A Night To Remember

Lina and Zelgadis walked back to the inn hand in hand only to be greeted by a loud shriek by Amelia.

"Miss Lina!" cried the tiny princess with tears flowing down her face.

Oh no! thought Lina. She was petrified at the thought of the young girl's heart being broken, but there was nothing she could do. She loved Zelgadis and he loved her. Nothing, not even Amelia could change that.

"Are you and Mister Zelgadis..." she asked trailing off.

Lina took a deep breath and said, "Yes."

Amelia lost it. She started wailing hysterically. Sylphiel ran over to Amelia ran to calm her down. She looked up at Lina and Zelgadis with a face that was a hybrid between happiness and sorrow.

"Mister Zelgadis, take care of Miss Lina, alright?" she asked sweetly.

Zelgadis nodded and smiled at Sylphiel. He knew that she loved Lina like a sister and would never want any harm to come her way, but she did think that the way she treated Gourry was abominable. Everyone knew, expect for the clueless jellyfish brain himself, that she loved Gourry. She thought all that time Lina loved him too, but now, she happily proved herself wrong.

"I am going to bring Miss Amelia to her room. She seems very distraught right now," said Sylphiel as she was trying to soothe the little princess.

Lina and Zelgadis nodded simultaneously. Sylphiel picked up Amelia and brought her to her room. Once they were gone, Lina sighed.

Zelgadis caught her distress and turned his attention to her. "What's wrong, Lina?"

"I just wish that Amelia wasn't so sad," she replied.

"Me too, but you know that we can't do anything about it," he said in return.

Lina sighed once more. "I know, but I wish there was something, anything to make her stop crying and being so sad."

Suddenly, in a flash, Xellos appeared behind them. This startled the both of them and Lina turned around and glared at him. "The next time you do that, I'll fireball your ass to the moon. Got it priest?!"

Xellos could have cared less either way. He just nodded at the comprehension of the statement. "Well, well, well! When are you two lovebirds getting married, hmm?"

For Lina, that was the last straw. "FIREBALL!"

Unfortunately for Lina, he dodged the attack and she instead fireballed the door that was behind him. Lina had her fists clenched in pure rage. "Argh! How is it that you can dodge my fireballs without even being scratched?"

Xellos was floating in mid air looking down at Lina. "Do you really want to know?"

"Yes, damnit!" she yelled.

"Okay," he replied.

"Finally," she muttered.

Xellos then gave her his trickster smile. "That is a secret."

Lina face-faulted and was about ready to fireball him again when he disappeared. Lina looked at Zelgadis and shook her head. He nodded at her insinuation in agreement. Zelgadis yawned and then realized just how tired he was.

"I'm gonna go to bed, okay Lina? I'll see you in the morning," said Zelgadis and he was about ready to walk upstairs to his room when he caught the look on Lina's face. She was pouting and making puppy dog eyes.

"Zel, can't I go with you?" she purred.

Zelgadis was caught completely off guard. The Lina Inverse he knew would never act like this. She was trying to be cute and was doing a darn good job at it in his opinion.

"Sure," he choked out. He was nervous as hell. He was going to be sleeping in a room all alone with the girl he loved. He could feel himself blushing at that thought.

Lina ran up to him, grabbed his right hand and literally dragged him upstairs to his room. He was too much in a daze to notice what exactly was going on. They walked into his room and Lina closed the door behind her once they were in. A lustful grin was playing on her face that shocked Zelgadis.

What is making her act so out of character? he wondered.

"Zel," she sang out.

Zelgadis' heart was beating extremely fast and his body was racked in nervousness. Damnit! Why can't I be as calm as I usually am? Being in love is really messing with my mind, not to mention, my hormones as well.

Lina walked up to him and placed her arms around his neck. "I love you," she said with all the love and emotion she could muster.

"Please be with me," she begged.

She wanted him, he wanted her too, but he didn't want to hurt her. "Lina, it might hurt, are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure. I love you and I want to be with you," she said.

Zelgadis wrapped his arms around her tiny frame and kissed her deeply. She returned the kiss and while they were kissing they were edging themselves closer to the bed. She pulled away from him and pushed him onto the bed, following him there.

"I want this night to be magical Zel. I give myself to you freely," she whispered.

He pulled her down and kissed her again. Soon, their clothes were everywhere. They were kissing each other repeatedly, touching, caressing, and hugging. The love that they were making with each other was pure and yet, extraordinarily passionate. They were both letting out something that needed to be let out such a long time before.

A few hours later, Lina was pressed up against Zelgadis' body. They were both still awake and Lina had a happy smile of pure joy plastered on her face. Zelgadis' face wore an expression of happiness and shock.

Lina looked up at her lover and smiled. "This is going to be a night to remember, right Zel?"

He only nodded as he smiled back at her and held her closer in a tight, warm and passionate embrace. They looked at each other for little longer and went into a deep kiss. Once they broke apart, Lina snuggled deeper into Zelgadis' chest and fell asleep on top of him and Zelgadis followed suit. They had both fallen asleep with smiles, which were graced by the contentment they had at that moment and the absolute love for each other. Everything was perfect now.


I hope that this chapter was ok. I don't know how Lina or Zelgadis would act in a romantic situation, but in my opinion, Lina would be the aggressor. Well, that's all for chapter two. See you all on chapter three. Ja ne!

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