his mouth and whistled loudly. The surface of the lake rippled, then a giant blue sea serpent broke the surface. Val smiled. "Hi Surry! Are you busy today?" The water dragon shoke his head. "Great! I can swim with you then." Val took off his sandals, then dove in. The serpent dove under as well, and did barrel rolls under the water. Val laughed, then went up for air. After he breathed, Val dove under again; this time grabbing hold of Surry's fin. The water dragon swam around at high speed on the surface of the water, with a grinning Val holding on.

The serpent suddenly stopped, and his ears twitched. Valterin seemed to understand what it meant and let go. Surry dove under the surface, and disappeared from sight. Val swam back to land. After he landed on the beach near his sandals, Val saw Jillas running towards him in the distance, shouting, "Lord Valterin! Lord Valterin! Get away from the lake!" Val sighed and started to put his sandals back on.

Before he finished, Jillas arrived. "Lord Valterin, your alive, your alive! And soaking wet," he noticed Val's wet clothes. "Were you swimming? You know there are water dragons in Lake Sya. They could've eaten you alive, Lord Valterin!" Val sighed and stood up. "I'm sorry Jillas," he said as if this was common routine. "I guess I forgot about the dragons. But I was so hot... and a swim in the lake sounded so good..."

"Lord Valterin, you know your mother doesn't like it when you come here. She doesn't want her son eaten by a water monster!"

"Sorry Jillas..."

"Think what she'll say! It'll be no dinner for you and a yelling for me! And a yelling for you," Jillas said as an afterthought.

"You could always not tell her," Val suggested hopefully.

"I will not lie to Boss, not even for you, Lord Valterin," Jillas replied sharply. "Now let's go back to the shop. Maybe Boss will let us off lightly this time..."

"You let him do what?!" Filia yelled, her mace in hand, with her head looming largely over the two offenders. Gravos studiously polished a blue pot. All of them were in Filia's shop, "Maces and Vases." Jillas and Val cowered under the golden dragon's stare. "You worthless fox, you let my little boy swim in serpent infested waters without you or Gravos around?! He could've been ripped apart by a water monster!"

"Mom, it wasn't his fault..." Val tried to defend Jillas. Filia calmed down a little.

"You're right. Some of it was your fault!" Filia started yelling again. "Valterin, how could you do this? The lake is filled with monsters, and you swam in it without adult supervision! It's all Xellos's fault," she muttered the last sentence.

Val heard it. "How is it Xellos's fault mom?"

"He sets a terrible example. I shouldn't let you hang around with that namagomi! Always doing pranks... mazoku are terrible people to look up to."

"But mom, he's so cool!"

"Cool?! Cool?! Xellos isn't even honest, let alone cool!"

"I didn't know the two were connected," Val thought, and sweatdropped.

"Now go to your room, young dragon! And don't you dare try to come out before dinner!" Filia pointed to the stairs. Val walked up to his room, in a gloomy mood. Filia turned around to yell at Jillas, but Jillas had sneaked away while Filia and Val were arguing. Filia bared her teeth in frustation.

"My, my, Filia. I had no idea I had so many good qualities." A voice comes from the window. Filia whirled around. She saw Xellos sitting on the windowsill, looking pleased. Xellos's hair was now a couple inches past his shoulders, but besides that he didn't look any different.

"Xellos, what are you doing here?! I told you last time to never come back!" Xellos ignored her.

"I mean, think about it. Terrible example to children, prankster, dishonest... the list just goes on and on, doesn't it, my dear Filia?" Filia looked ready to explode, when both she and Xellos heard a voice.

"Is that you Xellos? Wow, you actually came!" Valterin came running down the stairs two steps at a time. He grinned when he saw Xellos. "Xellos, why didn't you come earlier? I had to leave without you, and Jillas caught me!"

Xellos rubbed the back of his head and sweatdropped when Valterin's inquisitive face and Filia's fanged face turned to him. "Well, sorry Val, but my most recent assignment took longer then expected..."

"What are you talking about?" interrupted Filia, and then she realized. "Val, you were waiting for this mazoku to take you to the lake, weren't you?"

"Wellllll, yes Mom. Jillas wouldn't take me, and Gravos was busy, so I sent a letter to Xellos asking him to take me to the lake. He said he would show up a couple hours ago, but when he didn't, I thought he was waiting for me at the lake, so I... went to the lake by myself." Valterin turned to Xellos. "Xellos, you have to teach me to teleport. Then I could've ditched Jillas."

Filia opened her mouth to argue, then shut it. She looked at Xellos. "You are one of the most powerful mazoku in the world, who goes around the world destroying cities as a common routine... and you had time to take a four year dragon swimming?!"

"Well, I had a break in my schedule," Xellos defended himself. Filia glared at Xellos, than at Val.

"Valterin ul Copt, what are you doing out of your room? Now go back up there, and now no going to the lake for a month!" Val groaned, than trudged up the stairs. Filia turned to Xellos, or rather where Xellos had been... the mazoku was gone. Filia looked like she was about to explode; her tail shot out and stuck straight up. The view zoomed out to show the whole city. A yell from Filia was heard. "Uhhhhhh! Xellos! I'll get you!"

"Why Gourry, why do we have to go to Seyruun?" Lina and Gourry were sitting in a restaurant, waiting for the bill. There were dozens of plates stacked up around them. Lina leaned back in her chair, and picked her teeth with a fragment of bone. Gourry sipped a glass of red wine. Neither of them looked different, except in her bandanna Lina had a black feather, and Gourry only had a plain broadsword.

"Lina, Zelgadis asked us to meet him in Seyruun. He said it was important. Besides, you agreed to come!"

"That was before I knew it would take so long. Gourry, we've been on the road for a week, and we're only half there!"

Gourry said resonably, "Well Lina, it must be important if Zelgadis says it is. Besides, we had nothing planned anyway... oh look here's the bill."

A waiter walked up with the tab. Lina looked at it, sighed, and said, "You pay for it Gourry."

"Me?! Why me?!" Lina leaned forward in her chair and put her hands on the table.

"Gourry, remember back in Tyia?"

"Well, yes."

"Remember the bandits?"


"When they were about to cut your hair, didn't I save you?"

"Well yes. What's your point Lina?"

"After I fireballed them, you said you owed me one. Well, here's a chance to pay up."

"Lina, that was six months ago!"

"But Gourry, you haven't repaid me yet." Gourry sighed, knowing when he was defeated, and paid the huge tab. While the pair were walking down the road, Lina pulled out a letter, and started to read it silently. Gourry looked over her shoulder and said, "Lina, can you read it to me again? I've forgotten what it said..." Lina sweatdropped, but read it out loud anyway.

"Dear Lina (and Gourry too,") the letter was heard in Zelgadis's voice. "I want you to come to Seyruun. Something important is about to happen, or rather is happening now, and I think you two are needed. Amelia doesn't know about this letter; she thinks the Seyruun royal guard can handle this, but I doubt their competence. I don't doubt yours. Even though you might go a little over board at times, no one underestimates your power. You might want to stop by Filia's shop on the way here. The way things are shaping up, I know we'll need all the help we can get. Signed, Zelgadis Greywers"

"It seems like Zelgadis is taking the situation more seriously then Amelia." Gourry rubbed his chin thoughfully (a rare occurance for him.)

"Gourry, Zelgadis takes everything more serious then Amelia."

"Oh yeah. I guess I forgot."

Lina sweatdropped. "Anyway, we'd better get moving. It seems that Seyruun needs some serious fire power. Mainly from me, Lina, the beautiful sorcery genius."

"Lina, if something big is about to happen, why don't we make a detour to Zelphilia and get your sister to come?" Lina shivered at the mention of her sister, than glared at Gourry. "You squidhead, you know I don't want my sister to come anywhere near me."

"Why not?" Lina faceplanted, then got up and growled, "Gourry, if you ever mention Luna again I will toast you!"

"What's wrong with Luna... oh Lina, I'm sorry! Please Lina, stop!" Gourry was wailing this as he ran down the road, with Lina on his heels. Lina's face was fanged, and suddenly she yelled "Raywing!" and began to overcome Gourry.

"Lina, I didn't mean to!" The scene faded out, and the last thing that was heard is "Fireball!" BOOM!

"Ahhhhh!!!" Gourry's scream of agony slowly faded.

"Mister Zelgadis look! There's a letter in the mail from Lina!" Amelia pranced around happily. She was in a pink dress, and has a crown on. (Actully, it's the same clothing as she had on in the beginning of The Slayers NEXT.) Zelgadis sighed. He was in the clothing of a noble, with ruffles at the sleeves. The tunic and pants were grey. Zelgadis looked a little tired, and was sitting in a chair, slumped to one side, like he was about to fall asleep. They were in Amelia's study. Amelia ripped the letter open and started to read.

"Dear Zelgadis," (this was heard in Lina's voice.) "Of course we'll come to Seyruun. Seems like you'll need our help anyway. I've been sensing some disturbances on the astral plane. That always means no good. This seems bigger then Seyruun. Something important is about to happen, and I'd guess Amelia's fair city is just the pawn in this game. We'll pass by Filia's shop on the way to Seyruun. Her dragon abilities will come in handy. Oh, and don't tell Amelia about the astral plane disturbance. We don't want her vanquishing this evil until we know just how dangerous it really is. Taking chances this time might be fatal.

Signed, Lina Inverse"

Amelia turned to Zelgadis, looking surprised. "WHAT?! YOU INVITED MISS LINA HERE?! WHY?!"

Amelia, the assasination attempt on you and your father seems like something the royal guard can't handle. I wanted Lina and Gourry to come to come to Seyruun so I sent them a letter without you knowing. I love you, and if protecting you means having to ask for Lina to come, then so be it."

"Oh Mister Zelgadis..." Amelia's eyes got watery. "I love you too..." and she ran towards the chimaera, arms outstretched, and kissed him full on the mouth. Zelgadis looked surprised, but was just starting to get into the kiss when...

"Well, isn't this wonderful. The princess and the golem, what a wonderful story that would be! Full of love and romance and flaming dragons..." Zelgadis and Amelia broke off their kiss, both blushing madly, and turned to see the owner of the voice.

Zelgadis sighed, exasperated. "Xellos, what are you doing here?"

Xellos was sitting on Amelia's desk, looking amused. "Why, aren't I allowed to visit my good friends? After this I'm going to Filia's for tea. It seemed like a good idea to stop by here first."

"Why?" Zelgadis sounded angry.

"Oh, I just wanted to tell you. Gravos and Jillas are off on vacation, so Filia can't leave the house. She would never leave Val alone. I guess you'll just have to do without a dragon's powers this time around."

Amelia asked in a trembling voice, "Mister Zelgadis, how are we going to find out who tried to kill me and daddy without a dragon? Horses will take too long to travel around Seyruun."

Zelgadis replied gravely, "I don't know, Amelia."

"Welllllll... I guess I could convince her that bringing Val was a good idea... if I wanted to," Xellos disappeared, then reappeared at the door of the study. He stretched.

"Oh Mister Xellos, would you? I knew some kindness existed in your heart!" Amelia said excitedly. Xellos sweatdropped.

"Um, right. Well, bye!" And Xellos teleported away.

"Gourry, if I say it once I'll say it again. Never mention my sister. Ever!" Lina was walking down a road on some hills, dragging Gourry along by the hair. Gourry was drooling and moaning. Lina continued, "You KNOW I can't stand her. You KNOW she would do anything to get back at me for that prank I pulled on her when I was twelve."

Gourry got up, and opened his hands imploringly to Lina. "I'm sorry Lina, but things like that are so easy to forget..."

"No, they're not!" Lina, in giant head mode, screeched at Gourry. "I've told you a thousand times Gourry, and I'll make it a thousand and one. NEVER talk to me about my sister. GET IT, JELLYFISH BRAINS?!"

Gourry cowered in front of Lina, and cried shamelessly. "Oh Lina, I'm so sorry! Please, forgive me. Will you, Lina?"

"Now that's more like it! I accept your apology, as long as you remember the next time you forget, that Lina Inverse does not give second chances." She grinned evilly. "And now, on to Filia!" Lina marched away.

Gourry was still cowering, but when he looked up, Lina was gone. Gourry looked from side to side, then saw the sorceress in the distance. He ran as fast as he can after her, shouting, "Lina! Wait for me!"

"You see Filia, Lina and Gourry will be arriving very soon to ask you to come to Seyruun with them. I think you should accept the offer." Xellos and Filia were sitting at the kitchen table at Filia's shop/house, drinking tea.

Filia looked imperiously at Xellos. "And why should I, namagomi? The help is gone, and I will not leave Valterin home alone!"

"I know that, so why don't you take him along?"

Filia spit out her tea, and coughed for a minute. When she was done, the dragon gasped. "Are you joking? Bringing my baby boy out in the world, traveling with Lina Inverse? That's suicide! He'd be dead within a week!"

"Filia, Val needs some life experience. Lina won't be the only person there. He will be protected. Besides, he's tougher then you think." Filia looked like she was considering it, opened her mouth, when...

"Mom, can I really go?" Valterin (who was listening with the door of his bedroom cracked open,) rushed down the stairs. Filia replied sharply, "Absolutely not. You are far too young to go outside of home. We are going to stay in the shop and keep up the business as usual."

"But mom, Xellos is going!"

"Xellos is outside my jurisdiction. He can go if he wants." Xellos sort of slumped, and sweatdropped.

"Mom, please? Please, can I go? I promise to never get out of an adult's sight, and I'll never run off."

Filia weakened. "Wellllllll..."

Valterin raised his right hand. "Dragons honor."

Filia broke. "Alright Valterin, you can go. But the second you break the rules, you will be home so fast you'll wonder if you learned to teleport!"

Just that second a loud knocking was heard. Valterin, Filia, and Xellos turned to look at the door. A voice rang out, "Yoohoo, Filia?! It's me, Lina!"

"And Gourry!"

"Let us in!" Filia sighed and started to get up. Valterin, to stay in his mother's good graces, ran and answered the door before Filia did. The dragon priestess turned shopkeeper smiled at her son. Valterin opened the door... and promptly got knocked over by Lina and Gourry barging through the doorway.

"Hey Filia, got anything to eat?" Lina smiled with the happiness of finally arriving at Filia's house. Filia answered coldly, "No Lina, I do not. Now kindly, please leave."

Valterin looked at his mother, surprised, then glanced at Xellos. Xellos was grinning widely. Lina, of course, complained. "Come on Filia, we traveled all this way to see you. You could at least give us some food!"

"You could have at least told me you were coming. I am in no mood to buy out the market today. Go to a resteraunt."

Valterin grinned. "Mom's grumpy because she had to buy out the market last week. It still isn't full of supplies yet, and we're almost out of food."

"Lina, maybe we should go out to lunch," Gourry whispered in Lina's ear, but Lina shoved the swordsman away.

"Filia, I don't believe you. You'll give Xellos food, but not us!"

"Lina, Xellos told me in advance he was coming. We had this planned a week ago. Besides, I'm not giving Xellos food. We're having tea, and besides, I am not about to go bankrupt just because you come barging in the door," Filia said coldly.

Lina growled, but before she did anything, Gourry covered her mouth and smiled embarrassingly. "Sorry about this Filia."

"So, why are you two here? I told you to never come back, so it must be pretty important to risk my wrath."

"Mom said that the next time you came over, she was going to eat you," Val said helpfully. Lina bit Gourry's hand. He yelled and let go. Lina gave Gourry a disdainful look before turning to Filia.

"Filia, we got a letter from Zelgadis. He says something is wrong in Seyruun, and he wants us to come. Zelgadis also said to pass by your house on the way here. We'll need your dragon powers."



"You heard me I said no." Valterin looked like he is about to complain, but Xellos opened his eyes and winked at the young dragon. Val relaxed, realizing his mother has something up her sleeve.

Lina continued to plead. "Filia, please? We need you. I'm sure you can make arrangments..."

"Make arrangments? Lina, I am not about to leave Valterin here alone."

"He could come along..."


"Come on Filia, pleassssse?"


Lina yelled, "ALL RIGHT!"

"On one condition."

"What is it Filia?" Lina asked, still grinning.

"You pay for Valterin's food bill."

"Yeah, sure Filia."

Gourry whsipered in Lina's ear, "Are you sure that's a good idea Lina?"

"Sure. How much could a four year old eat?"

Lina watched with growing dismay as she observed Val devour all the food on the table. When Val finished, he sighed in contentment, and said, "More please, mom."

Lina turned to Filia (who is lugging a pot the size of the table in,) and whined, "Filia, that's not fair. You didn't tell me Val ate like a horse!"

Filia answered primly, "He does not eat like a horse. Valterin eats like a growing dragon who needs his vitamins."

Lina turned to Xellos. "Xellos, you put her up to this! Filia was never this deceitful before!"

Xellos sipped his tea, put the cup down, and got up. He bowed to Filia, and started to go out the door. Before the mazoku got to it, Lina grabbed his shirt collar and shoved her face into his. "Xellos damn it, answer me!"

Xellos smiled and said, "Lina, I did not put Filia up to this. I just told her in advance you were coming, so she would have an adequete plan ready."

Lina turned to Filia in horror. "You're telling me you had already agreed to this before we came?!"

Filia sipped her tea with her eyes closed. She put down the cup. "Yes Lina. Xellos put up quite a persuasive argument. He didn't even have to bribe me."

Lina gaped, and said, "Filia, this is unfair. You know I won't be able to afford Val's food bill combined with my own!"

"I'm sure you will do as you always do, and make Gourry pay for your food. You won't go broke."

Lina sighed, as she knew she has been defeated. Gourry stood there, oblivious to the fact that he has just been slighted. "Fine, fine. When do we leave?"

"Tomorrow, at dawn. There are some things we need to do. Come Valterin, we need to go pack."

Xellos smiled, and said cheerfully, "I'll help, Filia."

Filia smiled and said, "Thank you Xellos." Filia walked up the stairs with Val; Xellos right behind them.

Lina looked suspiciously at Xellos. "Okay Xellos, what's the catch?"

"No catch, Lina. I just want this journey to commence as early as possible."

Lina looked at Gourry. He shrugged. Then Lina realized something. "Wait Filia! Where's my lunch?" Lina ran up the stairs after the dragons and the demon.

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