Part 1

"Ah! Nothing like a good meal to pick your spirits up, eh guys?" Rina Inverse and her travelling companions Gourry Gabriev, Ameria Wil-Telsa-Sailoon, Zelgadiss Graywords, and Shilfiell Nels Lahda were in a restaurant, but where else could they be under Rina's leadership? "Gee, Rina, I still don't see how you can eat so much and still stay a flat-chested beanpole," Gourry wondered ditzily. "Grr......Fireball!" Rina shouted as she threw the red hot ball of flame at Gourry's empty blonde head. "Oh, Gourry dear!" Shilfiell said as she helped Gourry up. "Ms. Rina! You should try to control your temper!" Ameria advised. Rina grabbed Ameria by the collar. "Don't you tell me what to do, you annoying little spoiled brat!" Rina yelled. Ameria winced, whimpering as Rina growled. Zelgadiss sighed and shook his head. By now, he was used to Rina's sudden outbursts, but that didn't mean he liked them. A quiet and shy man, he despised the attention Rina's short-fused temper brought to the group. And he certainly didn't want any attention brought to him, for in his mind, he was an ugly monster.

A sudden lighthearted giggle from seemingly nowhere made the group freeze. They turned their heads toward the source of the giggle, and found themselves looking at Xelloss Metallium, the mysterious priest who, in truth, gave Rina the creeps. Although he looked sweet enough, under the handsome exterior lied a powerful Mazoku. "My, my, Rina," Xelloss said, shaking his head, smiling as usual. "Must you be so violent?" Rina growled. "Oh, and like you would know about the horrors of violence," Rina commented sarcastically. Xelloss smiled and giggled nervously.

Just as Xelloss was going to open his mouth to say something, he was interrupted by another sudden giggle, although this giggle was distinctively female, and unfamiliar to any of the group. Again, the group turned their heads toward the source of this giggle, and found it to be a gorgeous woman none of them have ever seen before. She was about as tall as Shilfiell, maybe an inch or two taller, with beautiful, shiny, silky pink hair that flowed to her waist, with thick bangs that rested above her eyes. Her eyes, originally closed but recently blinked open, were the colour of rose quartz and just as glittery, too. She had a beautiful, curvy, feminine figure, with a bosom so large that Rina thought this stranger even beat Naaga! Her outfit, with a long, grey cape, khaki, long-sleeved turtleneck shirt, and short grey skirt, resmebled Xelloss' own outfit. In her hand, she carried a staff with a pink orb at the top, covered by the wood of the staff carved into a heart, surrounding it. Just who was this mysterious girl, and who did she think she was, butting into this?!

"So here you are, Xelloss. I must say, I'd never have imagined you with such a crew," the girl said. Xelloss opened his eyes in surprise, examining the girl. "And who....are you?" Xelloss asked.

"You mean you don't remember me, brother dear?" the girl responded.

"Brother dear?" Xelloss scratched his head.

The girl nodded. "Yes....I happen to be your sister, Xelith Metallium!" She smiled a smile rather like Xelloss' own smile, closing her eyes again. The rest of the group just stared. "Your SISTER?!" they said, shocked, in unison. Xelloss giggled nervously. "Yeah, I guess so!" He said. Xelith sprang toward Xelloss, squeezing him with a hug. "I missed you so much!" she said. Xelloss, rather taken aback and...surprised by Xelith's action, hugged back. "Where have you been? I've been looking all over for you!" Xelith said.

Xelloss smiled. "I've been....around. Y'know, doing the usual," he said. While Xelith and Xelloss discussed things amongst themselves, the rest of the group formed in a huddle to discuss the new girl, Xelith.

"I don't know," said Shilfiell. "I sense something....odd about her."

"Who wouldn't sense something odd about another fruitcake?" Zelgadiss said.

"No, no, I mean, she seems...lost, in a way. Like she needs Xelloss."

"Oh, that didn't sound good," said Rina.

"Huh? I don't get it," said Gourry. Rina answered Gourry with a simple whack on the head. Gourry kept quiet.

"Lost? Needing Xelloss? What do you mean, Shilfiell?" Ameria asked.

"I-I don't know yet. We haven't known her long enough for me to even guess a reason," explained Shilfiell.

"Well.....since there's no way to rid ourselves of Xelloss, I guess all we can do is let her stick around," Rina said. The rest of the group nodded. They turned toward Xelith and Xelloss.

"Okay, Xelith, I guess you can stick around, since I doubt there's a way to get rid of you or Xelloss," Rina said. Xelith and Xelloss smirked. "How very generous of you, Rina," Xelith said. Rina just mumbled in response.

"Anyway, shall we get going?" Rina asked.

"And where would that be, Rina-san?" asked Xelloss mock-sweetly. Rina rolled her eyes. She couldn't stand when Xelloss did that to her.

"That would be the Temple of Cytherea. I hear there's a hell of a lot of treasure and magic stuff there!" Rina said, winking.

Meanwhile, Xelloss was thinking. This girl...I I've known her my whole life. She makes me feel complete...I-I feel so attached to her.....Like I love her....but why?

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