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ALL BIOS CONTAIN SPOILERS. If you don't want to be spoiled, skip this section and move onto the story.

Anya fa'Sharn (Summoner Queen of fa'Sharn)

AGE: born over 6 centuries ago, but is actually about 90 years old. In human terms, she looks about 17.

RACE: Koumazyatsu-zoku. (Summoner)


SPECIAL SKILLS: Anya is very skilled with black magic, in addition to summoning magical creatures. Her abilty with white magic leaves something to be desired, usually she can't heal more than a bruise. She can "see" things about people to a small degree as well.


OTHER INFORMATION: Anya known as "Anya the Uncrowned", because she is queen only in name. Her realm is in the middle of an ongoing civil war that has lasted 600 years. Regaining her birthright and uniting her people is what motivates her to join Lina and the others.

Val Agares (Newly reborn Ancient Dragon)

AGE: over 1000, but newly reborn

RACE: Ryuuzoku (Ancient Dragon)

PLACE OF BIRTH: Val's most recent birth occured in Ceipheed's Blessing, a small city where Filia has made her home

SPECIAL SKILLS: Val has a natural talent for magic, although he hasn't realized his true potential. As an Ancient Dragon, Val can change his form at will: dragon or human-like. He can also transform only partially, an ability that is unique to Val.


OTHER INFORMATION: Val was once a Prince of the Ancient Dragons with a bright future. When he was a child, the Golden Dragons launched their assault on his people, wiping out nearly all of his kind. Val escaped the slaughter, only to roam the land a fugitive. For many years he managed to avoid the Golden Dragons that were looking for him, but he was caught when he was a young man. Once more Val escaped, but he was near death. The Demon Dragon King then approached the dying Dragon and offered to save him if Val agreed to serve Gaav. Val agreed, and was reborn as a Mazoku named Valgaav.

Valgaav served the Demon Dragon King loyally until Gaav was killed by Hellmaster Phibirizzo. Valgaav though that Lina Inverse was responsible for his master's demise, and he dedicated himself to seeking vengence. He joined forces with shinzoku from another world in a quest to bring the Dark Lord Dark Star into this plane of existance. Once Dark Star arrived, Valgaav was consumed by the Dark Lord, only to be reborn as part of the God-Demon. Ultimately, Valgaav/Dark Star/Volpheed wished to "purify" the world, to let everything start over. Eventually, they were defeated by Lina and the others. Valgaav was resurected by Volpheed, though. Perhaps she thought that he at least should get the second change he so desired.

Lina Inverse (Beautiful Sorcery Genius)

AGE: 18

RACE: half Summoner, half human


SPECIAL SKILLS: In addition to awesome power with black magic, Lina posseses some of the abilities of the Summoner Race. She is above average in the use of Shamanist magic as well, and she can also use certain white magic spells. Her most powerful black magic spell is the Dragon Slave, and very few people in the world can cast that spell with as much power as Lina.


OTHER INFORMATION: Lina Inverse is the bastard daughter of Yula, the Eternal Queen of Zefilia. Lina's mother Yula was a pure-blooded Summoner who had conquered Zefilia over 600 years ago. Lina was fathered by a grocer who caugh the Queen's eye. Having borne a child from their union, Queen Yula left her illegitimate daughter with the grocer, aranging for him to receive a small pension from the throne, to help support her daughter. Eight years later the happy couple had another baby, a girl they named Lana. The grocer now had three girls to care for, Lana, Lina, and his daughter by his late wife, Luna. Queen Yula was prepared to publically acknowledge her daughters and bring them to court. However, Yula was forced to a marriage of state, and her husband the King would not stand for his wife's bastards residing in the palace along with the highborn children he was sure to father. The money stopped coming to the Inverse family, and they fell upon hard times. Luna Inverse helped her father raise her half-sisters between her training and duties as a young Knight of Ceipheed. As Lina grew, her older sister became aware that a piece of the Dark Lord Shabranigdo resided within her.

Gourry Gabriev (absent-minded Knight of Ceipheed)

AGE: maybe 23 or 24, he doesn't remember

RACE: Human, with a little god thrown in

PLACE OF BIRTH: Elmeikia (sp?)

SPECIAL SKILLS: While Gourry doesn't use magic, his skill with a sword is quite impressive. Considered to be one of the best swordsmen in the land, Gourry is rumored to be undefeatable in a duel. When he has the Sword of Light, his abilities become even more amazing, although Gourry has been unable to fully harness the power of Gorun Nova.

WEAPON USED: Sword, Gorun Nova

OTHER INFORMATION: When Gourry was about eleven, he was identified as a Knight of Ceipheed. His mother and father were over-joyed, and passed on the family treasure, to him even though he had not yet come of age. Gourry trained every day, taking magic classes from the local sorceresses, and practicing at swords with the blacksmith. A year afterGourry began his training, he was attacked at his home by a Mazoku. Gourry escaped, and there was a tragic acident at the Gabriev home. The house lay in ruins, and Gourry's parents and little brother were crushed to death inside. This traumatic event damaged Gourry badly, resulting in severe amnesia. He had no memory of the accident that claimed his family, and no memory of magic either. His grandmother took him in, and tried to continue his lessons in magic and swordsmanship. Gourry remained more like a twelve-year-old child than a youth growing into manhood, and he was very forgetful. Most of the time though, he wasn't listening, and seemed to have a short attention span.

Xellos (The Redeemed)

AGE: over 1100 years old

RACE: once of the human race, then Mazoku, and human again


SPECIAL SKILLS: as Prophet of Barluwin, Xellos is able to use mid-level holy magic. He can also use White, Shamanist, and Black magic to some degree.


OTHER INFORMATION: Xellos was banished from the Mazoku race after he had commited two taboos; going to the site of Ceipheed and Shabranigdo's battle, and combining Demonic magic with Holy magic on two occassions. Angered by his banishment, Xellos decided to take what revenge he could against the Mazoku race. He became the Prophet of the Sky Dragon King, an honor he had once held many centuries ago before going over to the Mazoku. As Prophet, Xellos is tied to the people of fa'Sharn.

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