My Confused Heart


I'm feeling things that I'm not supposed to
He is married
I am taken
Yet, the feelings grow more and more
Buried within my confused heart
Why do I feel like this?
I should be feeling these things for my lover
Not for the married man
Again, my mind tells me one thing
My heart another
Damnit! What to do?
Love being more confusing than history
My heart pounds harder everytime he walks near
I just want to hear him say "Aishiteru" in my ear
To hold me until forever
Yet, our binds to others
Forbid us to do so
What did I ever see in the jellyfish-for-brains anyway?
I thought that I loved him, but maybe I was wrong
The married man of my dreams
His handsome face haunts them all
Just one kiss will be all I need to last me a lifetime from him
Yet these are only dreams
I fear him in reality
Because he does things to my feelings
That no one has ever been able to do to them
When will I ever be free from the chains
Of my confused heart?


She is so lovely
While I'm so heavily married
To a woman whom I thought I loved
Maybe I did love her once
But for the other
I loved her always
Even while we were enemies
I had felt a strange attraction towards her
Needless to say that I was physically attracted to her
But I found her mind and spirit just as attractive
She kept me going
And at times, made me forget about what I was
She treated me normally
Never judged my appearance
She was the first to make me laugh
Ever since I was turned into a chimera
I want to tell her "Aishiteru"
My heart and mind arguing with another
On what the right thing to do is
But she is taken
By the blonde swordsman
Can I blame her?
He was her protector before I had ever met her in person
Yet I can't shake these feelings
Maybe I don't want to
My confused heart
Wishes to be cured of its torment