Slayers Top Ten List


They had all sorts of list for "Slayers" but I. Couldn't find any Top Ten list, so I got turned on my computer and wrote this. Brief warning - some of this stuff might not be very funny to some people. I tried to appeal to the masses but... Shrugs Sorry for the spelling on some stuff. And I should appologize for some of the items that might offend some fans.

I don't own 'Slayers'. That's all I gotta say.

TOP TEN Reasons Why You Should Watch "Slayers"

10. It's the coolest anime.

9. Gambling on who can eat the most food. Lina, Amelia or Gourry.

8. Very Bish looking anime girls.

7. Very Bish looking anime guys.

6. Sure bet that there'll be mass destruction in each episode.

5. Best seiyu actress playing Lina.

4. Two words: Dragu Slave! (Dragon for the dubbed fans.)

3. The guy seiyus. That silky voice of Zelgadiss... (Slips on own drool)

2. Where else can you get the best fanfiction material?

And the number one reason why you should watch "Slayers"?

1. It's not Sailor Moon.

TOP TEN Reasons Why Lina Hits (or should if she hasn't already) Gourry

10. He reacts before thinking.

9. To distract him to get the sword of light.

8. Survival of the fitest! Good food shouldn't have to be shared.

7. What else can she do when she has her period? She can't fireball him.

6. Stress reliever. Try it sometime.

5. Calling her 'kid' is a big tip off.

4. Amelia wasn't there that day.

3. Just for comic relief. (Bless it's heart ^_~)

2. Those cracks about her bust line. (Hey, wouldn't you hit him for that?)

And the number one reason why Lina hits Gourry?

1. Cause she wants to...

TOP TEN Major Pluses To The Dragu (Dragon) Slave Other Than Destroying Monsters

10. Scares the heck out of people when you recite the first line.

9. Your clothes comes out nice and crisp.

8. Dragu slave + Sword of Light = Instant five foot torch

7. I hear mass house building is a great way to meet neighbours.

6. Great substitute for a fireworks display.

5. Revenge is a dish best served with a big boom.

4. Never have to mow that darn lawn again.

3. Great to brag to your friends about.

2. Cook five whole cows (and anything else in the area) in four seconds. (Spell casting takes up a lot of energy, ya know. Gotta have some food.)

And the number one plus to the Dragu/Dragon Slave?

1. Instant bon fire for outdoor cookouts if failed to take out any local livestock.

TOP TEN Reasons Why Lina And Zel Should Be Together

10. Both are oh, so powerful.

9. Makes a kawaii looking couple.

8. Both are very intelligent.

7. They can trust each other. Relationships are based on trust, ne? Right? (Silence)

6. Currently, no fixed address so they can adventure together.

5. Just one question: Why not?

4. She's basically the only one that can make him smile. Runner up to hearing the words: "This could be the cure to your chimera-ness"

3. He keeps her in line.

2. Just think of the kawaii kids they'd have!

And the number one reason why Lina and Zel should be together?

1. Anything to get away from Amelia.

TOP TEN Things Amelia Does When She's Not Adventuring with Lina

10. Makes little Zelgadiss figureans.

9. Daydreams about Zelgadiss.

8. Learns forbidden magic.

7. Foil plans to take over Sailroon.

6. Daydreams some more about Zelgadiss.

5. Get sucked into other demention and has to fight off all sorts of nasty, unusual horrors. (More so than everyday ones)

4. Makes speaches. (Well they don't write themselves.)

3. Draws for a syndicate cartoon.

2. Moonlights as a Sailor Scout.

And the number one thing Amelia does when she not adventuring?

1. Plot to take over the world! Mwahahahahaha! (er... gomen ^_^')

TOP TEN Books Gourry Reads When Lina Isn't Looking

10. Where's Waldo?

9. The Goru Nova and You

8. How To Pass Off A Sword of Light As A Lightsaber

7. Five Hundred Insults To Call Your Friends

6. Five Hundred Ways to Heal Injuries When You Insult Your Friends

5. Swordsmen Are From Mars, Sorcereses Are From Venus

4. Memoirs Of A Geisha

3. Chicken Soup For The Swordsman's Soul

2. War and Peace

And the number one book that Gourry Reads When Lina's not looking?

1. Clair Bible

TOP TEN Drawbacks/Roadbumps If Lina And Zel Get Together

10. They do realize that, until a cure is found, they're not the same species.

9. He's obsessed with finding a cure.

8. He has to wait for her to finish eating. Can he say: "More coffee please"?

7. I doubt that Gourry'll get what's going on and still follow Lina.

6. Lina's competitiveness is something to worry about.

5. One guy - Xelloss (he likes to make Zel's life a living hell anyway)

4. Lina is basically 'Prophecy Girl', ne?

3. Is it just me, or does a healthy dose of trouble follow them around?

2. One girl- Amelia. Up side, Sailroon'll have their very own moat.

And the number one Drawback/Roadbump if Lina and Zel become an item?

1. The rabid Zel fans that want him all to theirselves. Yeah, you know who you are. ^_^

TOP TEN Reasons Why Software Sculptures Is Considered Evil Or Just Dubbing In General...

*Note: Some of it came from the story line of "Slayers DUBBED" a very funny and insightfull (my op.) take on the dubbed versions of the "Slayers" series. My self, I sort of like the dubbed versions, they're not that bad. I have yet to see anymore new material to that particular story line from that particular author. PLEASE WRITE MORE!

10. The mouths move but where are the words?

9. Chop ped upse ntenc es .

8. Dragon Slave?

7. Which is it?! Gabriev or Gabriel?

6. Next on Fox - When Translations Go Awry

5. Mazuko to 'monsters'? Now how are you gonna tell the difference?

4. Just stick to one voice for Zelgadiss!

3. (In my opinion) The words to the Dragon Slave doesn't have much dramatic effect.

2. Nani?! Xelloss is the... Mysterious Priest?!

And the number one reason why SS and/or dubbing is evil?

1. The two month wait to actually get new episodes in english, 'cause you can't get the originals.

TOP TEN Similarities Between Ranma Soatome And Lina Inverse

10. Red hair.

9. Height.

8. On the road a lot.

7. Someone is always trying to kill them.

6. Trouble follows them. Wackiness ensues.

5. Knows someone with short black hair. (Amelia and Akane)

4. Knows someone that begin their first name with 'A'. (Amelia and Akane)

3. Travels with people that have a first name that begin with 'G'. (Gourry and Genma)

2. They and their travelling companions eat like there's no tomorrow. (Which is also a similar case, I might add. There might be no tomorrow with that dang Darkstar and Saphron)

And the number one similarity between Soatome and Inverse?

1. Both are in very popular anime series with their fair share of web pages and character shrines.

TOP TEN Books Lina Read When She Isn't Fighting Mazuko, Or Stopping The World From Ending, Or Looking For The Clair Bible, Or Angring Towns People With A Dragu Slave To Their Town, Or - WHAM!

(Somewhere that's not here)- GET TO THE POINT ALREADY

10. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (she shudderes at the mention of 'Luna')

9. War and Peace (everyone has to someday)

8. Romeo and Juliet

7. The Secret To Secret Keeping (By Xelloss Metallium)

6. How To Steal the Sword of Light (Very popular. No.1 on the best sellers list for weeks now)

5. Chicken Soup For The Sorcereses Soul

4. Princess Bride

3. How To Deal With Travelling With A Less Then Brain Gifted Swordsman, A Grumpy Chimera, And A Sugar-High Princess

2. The Art Of Stealing Food From Under Their Noses (By G. Soatome)

And the number one book that Lina reads when she isn't etc. etc. etc.

1. The Secret Art Of Begging For Forgiveness To A Knight Of Ceiphied (By Luna Inverse)

Author's Notes

Gomen! Gomen! Gomen! To the readers if they become offended by some of the material.