Introduction to Darkness

Xellos cocked his head a bit, looking down at they young Mazoku, resting in a bed. He floated down, sitting gently on the edge of it, looking to the boy sleeping restlessly. (Hmm... Perhaps I should peer into your dreams and see just exactly what it is that troubles you...)

Xellos reached his hand out to place it on the young Mazoku's forehead, when it was suddenly grabbed at the wrist. Gasping and opening his eyes, he saw that it was the young Mazoku's grip that held him fast.

"You think that you can attack me while I sleep?" asked the Mazoku, opening his amber eyes and glaring into Xellos's amethyst ones.

Being completely surprised by this Mazoku's speed, and the strange shock that his touch sent running through his astral body, Xellos quickly regained his composure and smiled his same, indifferent smile, "What would make you think that? Perhaps I was just curious as to what was troubling your sleep..." he tilted his head, raising both eyebrows.

"You're certainly not one of Gaav-sama's servants... who are you...?" He sat up, looking his mysterious intruder over.

"Xellos Metallium, General Priest of the Great Beast Master-Sama..." Xellos opened one eye, "And your sworn enemy, at the moment."

"At the moment?"

"And your name is Val... Valgaav?"

The aqua haired Mazoku nodded after a moment of hesitation. (I've heard of this Xellos before... but this guy can't possibly be the great...)

"Looks can be deceiving..." said Xellos, cryptically as he wagged a finger.

It was then that Val realized his was still holding the Mazoku Priest's wrist, and quickly let go, "what do you want with me? I'm a servant to a traitor of your race... are you here to kill me?"

"Hardly!" Xellos chirped, cheerfully.

"Then why are you here?" Xellos took Val's chin in his hand, making him look to him, closely.

"Beast Master-sama is very interested in you..."

"And apparently so are you?" replied Val narrowing his eyes.

Xellos smirked, "Ah, sore wa himitsu desu..."

"Damn Mazoku..." Val tore his gaze from Xellos, standing up as he shifted off the bed.

"You have some terrifying nightmares... correct?" asked Xellos, completely off subject.

Val walked to the door and tried to turn the knob, only to have his hand go through it. His eyes widened a bit, then he glared back at Xellos, who was wagging his finger again, "Nope... can't have you leaving in the middle of a conversation, now can we?"

"Let me out..."

"Not until you and I become more acquainted with the other - "

"Let me OUT!" demanded Val, energy flaring about him.

Xellos could feel the waves of energy crash against him, but nothing that he couldn't handle... yet... He smiled, letting down his defenses, letting his own energy splash out against Valgaav.

The young Mazoku simply glared back at him, unafraid... and angry... Xellos liked it when people were angry with him, especially thse with a terrible temper... their's were so much more delightful. Valgaav must have realized this, biting his lip hard enough his fangs drew blood, he tried his best to curb his temper.

"Where am I? I'm obviously not in Gaav-sama's territory..." he asked, closing his eyes, speaking through clenched teeth. Suddenly he felt gloved fingers on his lips. Opening his eyes with a start, he saw Xellos nearly nose-to-nose with him.

He stumbled back a bit, only to be trapped against the wall and Xellos...

"You have no idea what you're up against, my dear Valgaav-kun..." said Xellos, opening his eyes slightly. He felt... was it fear...? No, it wasn't fear, perhaps apprehension, or hesitation from Valgaav...

"Where am I?" Val asked again, shutting his eyes, hoping he was just having a bad dream.

"All alone... with me..."

"What's that supposed to mean...?" Val thought for sure the reason why his heart was beating fast was out of anger... not fear... or...

"Ah, so you do fear me..." teased Xellos, placing a hand on Val's neck.

"Of course not... get off of me..." said Val, bringing his hands up to push Xellos's off.

Xellos smirked, "I'm very interested in you, for some strange reason, you know that...?" he felt Val's resistance stop, "You don't need to worry about me killing you, yet..." he lowered his voice, "I haven't been ordered to harm you..."

"Then exactly what were you ordered to do?" demanded Val, trying to sound as angry as he was a few moments ago... before he felt Xellos's soft hand on his neck.

"To find out as much as possible about you... to see if the rumors spread are true..."

"And that requires you to treat me like this...?" he opened his eyes to glare as best he could at the one so easily disarming him.

"Do you want me to stop...?" asked Xellos, almost predatory.

"..... Of course I do... what would make you think that I'm - "

"Enjoying this? You're now Mazoku... I know how you feel..."

"Stop toying with me, dammit..."

Xellos leaned forward brushing his lips against Val's, tasting the fresh blood that had formed "But it's so much fun..."

Val nearly gave in, but his Dragon pride brought his senses back to him right before Xellos's lips could take his own. Pushing him back with all the will power he could muster, he tried to teleport out with no success. Cursing quietly, he realized Xellos was standing up again.

Looking to him, he noticed he was smiling... differently this time...

"You're now Mazoku, so you'll feel things differently if I try to persuade you my way..."

Val only had a moment to ponder Xellos's words, before he was slammed in the stomach by an arm, grabbed around the throat by another, and pulled back against his attacker. Although it hurt a great deal to be attacked this way, a strange sensation of pleasure coursed through his body. This, in fact, confused the young Mazoku, for he hadn't felt these feelings before in such degree... only when he was training with Gaav-sama had he been subjected to pain...

But that pain hadn't caused this much... pleasure...

The wind had been knocked out of him. He tried to regain it quickly, only to have the arm on his neck tighten its grip, blocking his airway. He heard Xellos chuckling quietly behind him.

"There are a great many things about being a Mazoku that you have yet to know and understand..." said Xellos, his mouth against Val's ear, "Become one of Beast Master-Sama's servants, and she'll teach you all you need to know..."

"Like hell... I'm not betraying Gaav-sama..." he rasped, only to have the grip on his neck tighten to the point of breaking his neck. He cried out just a bit, preparing for the end to come, knowing this Mazoku could and would kill him on a moments notice...

But it never came...

They stood there for several moments, frozen. He felt Xellos... hesitate...?

Immediately after Val realized what Xellos was feeling, Xellos teleported away, dropping Val from his grasp. Falling to his knees, he coughed a few times, regaining his lost breath. He looked about and realized he was now back in Gaav-Sama's territory. Sighing a bit out of relief, he opened the door to inform Gaav of his recovery....

But not of his visitor...

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