Chapter Eight

Sylphiel saw the passionate kiss that Gourry gave Lina, and ran away in tears, still clutching Gourry's shirt. Blinded by he tears, she tumbles down the valley at the other side of the forest road.

She flies through the air and almost went off a cliff. Philionel, on his way to see the bedridden Lina Inverse, and got lost, was there. Lucky, he catches Sylphiel before she falls off the mountain. "Thank you your highness," said Sylphiel. "What wrong Miss Sylphiel," asked Philionel. Sylphiel tells her story of love and lost to Prince Philionel. Then Philionel goes into a motivation speech of love and how she could find it again. She fell little better, but still felt heartbroken over Gourry.

"You'll get over it eventually," said Philionel. "I guess you are right your highness," said Sylphiel. "Come on Miss Sylphiel, I know a nice coffee café in Seyruun," said Philionel.

Lina stared deeply into her love of her life's eyes. She could see happiness and undying love in Gourry's sea blue eyes. Gourry wouldn't abandon her. She continued to stare into the eyes she called the most dreamily eyes in the whole world. She could see into his soul, and the happiness she bought him.

Gourry shivered slightly as he carried Lina back to the cabin. "Gourry, don't catch death of cold out here," said Lina. "I think I can see the cabin from here," said Gourry. Lina was too tired, injured, and concern of Gourry's health to care about the cabin.

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