Chapter Three: The Great Demon Escape

Xellos: Hello, welcome to the third installment of the Chaos Saga. Third one this month. We're on a roll.

Zelgadis: What ever happened to working on your real stories?

Kalis: Later, this is much more fun.

Kieran: Hello all, what's going on.

Kalis: (threatening) Kieran. Get back here!! I know it was your idea to tie me up before.

Kieran: I swear, it wasn't meeee!!!!!

Zachary: What's up with those two?

Zelgadis: She still hasn't forgiven him for tieing her up the other day.

Zachary: Oh boy, I better get going now.

Kieran: Ow ow ow, it wasn't me. It was all Zach's idea.

[Kalis stops pummeling Kieran and looks over in Zachary's direction. Just in time to see him slowly trying to slink away.]

Kalis: Zachary!!!

[Zachary takes off into a full run and Kalis quickly tackles him to the ground. Meanwhile, Xellos walks over and opens the Closet O' Bishounen.]

Inuyasha: Hey, thanks for getting me out. Is that crazy chick around?

Xellos: She's busy right now.

Inuyasha: Great! Now's my chance to get out of here.

[Inuyasha teleports away from the crazy place (an ability possessed by all demons on the Realm of Chaos).]

Kalis: Wait a minute. Something doesn't feel right.

[She rushes over to her closet and checks inside.]

Kalis: Where's Inuyasha? It took me weeks to catch that guy. (suspiciously) Xellos?

Xellos: Yes Anata?

Kalis: You wouldn't happen to know what happened to my Inuyasha, would you?

Xellos: I don't think I quite understand what you're asking.

Zelgadis: I believe she's talking about that dog demon that you just let out of her closet.

Kalis: He came out of the closet?! Wow, I never knew he was that way.

Xellos: Yeah, he definitely is that way.

Kalis: Hey, quit divulging my bishounen of their innocence. That's my job.

Zelgadis: You're not upset that he let one of your bish get away?

Celes: Kalis, can I borrow Marron again?

Kalis: Sure, just don't let any of the demons out. They escape way too easily. Well, come on Xellos.

Xellos: Where to?

Kalis: We must go and rescue my poor Inuyasha from the terrible reality of the world. I don't understand why he would've left. I give my boys everything they could possibly ask for.

Zelgadis: Except...

[Many muffled cries of "Freedom!" are heard on the other side of the closet door. However these cries went unheard, for Kalis had already left.]

::And now another message from ... the voices in my head. Voice: Are you tired? Do you feel the exhaustion of the long days? Do you wish there was some way to get a quick 'pep me up'? Wish no longer, try Sugar, the miracle hyper drug. Remember, Sugar for all your bouncing off the walls needs.::

Xellos: Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, ....

Kalis: Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, ....

Xellos: ...bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, ...

Kalis: ...bouncy, bouncy, bouncy,...

[A pair of unlucky travelers come across the Insane Ones.]

Lina: Hey, what are you guys doing?

Xellos: ..bouncy, bouncy, bouncy,...

Gourry: Lina, do we know these people? They look kinda familiar.

Kalis: ...bouncy, bouncy, bouncy,...

Lina: No Gourry, we don't know them at all. Let's just carefully walk around them, and maybe they won't notice us.

Kalis: (sniffles) That hurt Lina. That really hurt. Waaaahhhh!!!

Xellos: Yeah Lina-san, that wasn't very nice. I thought we were all friends.

Gourry: Wait a minute. I do know you guys. Lina, I really think we do know these people.

Lina: Damn. So, what are you guys around here for?

Kalis: Xellos let one of my friends run away and now I'm going to go look for him.

Lina: One of her bishounen escaped?

Xellos: Yep.

Lina: Was it Zelgadis?

Xellos: Nope. She keeps too close attention to him. He's never going to get away.

Kalis: You guys act like I'm some sort of prison warden or something.

Lina: Well, have fun. If you ever decide to let Zelgadis out of his cage, let me know.

Kalis: What a nice kid.

[Meanwhile, nearby..]

Amelia: A demon! Beware evildoer, for I have a righteous heart and I will not allow you to wander free unless you repent your evil ways.

Inuyasha: Listen kid, I just want some help to get away from the crazy chick.

Amelia: There's a crazy chicken after you?

Inuyasha: No, I'm talking about this crazy girl who --

Amelia: How dare your refer to a woman by such a shovanistic term. How would you like it if people referred to you with animal names?

Kalis: Here puppy! Here boy! Where are you Inuyasha?!

Inuyasha: Damn, the crazy chick is back. You gotta help me. Hide me, please?

Kalis: Hello Amelia, have you seen my little lost puppy?

Amelia: I'm not sure, what does it look like?

Kalis: Well, he has long white hair, and the cutest widdle ears on top of his head.

Xellos: Here he is Kali-chan. He was hiding behind these bushes.

Inuyasha: Damn you Xellos. I thought you were going to help me.

Kalis: He is helping you. Being with me is much better than being stuck with Amelia.

Amelia: What's that supposed to mean?

Kalis: Oh, nothing. Oops, sorry Amelia, it slipped. ^_^

[She is referring to the small knife that embedded itself into Amelia's chest.]

Xellos: Oh my god! You killed Amelia!

Chibi Xellos: You bastard!

Kalis: Come on Inuyasha. Be a good little puppy and come home.

::This presentation was brought to you by Insomnia.::

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