End Notes

Sad ending, huh? Well, lifes not always peaches and cream. I'll be nice though. If you don't like my ending you can read the Mega-Super-Happy Ending attached at the end of this.

This was my first attempt at a fanfic, even though I finished others before it. Please send questions or comments to me at angelofchaos69@yahoo.com. I want the feedback so I know whether or not the sequel to this story is worth trying. Also, if you have any ideas on a title, that would help out a lot. Pleeease talk to me. It's done, it's done, it's finally done!!

The Mega-Super-Happy Ending was inspired by my friend, Lord Dawgchain. Thanx. ^_~

Warning: The Mega-Super-Happy Ending contains adult content. Reader discretion is advised.

Mega-Super-Happy Ending

Meanwhile, Kalis continued attacking Lina over and over again. Lina was defending and dodging, but she would not retaliate. She didn't understand what was wrong with Kalis but she was sure it was a misunderstanding. She soon became too busy to worry any longer, it took all her concentration to dodge the little lights of Kalis' Raza Klouva. Just when Lina felt she was too exhausted to dodge any more, Xellos jumped in front of her and deflected the rest of the attack away.

The snowflakes of light land only a few feet away from a bush and all three notice the magic shield that deflects part of it. After a little bit of rustling in the bushes, Kieran comes out and stops the fight between Kalis and Lina.

"Can't we all just get along?" He then whips out a joint and lights up; as they pass the smoke around, the four become very happy. Nobody wants to fight anymore.

They all join hands into a small circle and start singing Kumbaya. Slowly the rest of the cast of Slayers starts walking out one by one and everybody starts laughing and carrying on. Kieran brings out the rest of his stash and passes everything along to the rest of the newcomers. And then (should I? ooh, tempting, tempting, tempting. oh what the hell) they all join into a hot and sweaty orgy.