Part 3

"Miss Lina!?" Amelia cried out in surprise. Gourry dropped his sword in shock.

"I attacked her..." He whispered.

"Gourry dear..." Sylphiel tried to calm Gourry down. Xelloss' eyes were open for once, wide at that.

"It can't be." He murmmered. She looked up and once again everyone gasped. Her normally red, firey eyes were now a dull gray. She glared angrily at them, one hand held a sword, the other held her elbow. She smirked as she watched them back up slightly as she rose to her feet. She closed her eyes and her hand began to glow a light shade of violet. She pulled her hand away and it was if she had never been hit.

"Miss Lina?" Amelia hesitantly asked. She smirked. At this point, they took notice to her attire. Her demon blood talismans, Xelloss noticed, were misssing. Her outfit was pretty much the same, but all black. Zelgadis looked into Lina's eyes and saw anger and hatrid directed towards them. Then he saw, what was that... a shread of helplessness? Then there was still hope. She suddenly and swiftly jumped up, sword raised over her head, and attacked Amelia. She shrieked and ducked as the sword narrowly missed her head. Zelgadis jumped infront of Amelia and pulled out his sword, defending her next blow. Lina growled.

"Get out of my way..." She yelled at him. She was hit in the back by something and she angrily spun around. She saw Sylphiel, who tried to cast a flare arrow but ended up with a flare carrot instead. Lina grinned and went to hit her with the sword when Xelloss appeared before her. Lina just laughed and swung her leg under him, causing him to loose his balance. Sylphiel moved into Gourry's arms and Xelloss fell. Xelloss fell to the ground on his back. He went to disappear but Lina held a sword up to his throat. "Don't you dare mazoku." She growled. Xelloss stayed still, his smile plastered on his face. "You reallly don't know how powerfull I am, do you?" She asked with a laugh. She smiled as power began gathering in her sword and everyone gasped as it turned into an exact replica of the sword of light. "You see, my master has the power to duplicate anything, even the legendary sword of light." She chuckled as she saw Xelloss' nervous face. She held the sword above her head and brought it down. When it was just an inch away from his face, she stopped and she dropped the sword, it fell to her side with a clatter. She looked at her shaking hands and then back at Xelloss, who she now stradling, and he gasped and his eyes widened. Her eyes flickered red.

"Lina?" He whispered. Watching from a safe distance, the others watched on, wondering what was going on..

"Please, help me Xelloss..." She whispered. He was shocked when he saw trail of tears falling down her cheeks. The great Lina Inverse was crying.

"Lina-chan?" He tried again. Her eyes flickered gray, then back to red.

"Please, forget about me, he's trying to kill you all, he's using me! Kill me now, before it's too late." Lina whispered. Xelloss shook his head.

"No Lina, we'll find a way to help you!" Xelloss said forcefully, grabbing her by the shoulders.

"No you won't! It's too late for me! Just do it! I won't be afraid anymore! I can't stand it! PLEASE! Please...." She said hysterically. Her eyes once again flickered and they turned gray.

"Lina?" Xelloss asked. She looked up, her eyes pleading him.

"Why didn't you kill me..." A huge wave of raw power riped through her body and she threw her head back. Her head fell forward and she looked up into Xelloss' eyes. She snickered, the trails of tears that were just on her pale cheeks disappeared.

"You should have listened to her, you know. She was right, Lina Inverse was a coward, but i'm not Lina Inverse, now am I?" She smiled evily and quickly grabbed her sword, which was back to normal. "Bye bye mazoku." She said smirking. At that moment, a portal opened up and Xailer came out.

"Lina! Come here now." He commanded. Lina looked up at him and Xelloss watched her eyes shine with respect and adoration (is that even a word? ^_^;) and he growled, his eyes narrowing.

"Yes master." She floated up towards him and gave him a kiss. Xelloss burned with jealousy. What is this feeling? He wondered. I've never felt like this before. He shook his head to clear his mind and sat up, watching the two floating above him. Xelloss growled. Lina finally pulled away from Xalier and looked at the group. "I'll be back for all of you." She said, stepping into the portal, hand in hand with Xalier.

Xelloss sighed as the rest of the group came up to him.

"So, what happened?" Zelgadis asked. Xelloss stood up and brushed the dirt off of him.

"I saw Lina." He stated simply.

"Well, yeah Xelloss, we all saw Lina." Gourry stated the obvious. Zelgadis, Amelia, and Xelloss sweatdropped.

"I mean I saw Lina, in her eyes, for a moment, she wasn't the evil sorceress trying to attack us (but thats what she always is!), she was, herself..." Xelloss stood up and brushed himself off. "Well, come on then."

He said beggining to walk deeper into the forest, "Hey Xelloss, where are you going?" Zelgadis questioned.

"To find Miss Lina of course. I was able to trace the portal she dissapeared through, and it lead to the astral plane...." He trailed off, thinking of a good way to approach this.


Well, this part is dedicated to those who begged me to put it up ^_^ So enjoy. I'm starting the next part right away.

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