Part 1

Lina growled at the group of bandits.

"Man, this is a lot harder then I thought!" Lina mused as the surrounding bandits held up their swords. She sighed. "Fire Ball!" She held out her hands and was surprised when she didn't feel the firey sensation she usually did. She gasped. "I lost my powers?! How...?" She whispered.

"Well well, Lina Inverse, all alone and with no powers?" The tall buff man gleamed.

Just then an old man pushed through the bandits. "Well, now, this is a chance of a life time!" The wizard smiled. "What are you going to do?"

One of the bandits asked. They were interupted by a ::tisking:: sound. "Don't you know you shouldn't attack a girl when she's got no powers?"

The figure apperared in the middle of everything. "X-Xelloss?!" Lina screeched in surprise. He nodded. "That time of the month, eh Lina-chan?"

He teased. She shook her head. "No! I don't know what happened! My powers just stopped working!" She cried. Xelloss opened his eyes wide.

"It's quite simple, really." The old wizard mused. Lina and Xelloss turned and glared at him. "What do you mean by that?" Lina growled. "Well, I simply put an anti-magic spell on you." He grinned.

"Why you!' Lina yelled. She was interupted when the wizard began muttering a few phrases. A blue aura began glowing around Lina. She looked around shocked. Xelloss looked at Lina, then back at the old man. Lina fell to her knees as a huge amount of power surged through her. She screamed and braced her hands on the ground. She threw her head back as she screamed. She looked down as her once gloved hands turned to large paws. She gasped and gave a shriek of surprise as she looked behind her to see a long slender tail. Ears poked through her hair and her nose became a light pink. Little tuffs of white hair formed all over her body. She went to scream but was surprised when it came out as a high pitched cat howl. When the glowing stopped, she looked up weakly, sweat beading her somewhat human face. She took deep breaths from her positions crouched on the ground. "What did you do to me?" She managed to hiss.

The wizard and surrounding bandits laughed. "I've casted another spell. So you won't steal anything from us again, we've turned you into a powerless sorceress..or should I say, large feline." he wizard smiled. "Too bad, looks like you'll be switching back and forth between a cat and a powerless sorceress." A bandit laughed. The group, laughing, left Lina on her knees. Lina looked up, her red-tinted ears pricked slightly forward as she sensed another form. She looked over to see a wide-eyed Xelloss.

She narrowed her eyes. "What, care to make fun of me?" She hissed.

He looked at her, and shook himself out of his stupper. "Lina-chan..." He whispered, looking at her pained expression. "What happened? Where are the others?" He questioned. She looked away.

"Gourry left with Sylphiel to go god knows where, Zel went to find a cure, and Amelia went to her kingdom.So that left me all alone." Lina said quietly. She suddenly clutched her head and hunched over.

"Lina!?" Xelloss asked concerned. She began glowing again and when she looked up, Xelloss gasped. She looked down at her hands and gasped. They were back to normal.

"I've got to find a way to fix this." Lina said. Xelloss nodded.

"Here, let's go to the inn. It's in the middle of town." Lina stood up slowly and sighed.

"Guess I have no choice." She began to walk away and Xelloss walked by her side. She sighed. I hope I can get this fixed soon, before it's too late. She thought solemly as they continued to walk into the town.

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