Amelia's Wish Come True


Alex and Mika: Hey Leo.

Leonardo: So the whole team is here.

Alex: Yes.

Mika: Yes, now can I just wander around...

Leonardo and Alex: No. You can not wander around here.

Alex: Hey Leo, another fanfiction about Zelgadis and Amelia.

Leonardo: Yes, but this one is special.

Mika: What so special about it.

Leonardo: Well...that for me to know and for you to find out, because it is a secret.

* Mika gets angry (She not very happy about Amelia6's Midnight Blue fanfiction story. You must read that, it at the Wayside Inn.)

Mika: If you don't stop quoting Xelloss and tell what the secret is, you will be at the wrong end of the sword I just bought.

Leonardo: Where did she buy a sword?

Alex: How she ordered a Katana from one of those karate magazines.

* Mika pull out her katana and goes into fighting stance.

Leonardo: * Gulp * Okay, I tell you.

Alex: Boy, I thought I was scary, but my sister Mika is spooky.

Leonardo: It dedicated to my brother Emerson B. Castro. It is for his birthday. He was born on September 1, 1979. This is his gift, that hundreds of people will be able to read it. It story line has nothing to do with his life, but I was writing it already, and I didn't know what to get my brother on the budget of six dollars, so I thought I'll kill two birds with one stone.

Mika: That so kind of you, Leo. I will do the same thing for Alex.

Alex: Don't you dare. I want a present wrapped in a gift-wrap.

Leonardo: Well, knowing your sister, she'll most likely wrap the disk and give it to you.

Alex: Yeah, the little hentai is always doing things like that. I wish she'd grow up.

Leonardo: Speaking of your cheap sister, where is the little hentai.

* Leonardo and Alex look around and find Mika spying on Zelgadis walking to his dressing room.

Leonardo: Mika, what are you doing.

Mika: Waiting to see if Zelgadis would change into another outfit so I can get a peek at some...

* Alex pulls out a mallet and hits her sister before she finishes her sentence. She is knocked out cold.

Leonardo: Hey, children might be reading this you little hentai.

Alex: Let finish this before she wakes up.

Leonardo: Okay. Start the fanfiction.

Written By: Leonardo Castro
Proofread By: Mika
Coffee Maker and the person who watches Mika: Alex

Dedicated to my brother, Emerson, who helps and backs me up, unlike some other people know who will remain nameless.

Mika and Alex: Hey that was mean.

(The last names of my friends were held because they don't want anyone to know they work for me for free.)

Amelia's birthday had just past, and her wish was to have Zelgadis as her husband. She was depressed because she believed that her wish wasn't going to come true. She dreamed and wished that Mr. Zelgadis would confess his love for her, but it never came true on the other birthdays. Why was this one different, she thought. Little did she know, that her wish was about to be realized as Zelgadis's deep seated emotions for Amelia was demanding that he surrender his heart to her.

Amelia was sitting on her bed in her room at her palace with Lina besides her. Lina looked at Amelia, she knew that Amelia was depressed. Zelgadis missed Amelia's party again and Amelia missed him so much. The last time Amelia saw Zelgadis, it was at Lina and Gourry's wedding.

"Amelia, don't be sad, there must be reason he didn't show up," Lina said, trying to comfort her friend. Sadly, Lina's kind words fell on deaf ears. Amelia's eyes started to tear up. Lina knew that Amelia wanted to be left alone, and so Lina left. Amelia started to sob. Soon, her sobs became crying. Lina, who was outside Amelia's door, could hear her cries. Zelgadis, where are you, thought Lina.

At that moment, Zelgadis was fighting off three ogres. He killed the first two with a fireball. He was dueling with the last one. Zelgadis slash at the demented creature's head. With it axe, the foul smelling ogre parry Zelgadis's attack. Zelgadis slash at the ogre's belly. The ogre tried to dodge, but he failed. He received flesh wound from Zelgadis.

The ogre swung his axe at Zelgadis's head, but Zelgadis ducked under it. Zelgadis sliced off the ogre arm before it had a chance to recover. The ogre screams in pain as his right falls to the ground. Zelgadis ended the creature's existence quick, not letting it wither in agony. He leapt into the air and beheaded it. When Zelgadis landed on the ground, he heard the ogre's body hit the ground.

Zelgadis heard rustling in the bushes nearby. What now, Zelgadis thought. Ogres, mazoku, goblins, trolls, and bandits had attacked him while on his way to Amelia's birthday party.

Five men in chain mail armor step out onto the road. Two of them had spears and the other three had broadswords. By their insignia on their armor, they were Seyruun's city guardsmen. They seem surprise to see Zelgadis there. "Are you Zelgadis," asked one of them. Zelgadis nodded. "Mr. Zelgadis, Princess Amelia is awaiting your presents at her party," said the leader.

"Didn't it end yesterday," said Zelgadis. "No, the party is celebrated for one whole week," said the leader. "How did you know where to find me," asked Zelgadis. "We didn't know where you were, we were just investigating a explosion nearby the city," said one of the spear guardsman. The guardsmen looked behind Zelgadis and saw one headless ogre, one ogre's head, and two huge lumps of burned flesh. They decided not to ask Zelgadis questions.

Zelgadis put his sword back into his sword scabbard. Zelgadis and the guardsmen started to walk back to city. His heart was aching to see Amelia again.

He remembered how lonely he had been since he left Amelia behind to find his cure. Zelgadis dreamed of Amelia every night. His dreams of Amelia rapidly became not pure and very hot three weeks after the group split up. Just say hi and don't do anything stupid, Zelgadis repeated to himself, over and over again.

Lina was in her room at the Seyruun Palace. Lina was in her sleeping clothes. Lina was holding a small baby in her arms. She was slowly rocking it to sleep. The baby was cooing in Lina's arms. Lina was humming a song to the baby. Lina was as accompanied by her husband Gourry. Gourry was lying on the bed. Gourry and the baby seem to drift off to sleep.

The baby's eyes shut. The sweet little baby girl went into a deep sleep. "Good night my little baby girl," whispered Lina. She kissed her baby on the forehead and lied her baby in the cradle next to the bed.

Lina crawled into bed and snuggled with Gourry. "Lina, you have a beautiful voice," whispered Gourry. "Thank you honey," whispered Lina. "You seem to change when you are around Lora," whispered Gourry. "How so," whispered Lina. "Well you are usually loud and rude. But when you are holding Lora, you are mostly quiet and polite unless something threatens you or Lora's happiness," whispered Gourry. Lina whacked him on the head for that. "Waaaaaaaaaawaaawaaawaa," cried baby Lora in her cradle. Lina got out of bed and tend to her crying child.

Lina's room was down the hall from Amelia's room. She could hear the young baby's cries for comfort. I wish I could bare Zelgadis's child, thought the heart-broken Amelia. "I wish Mr. Zelgadis would fall in love with me and sweep me off my feet," said Amelia to herself before falling asleep. Little did she know that a pair of mazoku eyes was watching her.

Xelloss was sitting on his bed in the Seyruun guestroom at palace that he was staying at for the birthday party. His room was across from Filia's room. Filia was in her nightgown and asleep at his side. How funny it would be if Lina or one of the others could see them now, thought Xelloss. Filia and Xelloss wanted to keep their marriage a secret. Xelloss woke her up.

"Not again Xelloss. Fun time is over, let me rest," Filia said in sleepy voice. "My dear Filia, Fun Time is never over for me, but that not why I woke you up," said Xelloss.

"Why did you wake me up," she said with hint of disappointment in her voice. "I think something bad is about to happen," Xelloss said. "Well, when is this bad thing suppose to happen," Filia said. Then the castle was rocked with many sudden explosions. "Now my beloved Filia, it happening right now," said Xellos.

Zelgadis was in the city that he dreaded to return to. The city was beautiful to his eyes, but he dreaded the fact that he might run into Amelia in the city. He now had to face his fears and meet Amelia in the Palace. If he didn't, he might never get over Amelia.

The city was alive as they celebrated Princess Amelia birthday as booth sold goods, people dance, men got drunk, and actors performed plays on outdoor stages. The people seem to having a great time. Many people were dressed in costumes. Zelgadis didn't care for these things, all he wanted to do is see Amelia.

Suddenly, he heard explosions in the distance. He looked in the general direction of where he heard the blasts from and his eyes widen in shock. The Seyruun Palace was on fire. One tenth of the castle was in flames.

The city guardsmen who were with Zelgadis tried to calm down the people. Zelgadis cast a ray wing and left the panicking streets and flew to save the woman that occupied his thoughts and his dreams.

Lina and the others ran to where the first explosion came from, Amelia's room. After getting properly dressed, of course. Gourry busted down the door and call forth the power of the Sword of Light. He was knock into the wall by an unknown force.

Lina charged in with Xelloss and Filia behind her. A blue hair mazoku woman was in sorcerer duel with Amelia. Gourry got up and charged the mazoku, and ran into an invisible shield. Lina hit it with a fireball, but the shield remained.

The part of the roof fall on top of Amelia and pinned her to the floor. The mazoku was about to cast a fireball on Amelia when Diem Wing hit the mazoku in the chest and sent it flying to the wall.

The invisible shield vaporized. Lina look up and through a hole in the roof. Zelgadis flew into the room. He landed in front of the blue hair mazoku and picked her up and tossed the blue hair mazoku out a window.

Then he lifted the rubble that was pinning Amelia to the floor and Amelia crawl out from under it. Then the mazoku appeared behind Zelgadis and was about to strike him when an unlikely savior entered.

"Hey, I know you. You are the one that went rouge and ran away from my mistress," said Xelloss. They all look at Xelloss. Xelloss walked up to the mazoku woman and place his hand on her shoulder. "It is time face your punishment," said Xelloss and they disappear.

The Slayers started to work on putting out the fire and healing Amelia from the wounds she received in battle. After the fire was put out and Amelia complete healed, everyone sat in the dining hall of the Seyruun Palace. Lina was rocking her child and humming a song to her. Gourry was listening to Lina sing and was drifting to sleep. Filia sat in a corner and was mad because Xelloss was taking his time. Amelia and Zelgadis sat at a small table staring at each other.

Amelia was happy. At least he came this time, thought Amelia. She opened her mouth to say something but the words never came out. Zelgadis clamp his lips over Amelia's lips. They share a passionate kiss. All the others stared at them in shock at what Zelgadis did. Amelia's heartbeat started to quicken. Her blood felt like liquid fire in her veins. She wasn't sure if that she was dreaming this or if this was reality.

They broke the off the kiss because they had breathe. "Mr. Zelgadis," said Amelia. Tears of happiness flow down her cheek. A smile formed on her face. "Amelia, I wanted to do that for five years," said Zelgadis. Okay, now you done it, what are you going to do now, Zelgadis mentally scold himself.

Amelia pick up the table sent it crashing at a distance wall. Amelia leapt on to Zelgadis's lap and kiss him. As Amelia and Zelgadis shared a tender moment, Lina, with Lora still in her arms, walked up to Filia. "Well Filia, looks like you are the only single person here now," said Lina. Before Filia could answer, Xelloss reappeared again, but Xelloss was holding four-year-old boy with purple hair and a gold tail.

"Mommy," the boy cried out and ran to Filia and hugged her. "Sorry Filia, Xelloss Jr. wouldn't stop crying until I promise he could see you," said Xelloss. This little incident left everyone speechless and staring at Filia. Even Amelia and Zelgadis stop their kissing session to watch this.

Filia pick up her son. "What wrong my child," she said. "The shadows are alive and trying to eat me," said child. "No little one, those are your guardians that Grandma Zelas gave you," said Filia. "Grandma Smokey," said Xelloss Jr. "Yes, Grandma Smokey," said Filia. Filia giggled at the nickname Xellos Jr. gave Zelas. Well, the Beastmaster did smoke a lot.

"Filia, when did this happen," asked Lina. "That is a secret, Lina," Xelloss answered for Filia. "Yeah, that is a secret, lady," said Xelloss Jr. impersonating his father.

Later in that night, Zelgadis and Amelia were alone in Amelia's room. They were cuddling in bed. "So if it a girl, what would her name be," asked Amelia. They choosing baby names for the family they were planning to have.

The night and their life together is only beginning for Amelia and Zelgadis, but for us, this is...