Part 1: The Swamp Demon

This is...
a story when the World...
cannot escape turbulence...

In a forest, full of withering trees, and crows flapping around, a boy was stuck in the middle of the swamp.

"I should have listened to big sister. I would've been fed by now," the boy sobbed, "I'm so hungry..."

In a distance, the boy heard noises, he shook.

"I-is that a person? O-or a fish..?" he said, tearing.

A hooded person walked on the swamp towards the boy. The person kneeled down to look at the boy's face.

"Did a fish drag you down here?" a feminine voice asked.

"Big sister! Big sister!" the boy cried out to a young blonde girl.

"Fron! Fron, where have you been?!" the young girl asked.

"Big sister!" the boy cried out again and hugged the girl.

"You have mud all over you! You've been to the swamps again, haven't you?! I've told you before that swamp is full of demons!" the girl scowled.

The person took off the hood, revealing a small young red-head with ruby eyes.

Ruby-red eyes, how beautiful, the young girl thought, blushing.

"This is my big sister, Nora," Fron told the red-head.

She smiled and nodded.

"She saved my life, big sister!" Fron exclaimed and turned to the red-head. "Nice lady, you're going to stay the night, aren't you? It's getting dark. There's a lot demons at night!"

"No, thank you, it's ok," the red-head said, smiling.

"Um...if you don't mind, please stay," Nora said, her face slightly pink.

"Please? My sister makes very good stew!" Fron said.

"Doesn't taste good?" Fron asked.

"It tastes great," the red-head said, smiling.

"You don't have to force yourself to eat it," Nora said, "Stew that has only vegetables, you probably don't like it."

"Hmm...we should go get some fish," Fron said to no one in particular.

"No! Fron, I've already told you that there are demons in the swamps! Don't you remember that mother and father died there!" Nora scowled.

"A swamp that has demons?" the red-head said, "I've just passed that swamp. What kind of demon is it?"

"You've just passed the swamp?" Nora said, startled.

The red-head nodded. "Yes."

"This nice lady can walk on the swamp without getting sucked in!" Fron exclaimed.

A sorceress? Nora thought.

"As gratitude for this nice meal, I'll hunt some rabbits for you tomorrow," the red-head said.

"Really?!" Fron exclaimed.

The rabbit ran happily across the meadow, but it never knew that at that second, it was to die by an arrow.

"Wow! You've got good aiming, nice lady!" Fron said, happily.

One after another, rabbits were shot dead by an arrow. Five rabbits in total.

"You're really cool, nice lady!" Fron said, suddenly.


"You've got ruby-red eyes and flaming red hair! We rarely see that! It's really...what do the adults say? Oh yea! Attractive!" Fron said, smiling happily. "It's really attractive!"

The red-head shivered. "C-could you not say that?"

"Why not?" Fron asked.

" makes me think of a person I don't really like," she answered.


Both of them never noticed two men spying on them behind the bushes.


"Yes?" Nora turned to find the villagers surrounding her. "Head villager...what is it?"

"We heard there's a demon living in your house," they said.


"That girl, with red eyes like the demons, and red hair like hell's flames," they said.

"'s..." Nora didn't get a chance to finish her sentence.

"Besides, no one can come out alive from the swamps. Nora, that demon tricked you," they said.

"No, there's a mistake, she's a sorceress," Nora said.

"A sorceress?" they said, stunned.

"There cannot be two socerers in one village, Nora," a voice chipped in. Everyone turned to face a short balding man, supported by his wooden staff.

"Seer Senoba..."

"What kind of technique did she use?" he asked.

"Um..." Nora didn't know.

"I see," Senoba said, "this girl has been charmed by that demon sorceress." Gasps went around the crowd, Nora's included.

The red-head heard a rustle nearby and stood up.

"Fron, stay behind me," she said, Fron obeyed. "Who's there? Come out!"

"Die Demon!" a male villager rushed the red-head with a sword. The sword broke as it contacted with a barrier. The villager gasped in shock.

"Why did you do that?" the girl asked.

"Ho, ho, ho, you seem to have more aura that of a demon rather than a human, girl," Senoba said, coming up from behind.

"Please watch what you are saying, old man," the red-head said. "My name is Lina and I'm a sorceress from the *Inner Lands."

"A sorceress from the inner lands!" the villagers exclaimed.

"Ho, ho, then please show us some powers that you possess. You are capable of **summoning a low level demon, are you not?"

" the moment, my powers are limited. I cannot summon anything," Lina said.

"You see, everyone? A sorceress incapable of summoning a demon, how can she be called a sorceress?" Senoba smirked at Lina.

"Lina..." Fron said.

Lina placed a hand on her waist and returned the smirk, with a hint of what she is capable of. Senoba gasped.

Senoba rushed towards the swamp, fell to his knees, his whole body shaking.

"Scary..." he said to himself. " powerful...if she were to use it, the villagers would throw me out!"

"Here, this bow and arrow will hit any target," Lina gave the bow and arrow to Fron. "Until you've grown up, the spell will not disappear."

"Wow! Thanks, Lina!" Fron said, handling the bow and arrow fondly.

Lina smiled at the boy.

The dark water from the swamp rose in front of Senoba. Something rose out from the dark water, it seemed to be some kind of dark monster.

"You are really of no use," a voice said, a figure stood beside the monster.


The monster, the snake-like monster, barred its fangs and crushed every bone in Senoba's body.

The figure, a male demon, with yellow hair and green eyes, licked its lips. "A sorceress? Heh, heh, sounds tasty."


Nora turned to find Seer Senoba. "Yes?"

Nora walked into the house, her head hung low.

"Nora?" Fron said.

Nora kneeled down in front of Fron and hugged Fron.

"What's wrong?" Lina asked.

Sobbing, Nora said, "Seer Senoba...he said..I'm to be a sacrifice to the demons tomorrow night."

"What?" Lina gasped.

Lina burst into Seer Senoba's cottage, Nora in tow.

"Senoba! What is the meaning of -- "

"Oh, so you have come, little Sorceress," Senoba said.

A rope tied around Lina's neck before she could react.

"No-Nora!" The rope tightened around Lina's neck, her vision blurred, she fell on the floor.

Lina twitched awake. Her arms were tied with ropes, her face pressed against the floor. She raised her head to see Senoba standing over her, smirking.

"'re not Senoba, just a demon," Lina stated.

The body of Senoba blurred and the figure from the swamp took his place.

"You are correct, little Sorceress," the demon said, he chuckled. "'Just a demon' you say? You should know that I am not on the same level as the lowly demons that likes human." The snake-like demon wrapped itself around Lina's body, raising her to a standing position.

Lina glared daggers at the male demon.

"Oh my, such a cold glare, is that a gift?" the demon asked. A sword appeared in his hands, he placed it at Lina's neck. "But I must say, you've got a beautiful face, such red eyes, very unusual. Perhaps before I kill you..."

He nicked Lina's cheek with his sword, blood slid from the wound. "I shall take those eyes and the power you possess."

The demon raised his sword to Lina's chest. "Including your body, your soul."

"Where's Nora? What did you do to her?" Lina demanded.

Startled by this, the demon hmph'ed. "She's still alive, perhaps, somewhere in my pet snake." He then raised the sword, ready to thrust it through Lina's body.

"Dios!!" Lina shouted.

A male figure appeared in front of Lina and stopped the sword from striking Lina.

He glanced at Lina and said, "Must you be in a death trap before you can think of me?"

Lina sighed. "If at all possible, I wouldn't have thought of you at all."

Dios attacked the demon with his powers.

Before the flames can engulf all of its body, the demon thought, Dios? How did he -- how can he be with a human?! And then it turned to ashes.

"An attendant of Cecil?" Dios wondered.

"Cecil?" Lina repeated.

"One of the Great Demons," Dios said. He wrapped his arms around Lina.

"Here, stay still, I'll untie it for you."

He noticed the wound on Lina's face, he cupped her chin. "Your face..."

"Your stupid suppression spell is strong, Dios," Lina said.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" Dios asked.

"Don't play innocent! You put a suppression spell on my magic!" Lina answered.

"When was that?" Dios asked.

"When we first met, that's when!" Lina shouted. "Take it off me!!"

"Oh, sure, I'll take it off you!" Dios said, happily grabbing Lina's shirt.

"You bastard! I don't mean that!!" Lina shouted. "Get your hands off me!!"

Nora woke up to see her little brother's worried face.

"Big sister! You're awake!!" Fron exclaimed.

"Fron, what happened?" Nora asked.

From a distance away from Nora's cottage, Lina stood smiling. She turned and walked off. Dios was standing in the direction she was going.

"You're still here?" Lina asked, annoyed.

"Well, it's not often you summon me," Dios said, smirking.

"This is exactly why I don't summon you," Lina said.

"Lina," Dios said and pulled her close to him, face inches away. " the spell making you moody?"

"Leggo of me!" Lina said and pushed away from him.

"Lina, that isn't one of my spells," Dios said, seriously.

"What?" Lina said, startled.

"Maybe, when you and your comrades were summoning me, something we don't know, happened," Dios said.

Lina thought for a moment. "...really...?"


*Inner Lands = this is a made up name that I say when I refer to the lands where Phibrizo had put the barrier before Lina killed him, where Lina was originally from.

**Summoning Demons = in this story, the outside lands can summon demons to attack rather than use magic of their own. [demons has ranks too, I'm not sure if I'll ever mention it but it's like the Mazokus--ya know, like there's Beast Master Xelas and Xelloss falls below her, etc. etc.]

When I say DEMONS I don't mean MAZOKU. If and when I mention a Mazoku like Xelloss, I'll say Mazoku and not demon. If they mean the same thing, well, think of them as names for different races or something like that, sorry.

In case people wanna know, I'm not one of those usual Zel/Lina, Gourry/Lina, Xellos/Lina, etc. fans. Weird enough, I like Lina/another male character fics, sorry. -_-; [no, the reason is not becuz I'm a guy that wants Lina to be my girlfriend or something like that. I'mma gal and just have an obsession of putting Lina into any story/comics/fairy tale that I read]

Oh yea, one other thing, this story that I'm doing isn't of my own creation. The plot and the characters other than Slayers characters, I got it reading a comic but I don't even know who the author is. The original story is sorta homo-ish [in other words, place Lina in this story with a male character and there's the original story] ^-^;

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