Slayers' Vacation


Leonardo: Here we are at the anime studios for another fanfiction. I am waiting for Mika, to come and give me the people's request for what type of fanfiction that I should do next.

Mika walks up with Alex hold an envelope.

Mika: I have the people's request right, in this envelope.

Leonardo: Well, give it to me please.

Leonardo opens the envelope and pulls out a card. He becomes depress about what he sees.

Leonardo: Good god, you guys want another Zel falls in love with Ame fanfiction. I need a break from those two. I want to do a F\X fanfiction.

Alex: Well, we have to do what the people tell us to do boss.

Mika: Hey, after this fanfiction, can we have a pizza.

Leonardo: Yeah, why not. Hey, I do a L/G and Z/A fanfiction. Does anyone else have another idea on what I should do?

Mika: Strip Tease and add little lemon to our life.

Leonardo: I meant for the story, you hentai.

Alex: Hey, why don't you mess with people's minds like in I Can't Deny.

Leonardo: No not again. People sent complain e-mails and told me I was weak or twisted.

Mika: I love twisted stories.

Leonardo: Why can you go home?

Mika: You need someone to proofread.

Alex: You never do a good job.

Mika: At least I don't just hang around like you she-male.

Alex: I not she-male you hentai. I do half of the drawing and I get coffee and handle the computer when the Leo having a problem.

Mika: My Leo can draw better than you can. And when did he ever use pictures in his fanfiction you moron.

Leonardo: When did I become yours, Mika?

Mika: * Shove Leo away. * This is between my brother and me.

Leonardo sweatdrops as Mika and Alex pull mallets out and wham each other. *

Leonardo: Well since they are fighting to the bitter end, I won't share the by line with them. It not like they did anything important anyway.

Mika and Alex are chanting Dragon Slave to destroy each other and Leonardo slowly creeps away as the siblings try to kill each other.

Written By: Leonardo B. Castro (Leonardo: Thank God they still fighting.)

"I can't take this anymore," screamed Lina Inverse Gabriev. The Slayers were dirty, tired, and still searching for Zelgadis's cure. They were on the dirt road by a town near the beach. "What do you mean, you can't take it anymore," said Zelgadis. "I hate fighting Monsters, evil sorcerers, and I hate traveling dirty and tired. I need a break," screamed Lina.

"I have to agree with Mrs. Gabriev, Mr. Zelgadis. I want a break too," said Amelia. "How do you feel Gourry. You want a break too," asked Zelgadis. Gourry sat there, thinking for a few minutes. "Can you tell me the question again," asked Gourry. Lina slapped him on the head. "Jellyfish for brains," she yelled into Gourry's ears.

Zelgadis was outvoted. The only way he was going to continue on his journey was alone. He was tempted, but then he thought about Amelia. I have to watch Amelia so she doesn't get into trouble, he told himself.

"Well I can't let Amelia, er- I mean you people alone or you'll get in trouble," said Zelgadis. "Riiight, whatever you say Zel," said Lina. Amelia blushed, hoping for things that would most likely not to come true. "Lina, I don't know what you mean by that," said Zelgadis. Lina elbowed Zelgadis. "I know all you what to do is watch Amelia," said Lina. "That not true," said Zelgadis, trying not to blush and failing.

Two hours later, the Slayers were at the inn called the Red Claw Inn. Lina had a plan. She lied and said after dinner that they had only enough money for the two rooms including the food they will eat for the two weeks they had originally planned. Since Lina and Gourry were a couple, they would be sharing a room. Now Amelia and Zelgadis had to share a room. Lina made sure they only had one bed and no couch.

Lina and Gourry were cuddling in the bed of there little, but beautiful room. "Lina we had enough money to get Zel his only room, but we forced him to share a room with Amelia. Why did we do that again," asked Gourry. "Well the hundredth time my stupid husband, we did it for the sole purpose of getting those two together," replied Lina. "Oh. Lina, get them together for what," asked Gourry. "Jellyfish for brains," Lina said and hit him on the head.

Stupid Lina, how could she do this to me, thought Zelgadis. He knew that Lina was lying about the money thing. "Mr. Zelgadis, you can sleep on the bed with me if you want," said Amelia. Zelgadis was tempted to say yes. "No, this is fine Amelia. I will sleep on the floor," said Zelgadis. Amelia in her nightclothes, and look quite beautiful to Zelgadis, shrugged and went to sleep on the comfortable bed. Zelgadis had the sudden urge to crawl into the bed and make all of Amelia's, and some of his, fantasies come true. He resisted the sudden urge with all his will and almost failed. He found himself lying on the floor, by Amelia who was on the bed.

The night passed without any mishaps. In the morning, Lina knocked on Amelia and Zelgadis's door. Gourry was behind her. Zelgadis opened the door. "I'll get you for this Lina," said Zelgadis, sleepily. Amelia came up behind him. They were both in their day clothes. "Did anything happen between you and Zel," asked Lina. "No, Mrs. Gabriev, nothing happened," said Amelia with a little hint of disappointment in her voice. "Lina, I have to talk to you in private," said Zelgadis and he grabbed Lina and dragged her away from the others.

Lina was outside with Zelgadis. "Why are you doing this Lina," asked Zelgadis. "To get you two together," said Lina. "Why do you want me to be with her," said Zelgadis," what is the reason for this." "Well, so Amelia wouldn't be as hyper-active as usual and ready to say a justice speech at any given moment, and so you won't be so gloomy and you'll relax and let everyone else relax as well. I want a longer break than two weeks and the only way that happening if you are with little miss justice," said Lina.

"I don't love Amelia," lied Zelgadis, "she not my type." "Oh don't say that Zel. Even Gourry figured out that you love her," said Lina. "Is it that obvious," asked Zelgadis. Lina nodded and when inside inn to eat breakfast. Zelgadis sat outside to soak up the news that everyone knew he love Amelia.

Should I confess my love for Amelia, thought Zelgadis? No, Amelia deserves someone better, thought Zelgadis. I can't make her happy, thought Zelgadis. I might hurt her with my stone skin, Zelgadis feared. All of Zelgadis's other fears of what pain he could put Amelia through came to him and he decided to wait until he was human to tell Amelia that he loves her. He then walked inside inn, then he went to the dining area, and sweatdropped as he saw Lina beating Gourry for eating all the food before she got there to eat.

Zelgadis and Amelia separated from Lina and Gourry for the day. Amelia was walking down the town's pier with Zelgadis. Amelia was getting a lot of attention from the local men, and Zelgadis didn't like that one bit. When he caught one guy staring at Amelia's breasts, Zelgadis was about to snap and kill the guy.

Somehow, he managed to keep his tempter in check. Instead, he picked Amelia up and carried all the way back their room. She didn't complain at all. In fact, she quite enjoyed it, it was not every day that the man of her dreams picked her up and carries her to her room. It was like the beginning of all her dreams involving Zelgadis. Amelia wasn't sure if she was wake or still dreaming.

Once in the room, Amelia realized that Zelgadis was jealous, and her long awaited chance was finally here. "Mr. Zelgadis, why did you take me back to the room," asked Amelia. "I didn't want you to get sunburn," lied Zelgadis. "Oh is that it. I thought you wanted something more," she said. She was still in his arms. He was walking to the bed to put her down.

She brought her face closer to Zelgadis's face. "I could go for something more," said Amelia. She bought her arms around his neck. "Amelia I think," Zelgadis started to say. "Don't think Mr. Zelgadis, just do," said Amelia. She kissed him.

At that moment, Zelgadis cast his fears away and showed Amelia how much he loved her.

Lina and Gourry were on the beach. Lina was basking in the warm glow of the sun in her red bathing suit. She was lying on beach towel. Gourry, wearing shorts and white cotton short-sleeve shirt, was lying beside her. Lina was on her side, her back facing Gourry. He wrapped his arms around her body.

He started to kiss the back of her neck. He could hear Lina's giggling. "Lina, do you want to try to make a child tonight," Gourry whispered into Lina's ear. Gourry might not be as smart as the average swordsman is, but he knew how to turn Lina on. At that moment, Gourry made Lina's skin turn into shade of red that even the sun couldn't cause on Lina.

"Gourry, you can have your way with me later tonight," said Lina. Gourry smiled and then kissed her repeatedly in the back of her neck. If Gourry does let go of me and let me get into the water to cool off, I going to burst into flame, thought Lina. "Lina, why can't I have my way with you now," asked Gourry. Lina pondered what to do for a few moments. "Let go back to the inn," said Lina.

Lina was worried. Lina was back in her sorceress outfit. It was night, and Lina was about to go to dinner. She hadn't seen Zelgadis or Amelia for the whole day. She knocked on the Amelia and Zelgadis's door. Maybe they are in their room, thought Lina. "Amelia, are you there," she asked. "Go away," Zelgadis's half-asleep voice told Lina.

Lina opened the door slightly and peeked inside, and then closed it. Gourry came out of Lina and his room and walked up to Lina in his regular clothes. "Lina, did you find Zel and Amelia yet," asked Gourry. "Yeah, now let us leave the lovebirds alone," said Lina. "Lina, what birds," said Gourry. Lina slapped Gourry in the head and led her stupid husband to dinner. "Lina, I think I have the energy to stay up all night tonight," said Gourry. "Let eat dinner fast and get back to the room okay," said Lina. "Why do we have to eat fast," asked Gourry. Lina hit him on the head.

From the shadows, a figure watches Lina Inverse Gabriev. The figure was Xelloss. Lina didn't see him. Neither did Gourry. Soon Lina, my plan to get you and corrupt the others so they serve my mistress will be complete thought Xelloss.

He looked at the Amelia and Zelgadis's door. Their love for each other will only help me out in the trap I put for all of them, thought Xelloss. Now it is time to close the trap. Xelloss phase out.

A blond woman walked into town. She had a tail with a ribbon tied into a bow on her dragon tail. She was here looking for Lina. She felt Xellos somewhere around and her heart started to beat quicker. Filia was worried. She was starting to like that mazoku when he wasn't being mean to her.

"Zelgadis, I love you," said Amelia. "I love you too Amelia," said Zelgadis. They cuddled in bed. "How are we going to thank Lina for all her work in try to get us together," asked Amelia. "We'll buy her dinner. All she can eat," replied Zelgadis. "Dear, I don't think I have that much money. I don't want my kingdom to go bankrupt," said Amelia. They both started to laugh.

Amelia and Zelgadis's life together might be beginning, but for us, this is


The End.

Or is it. To be continued in Xelloss's Plan: A Love Triangle. Read below to see what the story is about.

Dragonball Z's Narrator: Lina loves Gourry, but Xelloss loves Lina, but Filia loves Xelloss. How will this turn out. Also Xelloss is tries to corrupt the Slayers and slowly, one by one, he tries to turn each of them into a mazoku. Will Amelia and Zelgadis's love survive while chaos swirls around them? Will Lina fall for Xelloss or stay with Gourry. Will Filia confess her love for Xelloss? Does Xelloss have feelings for Filia? All this and more in the next fanfiction, stay tune.

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Leonardo: Three weeks after this is posted.

Alex: Where is the pizza?

Leonardo: What pizza place did you call Mika.

Mika: This place.

Mika show them a newspaper

Alex: You called a place in Japan.

Mika: What wrong with that.

Leonardo: We live in Waipahu, Hawaii.

Alex: I hope they are not looking for where we live.

Meanwhile in Japan, A lone pizza guy searches Tokyo for Waipahu Street. Feeling defeated, he asked a businessman where Waipahu Street is.

Businessman: Nani. Waipahu Street?

Pizza Guy nodded. Meanwhile, Back in Hawaii

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