Chapter 8: Demons of the North Pole; The Power of Song

Author's Notes

I decided to give Dynast a Zelgadis-type personality normally (just more powerful), but to have an Amelia-type personality when it comes to romance novels, as you've probably figured out. This chapter explains Dynast's underling hierarchy fairly thoroughly, and all the mazoku mentioned really exist, except for Nitara (not to mention I don't know Duofolger's past, so I made that up, and I also don't know what Grau and Grou look like, so I guessed). This chapter is really a filler, but I found the concept amusing, and Amelia's power over mazoku is quite funny, though exaggerated.

"Lord Grausheela, you can't leave!"

"Think of the damage the Beastlord could cause!"

"What if Deep Sea goes on another rampage?!" The destined ones (plus Sylfiel) looked on in amazement at the thousands of mazoku groveling at Dynast's feet. Two mazoku (who appeared to be higher in the hierarchy) were just kneeling, and two others were actually arguing at Dynast. One of them was a young girl with blue hair and a sword, the other a scarlet-headed man with priestly robes and a wooden staff. The girl was yelling, but the man appeared to be only calmly rationalizing with the dark lord.

Dynast held up a hand after about five minutes of this. Instantly, all the mazoku fell silent. He spoke, "Everyone except Sheela, Grau, Grou, and Nitara, leave." The thousands of mazoku vanished instantly, with only the kneeling and standing mazoku remaining. "There is no room for argument. I'm leaving this world, and it'll be a nice vacation anyway, as well as a business trip. Don't worry about Dolphin. She hasn't left the Demon Ocean in over one hundred years, and has only a couple minions left anyway. Zelas can't do much without her general-priest, and the Lord of Nightmares will interfere even if she gets any ideas. This is at Her request. Grau," and Dynast turned to the red-headed mazoku who was his priest, "you're in charge." Sheela, Dynast's general, opened her mouth to complain, but Dynast silenced her with a look. Her mouth closed as his cold blue eyes met hers. "I don't doubt your abilities, Sheela, but I know you are as likely to start a war as to prevent one." To the Slayers' surprise, he then looked at Sheela's sword. "Duofolger, I'm leaving you responsible for her."

"That's nothing new." Most of the humans jumped as a voice entered their minds.

Amelia whispered to Lina, "Miss Lina, did the sword just talk?"

Luna overheard the princess' whispers. "That's not a sword. That's the imprisoned demon Duofolger, who used to be Lord Dynast's general, before he disobeyed a direct order to kill a clan of golden dragons, who had come to live in the far north. Duofolger felt they were not a threat, for most of them were children, so he didn't destroy them."

"How kind and wise of him!" Amelia just had to put her two bits in.

Luna shook her head. "Hardly. Soon after, the golden dragons obliterated a group of Lord Dynast's mazoku on a scouting mission. He found out about Duofolger's disobediance, but instead of killing him, Lord Dynast turned his former general into a sword, and entrusted Duofolger with watching over his replacement, Sheela, who was a girl Dynast had found freezing to death the year before. If Sheela should ever disobey, or die, Duofolger will be held responsible. Luckily, Duofolger and Sheela are friends, so Sheela has never do anything stupid; she doesn't want to get her partner in trouble."

While Luna was explaining Duofolger's past, Dynast was giving instructions to the two remaining mazoku, a thirtish blond man, and a black haired young girl; Grou and Nitara. "Hold the fort. You'll be the delivery and scouts while I'm on business, so get familiar with the terrain. I don't want any mistakes. Don't tolerate insubordination by anyone thinking they can get control while I'm gone. The first one who tries to desert, make an example of. Anyone else, just kill them."

"What exactly do you want us to do with the first one, Lord Grausheela?"

"Be creative." Nitara and Grou were obviously stumped.

Dynast sighed, but Xellos grinned. "Dynast, it's obvious you didn't look for imagination on your scouting trips."

"Shut up, Zelas spawn."

"Mister Grausheela, I know exactly what your assistants could do!" Dynast looked down at the princess, who for reasons unknown to him, was holding a microphone. "What do you know about torturing mazoku?"

"Well, we've been traveling with Mister Xellos for a while..."

Dynast sighed. "I can't believe I'm taking advice from the princess of Seyruun... all right, go ahead."

"No! Don't let her do it!" shrieked Xellos, who knew what fate (and Amelia) was planning. Unfortunately (for the mazoku), it was too late.


Most of the mazoku, (Xellos, Grou, Sheela, Grau, and Nitara) were writhing on the ground in pain.

Dynast was down on one knee, breaths coming short gasps, sweating pouring out of him. Phibrizo and Gaav, who had little control as yet over their powers, were screaming "MAKE IT STOP, MAKE IT STOP!" and crying in pain. Duofolger, (who was mazoku, though in sword form) since he had no face, was turning green, and his steel blade was starting to corrode. Zelgadis (who was one-third mazoku) looked faintly nauseous, and Auros (who was half mazoku; you can tell by his eyes) ran to some bushes and threw up.

Lina cleared her throat. "Um Amelia..." the princess continued to sing, "Amelia..." still she continued. Lina took a deep breath... "HEY AMELIA, CAN IT!"

The princess stopped. "What's wrong, Miss Lina?" The sorceress gestured to the mazoku. Amelia looked a little ashamed. "Oh Miss Lina, I never meant..."

Dynast stood up first. He pointed to Amelia. "For the safety of all mazoku, I must either kill you, or do something equally drastic."

Amelia said in a trembling voice, "But I was just trying to help..."

"That torture would kill the captors as well as the prisoner. Besides, treason isn't that bad of a crime." All the mazoku who had managed to stand up nodded.

Gaav and Phibrizo were still crying. Sylfiel rushed over to them. Notice her motherly instinct in about one hundred times more acute than Filia's, though Sylfiel as yet had not had kids. "Dears, what's wrong?"

Gaav managed to get out, "Miss Sylfiel, it was so horrible... what atrocity have we committed that warrants such pain? I would rather die a thousand deaths then ever hear those sounds again..."

"Hey!" protested Amelia, "My singing isn't that bad!" Auros, who had run out of food to regurgitate, was having the dry heaves.

Rezo patted his brother on the back. "Look at the bright side Auros. At least you don't have her as a partner."

At that, Phibrizo started to cry again. "I'm going to die of happiness before this trip is over if I'm paired with her! Let the Tri Anzi come! I'd prefer it!"

Valteirra protested, "But you can't back out."

"If I can't quit, then I'm trading partners with someone!"

Lina shrugged. "Sorry Phibster, but I'll tell you what I told Amelia; no one but the Lord of Nightmares has control over the pairings."

A thought then occurred to the sorceress, and she burst out laughing. All the mazoku (hybrid and pure) glared at her. Even Xellos sounded crabby. "There's nothing funny about this, Lina."

The sorceress continued to laugh hysterically, but managed to gasp out, "Of course this is funny! A princess who has barely any offensive magic whatsoever just managed to defeat some of the most powerful demons in the world, all because of a stupid ditty that she and her dad made up when she was five! I could sell this information and make millions..."

Sheela pulled Duofolger out of his shealth and pointed him at Lina. "If you do that, I'll kill you instead of the justice freak."

"And I'll help."

"Why even bother Lina? It's already fairly well known; people are just too scared to sing when they're about to be ripped apart by demons," Zelgadis pointed out.

Lina sighed. "Fine, I won't sell the information. But only because it wouldn't make a profit," she told Sheela. "Not because you're waving a sword in my face."

"My name is Duofolger, not 'a sword.'"

"I didn't know swords could be so crabby."

"I didn't know that the Dragon Spooker was a bitch." Lina grabbed Duofolger from Sheela and attempted to throttle the sword, soon finding out it had the same effect as hitting Zelgadis on the head; it hurts like hell, and the intended recipient of the pain is left chortling.

"Miss Lina, please hold still!" The sorceress quieted her grumbling, but still glared at the mazoku, who had laughed uproariously at her expense. Lina had been prepared to Dragon Slave them all, even the ones who didn't laugh (namely Dynast, Auros, and Zelgadis). That is, she had been prepared until Gourry pointed out they were only getting back at her for the jokes about song rights. This justified them in Lina's eyes... though just barely. Sylfiel in the meantime, was doing her best to stop the sorceress long enough to cast a Recovery on her self-inflicted sword wounds.

Zelgadis throughout the healing was stating Lina's mistakes. "You insulted several powerful mazoku, you laughed at a dark lord's expense, and you're angry about them laughing at you for grabbing the business end of a sword. Lina, you're positively hopeless."

"Well, it's the sword's fault. He shouldn't be such a snot, and sharp to boot. Old guys aren't supposed to be sharp!"

"I resent that remark. I'm not a year over one-thousand three hundred and sixty-seven."

Dynast sighed. "I'm not quite sure Auros got the idiot of the group as his partner."

Gourry, yet again, insulted himself. "Don't be so sure about that. Lina's impulsive, but she's really smart. Even if she was dumb, I wouldn't insult her where she could hear it. Giga Slaves know not their wielders strength."

Grausheela glanced at the swordsman. "As I said, I'm not sure Auros got the idiot of the group as his partner. Some idiots are only stupid when they reveal their true intelligence."

Gourry scratched his head. "I don't really understand what you're talking about, but I would appreciate it if you don't insult Lina again."

Dynast shook his head pityingly. "You are a fool, my friend, but only in regard to a certain scarlet-haired sorceress." Gourry shrugged. At that, a ghost of a smile touched the dark lord's lips. "Methinks I have found a mind as devious as my youngest sibling." He glanced at Gaav and Phibrizo, and sighed. "Youngest sister, anyway."

"Just how many siblings do you have?" asked Gourry, clearly puzzled (but do we really know what Gourry thinks?)

Dynast shrugged. "Four, but that's a technicality. Personally, I would sooner see them dead then go to one of their birthday parties."

Gourry nodded. "Sibling rivalries are harsh."

Dynast sighed. "If I didn't suspect this was all an act, that might have convinced me of your ignorance. As it stands, either you're a bloody genius who hides behind a veil of stupidity, or an ignorant fool whose occasional insights are just dumb luck. I'm not going to assume either one..." Grausheela paused in his revelry to glance at Gourry, who was asleep. The dark lord shrugged; he had actually expected it.

While packing for their trips at the inn, Filia lectured Val in the way mothers do when their worried about their children. "Valteirra, I don't want you to be a burden on Miss Luna when you're traveling with her."

"I won't mom."

"I want you to promise me." By then, Val was well versed in the ancient language of Mom. 'I want you to promise me,' loosely translates as 'Be careful, oh I wish I could come with you.'

Valteirra said the standard response. "I promise." (In the language of Kid, that means 'Stop worrying. I'm not going to be jumping off cliffs or anything.')

Filia nodded, but her eyes suddenly brimmed with tears. She hugged Val. "Remember, I'll always love you." Valteirra hugged her back, though he wished nothing more than to be leaving already. Luna said she would leave without him if he decided to be late.

In the Cephied temple...

Auros and Rezo looked at each other, fidgeting nervously. "Well," Rezo finally said, "I guess I'll see you."

Auros grinned. "In a couple of months at the latest." They laughed, synchronized in the creepy way twins are. Rezo and Auros shouldered their bags, and walked away, to their respective meeting places and partners; Rezo was going to the fields, where he was to meet up with Zelgadis, and Auros departed to the Ashi-ashi Steak House, for he was joining Gourry for lunch.

In the next room over, Gaav and Aqua were getting impatient. Gaav finally lost it. "Where is he?!"

"Relax, bro. I would guess Phibby's already left, getting dragged off by that princess. She seemed to be in an awful hurry."

"He could have at least sent a note."

Aqua snorted. "Would you have?"


"Well, you're absentminded, so there's really no comparison."

"Thanks a lot." On impulse, Aqua threw her arms around her brother. She let go before he could reciprocate. "See you, Demon Dragon King!"

"Goodbye, Water Dragon King." And Gaav waved a farewell as his sister rushed out the door.

At Wolfpack Island...

"So," and Zelas looked down at her general-priest, standing before her, "you're going to a no magic zone."

"Yes mistress."

"You realize that not only will you're powers be stripped from you, but I won't be able to contact you."

"I realize the danger. And I'm prepared to take that chance."

Zelas snorted. "If I didn't want you to go, you wouldn't be going." Xellos nodded. Beastlord sighed. "Oh well, only the universe is at stake. But I suppose a vacation is due. It has been a while."

"Five hundred and twenty-three years. If I were a human, you'd owe me about ten years of vacation."

"I'll give you six months."

"Done." Zelas looked at her watch. "You'd better get going. Your break started ten minutes ago."

Xellos bowed low. "See you soon, mistress." And the trickster priest left, in his usual way. No, not the door.

Amelia complained as she helped Lina pack. "Somehow, Hellmaster's is going to corrupt me, or kill me or something. I just know he's..."

"Amelia, shut up. You're scared of a four year old. Even if he does retain his memories, Phibrizo deserves the benefit of a doubt."

"I guess..."

"Miss Amelia! I'm ready to go!" The princess looked out her window to see the topic of their discussion waving cheerily up at her. She yelled back, "I'll be down in a minute!"

Lina grinned. "See? What kind of dark lord would act so happy?"

"Miss Lina, Phibrizo acted this way when he was trying to deceive us when we first met him."

"I didn't know you could be so pessimistic, Amelia."

"It's just hard to trust an evil being..."

"Hello! I'm only about fifteen feet from you, I can hear every word you say!" Phibrizo sounded vaguely irritated. Lina laughed while Amelia turned an interesting shade of pink.

"Seeing Rezo again, Gourry, it made me angry and happy at the same time."

"How is that possible Zel?"

"I still hate him, but he represented a possible cure. Now I find out it's another dead end. Why did he have to come back?" Zelgadis said bitterly.

"And now instead of hating him for turning you into a chimaera, you're going to hate him for not knowing how to turn you back to human. Zelgadis, you're just looking for a reason to keep on hating. Let it go."

The chimaera glared at Gourry, into his deep, sober eyes, before turning away. "Rezo's evil, no matter what form he takes."

"Zelgadis, let it go. Hatred isn't the only reason to keep on living."

"What do you know?" muttered Zelgadis, throwing more stuff into his bag.

"Zel, everyone knows about you and Amelia. If you want to marry her, there can't be something else more important to you than her. Your obsessions will just get in your way. They can serve a purpose, but they're becoming your life."

The shamanist looked at the swordsman. "You're serious aren't you..."

"Life with only negative emotions, that's not a life at all. You aren't a mazoku... well, not all of you anyway. Do you want to live, or merely exist? You can't revel in your pain forever. Amelia will only wait so long, before she's lost to you. You have to make a choice, Zel." Gourry walked away, for he had a date with destiny... and a reservation at the Ashi-ashi Steak House.

Zelgadis looked out the window. Instead of seeing beauty and happiness, all he could perceive was dirty streets and noise. "I see life through a dark veil. Will light ever shine through?"

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