Second Chance at True Love


Dedicated to the love of my Grandma and Grandpa on mother's side. Through them, I exist now.


Love is a weird thing. It moves mountains and builds Kingdoms. Lives are fulfilled. Love is a dream. And like a dream, can be easily crushed or corrupted. Love can be used to destroy Kingdoms and ruin lives.

Amelia knew this because she loved Zelgadis, but she was rejected. She was forced to marry someone else. She grew to love her husband, Patrick. After Patrick died, her life was left in ruins. She was in Love twice, and both were taken away or denied.

There are many kinds of Love. There is the Love between a family. The Love that is called friendship. There is Love between Man and Nature. There is Love you feel when you grow to care about someone. An example of this Love is the Love that Amelia felt for Patrick.

Then there is one that surpasses them all. A Love of fiery passion, filled with warmth and security. Love that is filled with happiness and passion that will last forever. Love that sometimes death cannot stop. This is the Love that conquers all. This Love is called True Love. True Love is most powerful thing in the world.

This is the Love that Amelia felt for Zelgadis, but years of rejection and defeat made Amelia's heart encased in ice. She sealed the feelings she had for Zelgadis away, deep within her heart. She grew to love again, but it was the Love that grows on you, it was not as strong True Love. When Patrick died, her heart was encased in ice once more.

Love is a weird and mysterious thing. Like God, it moves in mysterious ways. Usually, people encounter their True Love once in there live. If they fail to connect, the True Love is lost forever, usually. But in Amelia's case, her True Love comes back after years of sorrow and heartbreak had rattled her heart, her body, and her soul. Will Zelgadis mend her broken heart or will Amelia spend the rest of her life in unending sorrow and despair. This is where our adventure begins...

The Story

It had been three years since the King of Seyruun died. Everyone mourned the death of King Patrick. Queen Amelia took it hard. Patrick was the only man she loved other than Zelgadis. She felt empty and wanted to die, when Patrick perished. The only things that kept her going, were her two children.

Her five-year-old son, Peter, and her two-year-old daughter, Sarah, has been Amelia's life. Their happiness and well being has been the only thing Amelia has thought of for those three years. Now Peter was eight and Sarah was five.

Queen Amelia was on the balcony outside of her room. She was staring into the beautiful starry night sky. She did this when she needed to relax. Peter had a fever, but the doctor told Amelia that he would recover by tomorrow. Something in Amelia told her that something was very wrong with Peter and he won't be recovering anytime soon.

A servant girl knocked on Amelia's door. "You may enter," said Amelia. "Your Highness, I have dire news concerning Prince Peter," said the servant girl. "What has happened," asked Amelia. "Your Majesty, the doctor says that Prince Peter has taken a turn for the worst," said the servant girl with some sorrow in her voice.

Amelia almost fainted when she found out that her son was dying. She grew pale and felt ill. Her legs grew weak, and she almost fell down. The servant girl managed to catch Amelia before Amelia hit the ground. She couldn't believe it. "Not again," she whispered. At that moment, the servant girl pity Amelia and prayed if she got married, she hope that her love life doesn't followed Amelia's.

"Take me to my child," Amelia said. While supporting Amelia, the servant girl went to Prince Peter's room. When they arrived at Peter's room, the doctor was there, giving his examination. "This doesn't bold well for the Prince," said the doctor. "You see, at first I thought it was a normal fever, but it is worst than I fear."

"What wrong," asked Amelia. "He has Blood Fever. He has three months that the most," said the doctor. Amelia ran to her son's bedside. He was writhing in pain. He had deathly pale complexion. Amelia saw him shed a tear. Then she realized that it wasn't a tear of water, but a tear of blood.

"Not again," she cried. "I'll suggest the same thing when King Patrick caught it. Either put him out of his misery, or let him died a slow and painful death," said the doctor. "Are you sure that there is nothing you can do," asked Amelia. "There nothing I can do, but..." said the doctor.

"But who. Who can save my son," said Amelia. "Recently, I heard of a hermit on the Seyruun Mountains. There no way for magic or recent medical practices can heal your son, but there might be some herbal medicine for it. The Hermit is master of Herbalism and a Miracle Worker. He might help if he wanted to," said the doctor.

"Sent for him," Amelia said. "Yes your highness," said the doctor. She took one more look at her son, and Amelia started to weep. Amelia didn't want to lose her child. Death took Amelia's husband, now it wanted Amelia's son as well. How cruel can life be?

"Wait," Amelia told them. "Yes your Highness," said the servant girl. "Bring Lina Inverse Gabriev and Gourry Gabriev to me immediately. I have a special mission for them," said Amelia.

In the home Lina and Gourry, which is also on top of their magical weapons and items store called Slayers...

"Muyo Gabriev, you get here right now young lady," screamed Lina. Lina was in her bedroom. In the typical Lina fashion, the room was lavishly decorated. Satin sheets on the bed, red silk curtains, a red oak drawer, jewel incrusted ivory table, and gold colored wallpaper. The room also had red carpeting with pictures of piles of gold on it; she also had magical gold lamps, a walk in closet, and golden doors. And also Lina and Gourry's favorite furniture in the house, a feather soft bed with a turn on and off silence spell cast on it.

A little blond girl at the age of nine opened the door and walked in. She looked like a smaller version of Lina, but with beautiful blond hair that shined like gold. She was wearing armor almost identically to Lina's traveling armor. Her clothes were also like Lina's traveling clothes.

"Yes mom," said Muyo. "No adventuring until your are twelve young lady," said Lina. "But mom, I am filled with wanderlust. Also Dad, Uncle Xelloss, and Aunt Filia said it was okay," whined Muyo. "Gourry, Xelloss, and Filia, get over here now," screamed Lina.

Gourry came bursting through the door. Xelloss and Filia teleported in. "Where do you two get off telling my daughter to travel the world" said Lina in a voice that was the prelude to her angry screams.

Filia and Xelloss knew this, so they had to choose their answer wisely. "We are her godparents," said Xelloss. "While you two are uninvited guests at my house, you will not give my child advice, nor will you give her permission on anything," screamed Lina.

"And as for you," Lina turn to Gourry. "Lina, remember, don't get angry because the doctor said that you are sick," said Gourry. "I'm pregnant, you stupid jellyfish for brains. Thanks for reminding me that I have to go through labor again in seven months," screamed Lina.

She pounded Gourry into the hardwood floor. Then Lina faced Xelloss and Filia. Xelloss saw a dangerous glean in Lina's eyes. It was their turn to endure Hurricane Lina.

Knock, knock, knock, someone was knocking at the front door. "I deal with you two later," said Lina. She went downstairs, and went to the front door. "What is it," asked Lina in a gentle yet threatening voice. "Queen Amelia requested that you and your husband come to the palace immediately," said the person at the door. Lina heard the footsteps of someone in armor fleeing from Lina's front door as if his or her life depended on it.

"Gourry, let's go," screamed Lina. Lina didn't hear Gourry respond. "Gourry," Lina screamed. "Um, Lina," Lina heard Filia shout from upstairs. "What Filia," said Lina. Muyo came running down the steps, tears in her eyes. "What is it Muyo," asked Lina. "Daddy really hurt this time," said Muyo. "Oh no, what have I done," said Lina.

She rushed upstairs and threw herself on Gourry. She cradled Gourry's head in her arms. "Gourry I'm sorry," said Lina. "It okay Lina. I'll be okay once those bells stop jingling. Also, Lina, why didn't you tell me you were triplet," said Gourry. Shortly after he passed out. "Lina," said Xelloss, "he'll be okay by tomorrow."

Twenty miles north of Seyruun, upon the Seyruun Mountains...

At the base of the mountain, two people conversed. One was a woman who son has contracted a fatal illness. The other was draped in mystical robes. His hood was drawn over his head so that his face was concealed.

"Thank you o great Hermit," said a woman. "It was nothing madam," said the Hermit. "Is there anything you want in return," asked the woman. "No thanks, I hope your child will live a long life," said the Hermit. "Walk twenty mile south to reach Seyruun," said the Hermit.

The woman parted the company of the mystical Hermit. The Hermit looked up the mountain. "It going to be a long climb," the Hermit said to himself, " and I have to set all the other traps up again." The Hermit let out a deep sigh and went up the mountain.

Two Days Later, at the base of the Seyruun Mountains...

Lina, Gourry, Muyo, Filia, Xelloss, and Amelia had finally reached Seyruun Mountains. It was night and they had set up camp at the base of the mountain. Amelia insisted on continue through the night, but Lina manage to talk some logic into her. She told her, "Amelia, if we go up the mountain at night, something might happen and we might get separated, or worse."

Amelia settled down. Gourry set up three tents for them to sleep in. Xelloss suggested that they all sleep in one tent together, but Filia knock the perverted idea out her husband's head, and some teeth.

Lina, Gourry, and Muyo went to sleep after a fishmeal they got from a nearby stream. Filia and Xelloss went to sleep after casting a silence spell on the tent. Amelia was the last one awake. She was on watch.

She cast a protection spell around the campsite, to prevent any trouble from entering the campsite. "I should have gone myself. Instead I trouble my friends, risking their lives," said Amelia to herself. Amelia stood up and stuck a heroic pose. "I'll take care of this myself. I alone shall bring the Hermit down the mountain. Kicking and screaming if need be," said Amelia. Amelia knew it was unjust to force a man into working for her, but she be damn if let the only chance for her son to live slip through her fingers because the hermit didn't want to help.

Amelia ran up the mountain. She felt a weird feeling hit her body. A tingling feeling ran over her body and send shivers up her spine. She hasn't felt this feeling for years, but she couldn't quite place it. She heard a rope tighten. A trap was closing. She managed to leap out trap before the rope encircled her feet.

She continued up the trail run as fast as her legs could carry her. She encountered several traps, but managed to escape capture. She slowed her pace when the Hermit's cabin came into view. She started to walk towards the cabin.

She stepped on soft soil, and suddenly, the ground beneath her collapsed and she hit the ground hard. She was in a deep pit filled with bugs. She crawled her way up the pit.

She continued to walk up to the cabin when she set off another trap. A glowing pentagram appeared beneath her. Suddenly, a blue light surrounded her. She tried to continue walking to the door, but she was shocked severely.

"I can't surrender this close to my son's cure," Amelia said to herself. She forced herself through the invisible barrier. She felt pain surge through her body. She let out an agonizing scream. She fell to the ground. The blue light was gone.

Amelia's body ached. She was having hard time breathing. She was dying, and she knew. She didn't care that she was dying. That shock damaged her severely and death will claim her soon. At least she'll see be able Patrick again. She'll greet her child in the afterlife if Lina and others couldn't bring the Hermit to Peter in time.

She continued to stare at the Hermit's front door. It opened, and a mystical robe figure ran out. "Amelia, what in L-sama's name are you doing here," asked a familiar voice. The Hermit ran up to Amelia and picked her up. He started to walk back into the cabin with Amelia in his arms.

She could smell the scent of the Hermit. It was the smell of coffee and granite. No, it couldn't be, Amelia mentally screamed. She gazed up into the stone face of the Hermit. He had stone skin. His face was familiar. His sapphire colored eyes were warm and beautiful. Amelia almost forgot that she was dying. "Zelgadis," whispered Amelia. "Don't worry Amelia, I won't let you die," said Zelgadis.

The Hermit was Zelgadis. She now wanted to live, to continue breathing upon this world. She tried to stay wake, but she couldn't. She passed out.

Amelia felt as light as a cloud when she woke up. She sat up, and looked around her surrounding. She was in the Hermit's bedroom. It was tidy and undecorated room. It had one bed and a dresser.

The only decoration in the room was a painting. In the painting were Zelgadis, Lina, Gourry, and she, in a forest background. This was the painting of them three months before Amelia's Wedding announcement. Amelia stared at the painting. They all looked so happy.

Looking at this painting brought back old memories. Amelia then remembered the day that Zelgadis left her. It was like it just yesterday.

Flashback: One of Seyruun Palace's gardens at night

(The Flashback is told as if Amelia was telling the reader.)

"Where is Mr. Gourry and Miss Lina, Mr. Zelgadis," I asked. "I asked them if we could be alone," said Mr. Zelgadis. We both stared into the starry night sky. The moon was full and bright. This was the most beautiful and romantic setting.

"Amelia, we been traveling together for a few years now, and I want to ask - ," Mr. Zelgadis said. Then Patrick appeared. "Hello Amelia," said Patrick. "You know Amelia," asked Zelgadis. "Yes," said Patrick, " I'm going to marry her."

"What does he mean, Amelia," Mr. Zelgadis asked me. "Yes he'll soon to be my husband. Daddy proclaimed it just today," I said. I got depressed; I let out a depressing sigh. So did Mr. Zelgadis. "You wanted to ask me something Mr. Zelgadis," I asked the chimera of my dreams. "Nothing, nothing at all," said Mr. Zelgadis. Then Mr. Zelgadis vanished from the world.

How foolish of me think that I would see Mr. Zelgadis after that night. He was looking for his cure and he didn't need wait for my wedding. I was slowing him down. I only regret the fact that I never told him how I felt about him. My heart was frozen in ice for one year after Zelgadis left. It took Patrick that long to melt it.

I still ponder about what he wanted me to do. The last time I saw him, he was talking to Lina. He gave Lina a small box and ran away. A week later after that incident, I married Patrick.

End Flashback

(I will now return to telling the story the usual way that I tell it.)

Amelia heard a noise. It sounded like water boiling. Amelia followed the noise and entered Zelgadis's lab. The lab was huge, and full with jars on the table, on the many shelves on the wall, and some even on the floor. It was unorganized and very dusty. A thick layer of dust blanketed the room.

Zelgadis was busy at work, pouring herbs in a cauldron, which was over the fireplace. The water in the cauldron was green and thick bubbles from it rose into the air and popped. It was foul smelling. She looked at the stone floor to make sure she didn't knock over any jars as she walked toward the chimera.

She could see Zelgadis's footprints in the layer of dust that cloaked the floor. "So you have awaken your highness," said Zelgadis, who was now stirring the liquid in the cauldron with a metallic rod. She stopped walking when she was ten feet away from Zelgadis.

"What are you doing," asked Amelia. "Making a potion of healing," said Zelgadis. "It doesn't smell good," said Amelia. "Well, it suppose to heal people, not gave them peppermint breath," said Zelgadis. "That right," said Amelia.

Zelgadis faced her. He looked so pleasing to her eyes. His beautiful sapphire eyes stared deeply into her eyes. His blue robes that radiated with arcane power only made Amelia's heart filled with the need to touch him. His face seemed young, but his eyes now shone with wisdom that surpass his grandfather/ great grandfather, Rezo, The Red Priest.

His face was perfect to Amelia's eyes. It was as if a master sculptor chiseled Zelgadis's face out of blue marble. The pebbles embedded on his face only add to Zelgadis's beauty. He is even more handsome than before, Amelia's mind screamed.

With a single look, Zelgadis made Amelia forget about the whole world for a moment or two. Amelia blush a shade of red that rivaled the flames that were in Zelgadis's fireplace.

She wanted to run into his arms and stay there for all eternity. She also wanted to run away from this place, and faraway from the man that caused her years of heartbreak and despair. She wanted to do many things, wanted to ask many questions, and confess one single thing.

She couldn't do any of these things. Amelia was frozen there. Her mouth refused to move or even make a noise. Her legs felt as weak as mush and wouldn't obey her commands to move. Her heart was racing as if she had went through a running hundred-mile marathon in ten second. Her mind felt sluggish and wasn't thinking straight.

She was reduced to the lovesick teenage of old in less than a second. And all Zelgadis did was face her. Amelia didn't realize until that moment how much she still loved Zelgadis. She finally realized how much power Zelgadis had over her.

Zelgadis started to walk towards her. Her mind screamed retreat, but her heart screamed to leap into his arms. She didn't know which part to listen to. She panicked as he came closer. Her heart was leaping in her chest.

Thankfully, years in the royal court taught her to control her emotions in times of crisis. And this was a crisis. She didn't want to scare Zelgadis away by pulling him down to the floor and ravishing him to her content. These powerful emotions of love were alien to Amelia, she wasn't sure if she could control herself. But she had to try, for Peter's sake.

But first things first. She had to stop Zelgadis advance towards her before her willpower gives out. "Please Mr. Zelgadis, that far enough," she said in a cold and empty voice. She wanted to tell Zelgadis to take her, but that wouldn't help her son whom is in a dire need of help.

Zelgadis stop his advance towards Amelia. Amelia looked down at her feet so she wouldn't have to stare into his beautiful eyes. She was weakening. She needed to get out of his presence soon. " Mr. Zelgadis, I beg not as the Queen of Seyruun, but as a humble mother. Please save my son," Amelia said.

After speak those words, she ran into Zelgadis's bedroom. She collapsed on the bed. Thankfully, Zelgadis decide not to chase after her. Tears filled her eyes. She sobbed with need. She was a queen, and he was a hermit. They were two different worlds; it couldn't have worked out.

Beside, he didn't love her. He would love her as a friend and that would never change. But she wanted confess her love for him but she didn't want to lose her friendship with Zelgadis, and lose Zelgadis in the process. She won't embarrass herself by telling him that she loved him.

Zelgadis watch Amelia's retreating form with sorrow in his heart. Was she so sick of my wretched form that she couldn't bare the sight of me, ponder Zelgadis.

He returned to his brewing cauldron and tries to forget about his love for Amelia. He stared in to the swirl green liquid. His reflection in the green liquid was twisted and sorrowful, just like his heart, like his soul.

Somehow, he couldn't think about anything but Amelia. After finish the potion of healing and placed into some empty jars, he retired for the day. "Amelia, I love you," he said, wishing he could say that to Amelia's face. He walks into his living room and lay down on the couch.

Somewhere near the cabin...

"Amelia must be a prisoner of the Hermit," said Lina. "Mommy, how are we going to save her highness," asked Muyo. "I wish I knew what that pathetic hermit was planing to do with Amelia," said Filia. "Most likely having some fun with her," said Xelloss with cold uncaring voice.

Lina, Muyo, and Filia glared angrily at Xelloss. "I wonder if he playing chess or checkers with Amelia," asked Gourry with his usual simpleton look on his face. "Not that kind of fun," said Lina. Lina rewarded Gourry a fist to the face for his moronic question. Then they saw a cabin in few yards away.

"What the plan," asked Muyo. "We charge in of course," said Lina. Before anyone could stop her, Lina bolted for the door. Xelloss followed her.

The same huge pit, which was covered again, that caught Amelia off guard, caused Lina to fall face first into a bug horde. Xelloss managed to leap over the pit and land in a glowing pentagram.

He was shocked with the same light Amelia encountered. Lina stood up and realized there was a slug on her hair. She leaped out of the pit, ran over Xelloss, past through the light, and crash through Zelgadis's door.

Zelgadis heard someone smashing through his front door. He managed to stand up before that someone leapt on top his head. "Lina," said Zelgadis. "Zel, get the slug off me please," screamed Lina. Zelgadis gentle put Lina on the ground. Lina cling to his legs, sobbing. Zelgadis grab the one little slug that held her captive, and hurled it through the broken doorway. Lina, still in panic mode, got up and ran away from the doorway, and into the wall.

Muyo came running through the door. Never meeting Zelgadis before, Muyo natural thought that Zelgadis was a monster. "Diem Wing," Muyo attacked. Zelgadis flew against the wall and fell on top of Lina. "Mother," screamed Muyo as she saw Zelgadis fall on top her mother.

"Don't try anything funny with my mother," screamed Muyo. She raced up to Zelgadis and dragged him off Lina by the hair. Then she repeatedly slammed Zelgadis's head into the floor.

Just then, Filia, Gourry, and a slightly toasted Xelloss entered the cabin. They were surprise to see Zelgadis there. They were more surprise to see Muyo slamming Zelgadis's head into the floor.

Lina woke up and saw her daughter hurting her old friend. "Muyo, stop hurting Zelgadis," said Lina as she slowly got up.

Amelia who had cried herself to sleep, woken to the sound of a stone object that was hitting the floor repeatedly. When it stop, she got out of bed and slowly sneaked out into the lab.

She then slipped into the living room, where saw Lina and co. explaining to Muyo who Zelgadis was, and she saw a very injured Zelgadis on the couch.

"So the weird chimera man is one of your old friend," asked Muyo. "Yes Muyo," answered Lina. Lina turned to the now healed Zelgadis who sat on the couch. "I kept it Zelgadis, would you like to give it to Amelia now," asked Lina. "No," said Zelgadis. Amelia was about to ask what they were talking about when Filia asked a question.

"What turn you into a herbalist, Zelgadis," the gold dragon asked. "It held the secret of my cure," answered the chimera. "Did you find it," asked Muyo. "Yes, a potion made of the rare flower called dragon's bloom. I have one sample in my collection that I found recently," said Zelgadis. "Only a single dragon's bloom grows on the Seyruun Mountains every one hundred years," said Gourry.

"How did you know that Gourry," asked Lina. "I, um - , can you please tell me what I was talking about," said Gourry. Lina whacked him in the head. "So Amelia, what disease does your son have," asked Zelgadis. "Blood Fever. Mr. Zelgadis, can you save my son," asked Amelia.

Zelgadis stayed silence for a few moments. A depressed look ran across Zelgadis's face. He stared at Amelia's face, studying how this incident affected Amelia.

He stood up and went into his lab. "Please wait here," he told them as he left. In ten minutes, he returned with a pack full of jars and plants. "Let's go," Zelgadis said. Amelia wasn't sure, but she thought she heard depression and disappointment in his voice.

Amelia was wondering what had made Zelgadis depressed like that. Maybe he doubted in his ability to save Amelia's son, or there was no know cure for Blood Fever.

Ten hour later, at the base of the Seyruun Mountains...

Gourry, Lina, and Muyo led the group back to Seyruun. Muyo was holding Lina's hand as they walked. Behind them, Filia and Xelloss were walking hand in hand. Xelloss was whispering what he do to her tonight into Filia's ear. Filia was blushing at what he was saying and started fell little over heated.

Zelgadis and Amelia were walking side by side. They remained silence; both too scared to talk to the other. "So how is Patrick," Zelgadis asked, trying to converse with Amelia.

"He died three years ago," said Amelia, grief in her voice. Zelgadis was shock to hear the news of King Patrick's death. It was understandable that Zelgadis never heard of it, since he became a hermit before Patrick's death.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know Amelia," Zelgadis apologized. "How did he perish," asked Zelgadis. "He was infected with Blood Fever," said Amelia, grief still in her voice.

"I won't ask about it anymore," said Zelgadis. "Thank you Mr. Zelgadis," said Amelia. Zelgadis looked at Amelia's face. He saw a lone tear run down her cheek. Great, I am bring Amelia's bad memories back to her, Zelgadis scold himself.

Why is it that I can never find happiness, Amelia wondered? I lose everyone I care about, said thought. First Mr. Zelgadis leave me, then my father died, then Patrick died, now my son is dying, Amelia was tired of losing everyone she cared about.

"Mr. Zelgadis, where are you going after this," asked Amelia. Zelgadis didn't answer her. Amelia looked at Zelgadis's face and saw he was deep in thought. Then Amelia heard Filia yell, "raw garbage." She looked at Filia and noticed Filia was holding her mace and Xelloss was on the ground. The other rush to Filia to see what had happened.

"What happen Mrs. Filia," asked Amelia. "Xelloss grabbed my tail," said Filia. "So what, I seen him holding your tail many times," said Lina. "It was where he was try shove my tail into my body is what got me mad," said Filia.

"But Filia, you liked it last night," said Xelloss as he slow got up. "You stupid raw garbage, there is a child present," said Filia, and she whack Xelloss in the head again.

Amelia giggled. It was like the good old days. She almost forgot about her recent problems. "Let continue on," said Amelia. "Yes, I have a child to save," said Zelgadis.

Two North of Seyruun, at sunset...

Gourry was setting up five tents. Zelgadis, Amelia, and Muyo would each have their own tent, while Lina and Gourry would be sharing one. Xelloss and Filia would be sharing one tent as well.

Muyo was trying to start a campfire and Lina was doing some fishing. Filia and Xelloss went somewhere to have some quality time with Filia, or at least that what Filia said. So that left Amelia and Zelgadis together, without anyone watching them.

Amelia and Zelgadis were sitting on a moss-covered boulder made of granite. They were watching the sun set over a distance mountain. Amelia study Zelgadis's face. His skin seemed to sparkle as the last of the sun's ray hit him. He was calm and looked peaceful. Sadly, Amelia could see the sadness in his lovely sapphire colored eyes.

All these elements made Amelia want Zelgadis. He was so close, yet so far. She was close enough to talk to him and touch him, but she couldn't have, couldn't hold him, and couldn't tell him that she loves him. Amelia felt ashamed. Her son was ill and dying, while she was having not exactly pure thoughts that a champion of justice should be having.

"Mr. Zelgadis, why did we have to stop now," asked Amelia. "It will be night soon, and there will be a storm incoming," said Zelgadis. He pointed to the southern sky. Amelia looked and saw gray storm clouds. "I have fragile equipment, I don't want to lose anything important," said Zelgadis. Amelia nodded.

The sun had set, and the moon started to glow. It was full and beautiful, just like it was on the night that Zelgadis left. The brightest stars started to reveal themselves to the world below.

"I got the fire ready," Amelia and Zelgadis heard Muyo scream. "And here is the fish," Amelia and chimera who was on her mind heard Lina shout. "Let's go before Lina and Gourry eat all the food," said Zelgadis. He got off the boulder and left to the campsite. Amelia watched him for a short time. "I wish I could have you Mr. Zelgadis," said Amelia when she was sure that Zelgadis couldn't heard him. She followed Zelgadis to the camp. Unknown to her, a falling star fell to earth as she made the wish.

At the campsite...

Amelia didn't realize how hungry she was until the fish was cooked. Amelia eat almost ate much as Lina and Gourry. The biggest surprise was Muyo eating habits. Muyo could eat only one fish, and the rest of her meal was composed of herbal tea and two mint candies. Being the child of the two biggest eaters in the world should have made Muyo a heavy eater, but she was not.

Zelgadis was drinking his herbal tea. Xelloss was hand-feeding Filia. Amelia was full and went to her tent to rest. Filia and Xelloss went to their tent for the night. Lina and Gourry went to their tent to relax. Muyo and Zelgadis were left alone. They were sitting by the fire.

"You are in love with Queen Amelia," said Muyo. "Is it that obvious," asked Zelgadis. "Yes Mr. Zelgadis. It is that easy to see," said Muyo. "Why did you ask me about Amelia," asked Zelgadis. "Oh, nothing. Absolutely nothing," said Muyo. Zelgadis looked at the young sorceress, and he saw a mischievous smile on her face that reminded him of Xelloss. If Zelgadis didn't know better, he would have believed that Muyo was Xelloss's child, not Gourry's daughter.

Zelgadis started to wonder about his answer. In the past, when anyone asked if he had feelings for Amelia, he would've denied it. Now, it was a different matter. He no longer saw Amelia as a hyperactive teenage girl who couldn't control her emotions. He saw her as a beautiful young queen who had held him captive with her mere presence.

Damn Rezo, Zelgadis mentally curse. If he never did this to me, I would able to confess my love to Amelia instead of scaring her with my hideous form.

Muyo got up and started to walk back her tent. "Bye Mr. Zelgadis. You should get out of the rain," she said as she entered her tent. To Zelgadis amazement, the instance she was in her tent, it suddenly started to rain heavily on the campsite.

The rain put out the fire and left Zelgadis soaked. He quickly went inside his tent. Thankfully, his tent was larger than the others' tents because he needed the room for equipment, or it would have been hard for him to rest or even enter his tent.

Zelgadis was having trouble sleeping. He couldn't fall asleep. All he could think of was Amelia. Suddenly, a noise of leather flapping and Amelia's voice could be heard from outside his tent.

He stuck her head out of his tent a saw Amelia attempting to stop her tent from flying away. Suddenly she slipped and fell down; her tent went where the wind deemed it so.

Then lightning struck a tree nearby Amelia's things, and as if L-sama had a hand in it, the wind broke off the top off the tree and made it fall on top Amelia's gear. Amelia's gear caught on fire. Amelia got up and started to run to her gear, but lightning struck it. Amelia's gear was reduced to ash, and it too, blew away in the wind.

Only thing that Amelia had on the road was her wet nightgown that she was wearing. Then, to Zelgadis's amazement, lightning bolt struck the ground near the princess, and she was force to flee. She ran, and then, she slipped. Before she hit the ground, someone caught the Amelia.

Zelgadis, who had chase after Amelia when the lightning chased her, caught her in his arms. The lightning was closing in. He ran around it, yet it still followed them. Zelgadis was wondering who was calling down lightning down upon them with deadly accuracy.

With all his skills and great footwork, Zelgadis somehow managed to slip. He slid into his tent with Amelia in his arms. She clung to him, waiting for the lightning to hit them.

The lightning bolts started to get closer to the tent. Without understanding what he was doing, Zelgadis threw himself over Amelia. It was useless since they were both wet, but he wanted to protect Amelia.

Suddenly, the lightning stop coming down. Whoever was attacking them had stop for now. "Amelia, are you okay," asked Zelgadis. "Don't worry Mr. Zelgadis, I am fine," said Amelia.

"It very cold Mr. Zelgadis," said Amelia s she begun to shiver. Zelgadis just realized that it must be very cold for the others since they had flesh skin. Amelia in wet clothes only made her more cold. "Amelia take off your clothes," said Zelgadis. Somehow, Zelgadis felt that he longing to say those words for a long time. He also realized that didn't sound right. He sounded like he was putting the moves on her.

Amelia's eyes when huge with surprise and shock. She started to blush. Was Zelgadis putting some moves on her, wondered Amelia? "Um Mr. Zelgadis, are you coming on to me," asked Amelia in disbelief, with also a hint of hope in her voice.

"No, I um...don't want you to caught a cold," Zelgadis said. Maybe I should tell her how I feel about her, thought Zelgadis. No, she can't know until I am human again, Zelgadis mentally decided.

Zelgadis fish through his gear and pulled out a towel, white tunic and homespun cotton breeches. "Here dry yourself with this, and get dressed," said Zelgadis. He turned around and looked for some clothes for himself. He pulled out similar clothes to the ones he gave Amelia. He also pulled out a towel. They made sure that their backs were facing each other before they started to undress. They dried themselves with the towels.

Zelgadis was tempted to turn around. To behold the beautiful woman that he loved. It took all off his mental effort not to turn around and grab her; to hold her; to tell her that he loved her. He managed to get dressed without doing anything foolish.

Amelia couldn't believe it. The thought of Zelgadis in the nude behind her was to tempting for her to resist. She took a quick peek at Zelgadis. Her eyes scan his stone body. She couldn't take this anymore. She forced herself to look away.

It very unjust to take advantage of the person, who was helping her, she mentally scolded herself. By the way, you are a queen and mother of two, being a peeking tom was below her, she told herself. That thought led to another thought. She is the mother of two children. One of those two children was suffering and she was lusting over her child's savior.

Amelia finish dressing. She was sad. She was also mad at herself for being a sick love struck fool. Zelgadis, fully dressed as well, faced her. He saw the sadness in her face. "Don't worry Amelia, I'll save your child," said Zelgadis. Amelia broke down and started to weep. Zelgadis held her, holding her gently.

Amelia eventually fell asleep. Zelgadis laid her down on his bedroll. He tried to go to asleep, but then Amelia started to toss and turn as she was racked with nightmares.

Zelgadis, concerned for Amelia, rolled over and held Amelia to help her rest. She stopped tossing and turning. She started to dream peacefully. Zelgadis fell asleep holding Amelia, wish that he could hold her forever.

The night pass without incident...

Amelia had awoken in Zelgadis's arms. She sighed. She wished that this could last forever. She lay there for five more minutes. She heard the others outside. Someone was trying to build a fire to make breakfast. She heard Lina talking to Gourry.

"So that where Amelia went," said Gourry. "Yeah, who would have thought that," said Lina. Zelgadis woke up. "Let's go Mr. Zelgadis," she said. Amelia crawled out of the tent with Zelgadis behind her.

They were surprise at what they saw. Amelia's tent was there. She couldn't believe it. Zelgadis touch it, expecting it to vanish, but nothing happened. It was real.

"Amelia, I thought you could've waited to until after Zelgadis saved your son before you seduce him," said Lina in a disappointed voice. "I didn't try to seduce him Mrs. Gabriev," said Amelia blushing from embarrassment.

"So Zelgadis seduced you," asked Filia. "No, I didn't seduce Amelia," said Zelgadis blushing from embarrassment as well. "Well, regardless of what has happened, it none of our business. Amelia, can we talk to you alone," said Filia.

Lina and Filia led Amelia away from the others. Muyo tried to follow, but Lina told her she was too young for this conversation. Muyo tugged on her father's sleeve. Gourry looked down at his daughter. "Father what does seduce mean," Muyo asked.

Panic ran across Gourry's face. He looked to Zelgadis for help, but he looked away, not wanting to answer that question. Xelloss was about to say something when Zelgadis stopped him.

"If you tell her what that means, I'll tell Filia that you are trying to corrupt Muyo. I know that she how to punish you," said Zelgadis. Yes, Filia knew how to punish the Xelloss into submission. All Filia had to do was withhold the one thing they do four times a day. Last time he was punished, he didn't get lucky for one whole month.

It nearly killed him because the outfits she would wear to bed and he was not permitted to touch her. Xelloss remember what Zelas told him during the middle of his punishment.

"Sometimes I forget that Filia is a gold dragon, not a mazoku. The way she been torturing you, I wonder if she is half mazoku." The Beastmaster once remarked. Yes under that gold dragon exterior, there was a streak of cruelty.

Xelloss smiled and vanished. "Um, Zelgadis, I have a problem too," Zelgadis heard Gourry say. Zelgadis looked at Gourry. "What does seduce mean," asked Gourry. Zelgadis fell over.

Muyo sneaked away to a big rock where Xelloss was waiting. "The illusion trick you played on Amelia and Zelgadis was great. I must say you are good," said Xelloss. "I know. Gods, I am good," Muyo praised herself.

Away from the men, the three girls sat in the edge of the campsite, packing the things up. "So, Amelia, how was it," asked Lina. "Yes, tell us about your romantic interlude with Zelgadis," asked Filia.

"I didn't sleep with him. Well I did, but not in the way you think," said Amelia. "Yeah right. Amelia tell us what had happened," asked Lina. "Nothing happen Mrs. Gabriev. The first thing he told me in the tent was to take my clothes off, so I did," said Amelia. Wait, I think I said that wrong, Amelia realized.

"That more like it. Tell us more," said Lina. "That enough, no more. If you continue on asking," Amelia said as she started to blush. "Amelia, we are two married women with no romance in our lives," said Lina.

"Speak for your self Lina. Xelloss keep the romance alive in our life hot and passionate," said Filia. Then Filia realized something. "Does Gourry keep the romance alive in yours," asked Filia. "I thought it natural dies down," said Lina. "No Lina," said Filia.

Big mistake, the gold dragon realized as she saw tears fall down Lina's cheeks. Lina threw her arms around Filia's neck and started to cry on Filia's shoulder.

Amelia was relieved. She knew what it was wrong to be happy about other people misery, but at least they stop asking her questions about last night's events.

"Gourry doesn't love me anymore," cried Lina as she continued to cry a waterfall on Filia's shoulder. "No, he does love you still Lina. Just tell him," said Filia as tries to comfort Lina; hold the sorceress as if she was a child.

When Amelia realized that Lina's crisis was almost over, she started to sneak away before Lina remember what she was talking about before.

"Are you okay Lina," asked Filia. "Yes," said the red-hair. "Please continue. I always wanted to see you two in each other embrace," said Xelloss who appeared out of no where.

When they realized what Xelloss meant, they grew very angry which would have made him happy except for the fact that he was in store for a world for of pain. Filia pulled out her mace and smashed him a few times, and Lina punt him toward the center of the campsite.

Ouch, somehow when Lina or Filia hits him, he didn't like it. Gods, what brought that sudden mood swing about, thought Xelloss. Then he realized that Filia hadn't felt her time of the month for two months already. He was hungry, so he went to ask Gourry a question.

"Gourry, what happens if your next child turns out be just like Lina," asked Xelloss. "It will be the end of the world," said Gourry with fear and terror in his voice. Xelloss fed off those emotions. "Let's go you guys," said Amelia, when she noticed that Gourry had packed everyone things. "We not going to eat anything," asked Gourry disappointed. He soon feared for his live when he saw Amelia gave him the I kill you if you delay me or Mr. Zelgadis from saving my son' look. Gourry shudder just looking at Amelia.

After, that incident, everyone went and changed into their travel clothes and left back to Seyruun.

Seyruun city...

They barrel thought the city. Lucky, only a few people were out since it was early morning. So that meant that there weren't that many people blocking the way.

When they reached the castle front gate, Amelia didn't slow down for them to open the gate. She opened it herself with the strength that only mother who knows her child in danger could have.

Peter's Bed room...

Zelgadis had set up a small lab within the child's room. Amelia wondered what Zelgadis would do to her child. Young Sarah cling to her mother's leg as she was Zelgadis studied her brother.

"Will my brother be alright Mr. Stone Man," asked Sarah. "Don't worry Princess Sarah, your brother will be okay soon," said Zelgadis.

"Please Amelia, I need to work without any distractions," begged Zelgadis. Amelia didn't want to leave her son, but if it would help, she would gladly does it.

"Let's go Sarah. Let Mr. Zelgadis work," Amelia told her daughter. The queen and the princess left. As soon as they departed, Zelgadis grab three herbs out and threw them in a beaker with boiling water.

He shook it a little bit and let it cool down. The liquid turned purple. Then he poured it into Peter's mouth. Peter drank some of it, and spit out the rest of it. Now all I have to do is wait, thought Zelgadis.

Three days later...

Amelia was overjoyed to see her son walking. She, Muyo, Lina, and Peter were in the palace garden. Amelia watched her son walk up to Muyo Gabriev. "I'm Peter," he told Muyo. "I'm Muyo," Muyo told the prince. "Do you want to play tag," asked Peter. "Sure. You're it," answered Muyo as she tapped him on the shoulder and ran away. Peter chased Muyo around the garden.

"Amelia, I'll watch the children. Zelgadis wants to see you at the city gates. It concerning the job offer you gave him," said Lina.

Yesterday, Amelia offered him a job as Court Herbalist. Amelia, accompanied by her royal guard, rushed to the city gate. There, Amelia saw Zelgadis packed and ready to go. She didn't want him to go. Amelia wanted Zelgadis to stay. She wanted to grab him and drag him back to her bedroom, but managed to keep her emotions in check.

"Please Mr. Zelgadis. There is nothing out there for you. You have your cure and you'll soon be cured," said Amelia, trying to talk Zelgadis into staying.

"I had my cure," said Zelgadis. "What do you mean," asked Amelia. "Amelia, the key component in your son's cure was dragon's bloom," said Zelgadis. "I am sorry Mr. Zelgadis," said Amelia. "Don't be. Your happiness was my main concern," said Zelgadis. Amelia was shocked that Zelgadis cared for her.

"Amelia, please wait for me. When I come back, I'll be human. I love you Amelia," confessed Zelgadis. Zelgadis didn't want her getting married before he came back. Amelia's heart leapt in joy. She felt alive again.

Amelia threw her arms around Zelgadis's neck. She was so happy. She started to cry tears of joy. "I love you too Zelgadis," Amelia told the stunned chimera. Zelgadis wrapped his arms around the queen. "Excuse me," said Lina. The queen and the chimera looked to the left and saw Muyo and Peter accompanied by a grinning, fiery hair sorceress holding a small wooden box.

Lina walked up and put the box in Zelgadis's hand. "So ask her already before another person interrupt," said Lina. Zelgadis wished he could do this in a more private place, but he wanted to do this before something else happened.

"Ask me what," Amelia asked Zelgadis. Zelgadis let go of Amelia and went to one knee. He opened the box to reveal a gold ring for Amelia and the world to see.

"Amelia, will you marry me," asked Zelgadis. Amelia couldn't believe it. "Yes Zelgadis," Amelia screamed as she threw herself on Zelgadis and showered him with kisses.

Amelia and Zelgadis life together might just beginning, but for us, this is...

The End


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