Part One

In an ordinary small town, a group of weary travelers come seeking food and shelter. They come across a small inn/tavern and go inside. They approach the clerk and get set up to have rooms for the night. After dropping their things off in their rooms the four travelers descend down the stairs. The group sits down at a table and signal for the waitress to come over; she then goes into shock after taking their orders. The waitress hands the order to the chef and he peeks out at the table. Seeing the infamous Lina Inverse he orders all available staff to get to work on their order.

After only twenty minutes, Lina looked as though she's about to eat the table they are at. Two waitresses came out and started placeing plate after plate in front of our weary travelers. The waitresses then dash away before their hands were attacked along with the food.

The tavern is relatively empty except for a couple of mysterious cloaked figures in the corner. Zelgadis was watching them over his tea cup and hasn't moved from his position for the past five minutes.

"Oi, Zel, what's up?" Or at least that's what Zelgadis had interpreted being quite fluent in the language of 'Lina's Eating'.

"Oh, it's just those two people sitting over there, there's something ... mysterious about them. I don't know. Maybe I should go lay down for awhile." Zelgadis then rises to leave, and turns around face to smiling face with everyone's favorite Trickster Priest. Zelgadis instinctually smashes the mazoku's face into the ground.

"Arigatou." ^_^

"Fruitcake." The agitated chimera decided to stay downstairs on the off chance that Xellos would say anything useful. None were all that excited to see Xellos, because when he showed up there was bound to be trouble soon after.

"Aww, Zel-kun, I would think that you weren't glad to see me," said Xellos with mock dissapointment. "I just wanted to let you know where you can find your cure."

Zelgadis knew better than to get his hopes up, especially with Xellos involved, however, he couldn't hide a note of anxiousness in his voice. "Oh, and where would that be?" There was also a note of sarcasm.

"Sore wa himitsu desu."

As Zelgadis proceeds to beat Xellos into a purple pulp, the two people across the room stood up...

Meanwhile over at another table at the other end of the tavern the two people were having dinner and discussing their plans on how to take over the world! ... or just how to have some fun.

"Kalis, you have noticed that boy staring at us, ne?"

"Of course. You know, I think that's Lina Inverse over ther --" Just then a purple haired man phazed in right behind the chimera. "-- did you see that? This could get interesting."

Kalis and Kieran watched as the chimera and the purple-haired priest talked, then, "Sore wa himitsu desu," when the chimera started to beat the man into a puddle of purple ooze--

"Hey isn't that.. ?"

"It's Xellos!" -- they went to help the puddle of priest.

Lina notices the couple approaching the table and tries to tear Zelgadis away from Xellos.

"Excuse me, are you Lina Inverse? My name's Kalis and this is my friend Kieran. We couldn't help but overhear that you all were traveling to Seyroon. I was wondering if we could accompany you." Kalis notices the hesitant look in Lina's eyes and thinks fast. "Of course we can pay you for the escort. It's just that it can be dangerous for a couple of people to travel alone. You being a beautiful and talented sorceress (a little ego inflation couldn't hurt), surely wouldn't mind us tagging along."

Still not sure about the two new strangers, Lina decides to see how much she can get out of them. "Okay, 500 gold per day .. aaand .. you pay for all of my meals." That should change their minds.

"Sure, no problem. We'd be glad to pay for the entire party's meals and any other expenses." Hook, line, and sinker.

Lina's eyes grew as large as saucers, but she soon recovered. This is probably going to lead to trouble, but ... I can't turn down an offer like that! "Deal. We leave in the morning, if you aren't here by the end of breakfast, we'll leave ya behind."

"Sounds fair." And with that Kalis and her companion headed up to their room.

Gourry stares on with a confused look in his eyes. (surprising huh) "Uhm, Lina, what just happened?"

"Simple, we just got a couple of new traveling companions. From here to Seyroon, every room and meal is payed for .. not to mention the 500 gold a day."

Zelgadis who had been quiet through all of this so far finally decided to voice his worries. "Don't you think you jumped into that? We don't even know anything about them, or why they need an escort, or ... I have a bad feeling about those two."

"Don't you worry, Zel-kun, I'll protect you. It's getting late, you guys should go and get some rest ... tomorrow is going to be a long day."

"Xellos wait!" but it was too late and he had already phazed out. Why do I get the feeling that he knows something about all of this.

"I think Xellos knows something about our two new companions," said Zelgadis giving voice to Lina's thoughts. "I wonder what he meant about tomorrow."

"Don't worry Zel. Lina knows what she is doing. Right, Lina?"

"Xellos is right, we should probably be well rested for tomorrow. Who knows what will happen." On that note, everybody went upstairs to their rooms; each with their own worries about the next day.

Lina: I know what I'm doing. Why is everyone so worried. These people probably won't even be able to afford to travel with us for more than a day; so there's nothing to worry about ... right?

Zelgadis: I know that fruitcake knows something ... and he didn't even TELL ME ABOUT MY CURE!

Amelia: I hope this doesn't take much longer, I want to hurry and get home. But, until then,I'll do my best to help Zelgadis-san find his cure.

Gourry: I wonder what's for breakfast tomorrow.

On the roof of the inn, Xellos appears to find what he had been searching for. A few feet away a patiently waiting Kalis sits. "I thought I would find you here. It's been a while Kalis."

"Yeah, you know, that God-Sealing Field has been a bit of an obstacle; but now it's gone and here I am."

Xellos walks up to Kalis and kisses her possessively on the lips. "So, did you and Kieran ever get together."

"You know that Kieran and I are only friends. Besides, he's like a brother to me."

In his room Kieran sneezes. I was wondering how long it was going to take.

The next morning, Kieran goes up to the roof to find Kalis and Xellos sleeping in eachothers arms. He walks up to them and dumps a bucket of ice water on the two lovers.

Kalis shoots up, "Wha .. What was that for?! That was cold! And now I'm all wet."

Xellos, who somehow managed to sleep through all of this so far, gets smacked in the head. "Itai... that was mean. What was that for, I didn't do anything."

"Aww, Xel, you know I only hit you because you like it..."

"If you two are finished; Kalis, we should probably go down and meet the others for breakfast. Remember what Lina said."

"Yeah, yeah; I'm coming." She turns to Xellos and gives him a kiss; a long kiss. "See you later Xel." Xellos phazes away with a dazed look on his face. Exasperated, Kieran heads back down into the tavern. "Wait up bro," Kalis runs to catch up and follow her friend back to the rest of the group.

It was a usual breakfast for the Slayers gang; however Kieran and Kalis still haven't gotten used to it yet. Wishing to keep all of their limbs and clothing intact, the two opted to sit away from the others. After breakfast Kalis went and payed for the meal and then the whole group set off for Seyroon.

It was a fairly uneventful trek for most of the day. They only beat up one group of bandits and Lina had only fireballed Gourry three times. Yep, a pretty average day. The two new companions to the group pretty much stuck together in the back; and they didn't bother to help when there was any fighting.

That evening the group hadn't made it to the next town yet. They had found a nice clearing and were setting up camp. Lina was off to the side mumbling something about not getting a nice bed, and lots of food, and a warm bath, when somebody else was paying for it. Kalis remembered a stream close by and went to get some water to cool off the fiery tempered sorceress.

Kalis walks through the lush vegetation admiring the peacefulness (and the quiet) of the area. Glad to be away from The Fiery One, she reaches the stream and reaches down to splash some water on her face. I never knew that she was so whiny. But her temper is kinda fun. When she comes back up, she notices the reflection of somebody standing behind her. All of the sudden arms reach around her and pull up away from the water.

Not even looking behind her, she knew who it was. "Xellos, I don't have time to play around. If I'm gone too long, someone might come looking." Ignoring her protests, Xellos layed Kalis on the ground and the two started to fool around. Kalis wasn't trying much else to deter her friend other than the occasional, 'I have to get back'; it was almost as though her heart wasn't into stopping him. Oh well.

Back at the camp Zelgadis had noticed that Kalis hadn't come back yet. I know that the creek wasn't that far. Maybe I should go see what's keeping her. With that thought in his head, Zelgadis got up and went off into the woods in search of the missing Kalis. Lina had been keeping Kieran too busy to notice Zel leaving.

Zelgadis followed Kalis' trail through the woods. As he approached the bushes next to the stream he heard voices on the otherside. He immediately recognized the voices as belonging to Kalis and ... Xellos! He peeked through the brush to see what was going on, he saw Xellos with his hands on Kalis and she was asking him to stop. Zelgadis leapt out and attacked Xellos to protect Kalis.

The two next to the stream only saw a streak of blue as Xellos was ripped away and beaten by a ravenous chimera. The moment Kalis realized what was going on she tried to stop Zelgadis. "Wait! What are you doing?! He wasn't hurting me." After Zel actually payed attention to what the girl was yelling, he stopped his thrashing; stunned.

"Kali-chan, why do you always have to ruin my fun?" whined a very battered mazoku. Zelgadis was even more stunned by the: Kali-chan? After a few moments of akward silence, Zel began demanding some answers .. especially about the Kali-chan?

The first question that came to Zelgadis' mind was "What about that cure you mentioned yesterday? And what is this about Kali-chan?"

Xellos appeared next to Zelgadis not showing any sign of his earlier beating. "First you need to get the hikari no ken from Gourry ... and then .." Zel is very impatient by now. ".. you ... run it through yourself." Zelgadis went back to his stunned look from earlier and Kalis was busy trying to stifle her giggles. Xellos was just watching Zel with a mockingly innocent look on his face.

Kalis decided to explain, "Death cures all ailments!" She burst out laughing no longer able to hold it in. Trying to regain her composure, she then walks over to Xellos and shoves her elbow into his stomach. Shoulders still shaking with silent giggles, she moves to stand in front of Zelgadis. "As for your second question .. it's a bit of a long story."

After the three got back to the camp, Kalis began the story.

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