In The Case Of Gourry Gabriev ...

The friendly swordsman, forever enigma.
Seemingly suffering from stupidity stigma,
Yet so hard to tell if he's telling the truth,
A drop-on-head childhood or actor's youth?

He has no concentration, so can't be a mage,
Has no dedication, so can't be a page.
Won't stay in one place to become a knight,
But always is willing to have the fair fight.

Yet I still wonder if he'll all that he is,
Whether deep down inside there is something that's HIS,
That looks at the world with wit in it's eyes,
Witnesses lows and worships the highs.

He cannot just walk by, cannot never see,
That there's always a price, always a fee,
For anything that happens within this world,
There will always be hardships, in which we'll be hurled.

Yet he DOES just walk by, DOES never see,
Surely some part of him inside must be
Ranting and raving against man's sluggish pace,
As he puts on a smiles and a cheery face.

If I could go anywhere, just for a while,
I'd have to go deep, under the guile,
And find out just what is his souls' true shape,
If it is free, if it wears a cape.

Ne, Gourry, are you really so clever,
That you've managed to find the mazuko's true lever?
Curiosity attracts me still, like a cat,
And like a cat, I promise to find out when I come back...

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