Countdown to Extinction

"God Fears me." Edgler Foreman Vess from the novel Intensity by Dean Koontz

They fear me. All of them. Beings supposedly incapable of fear, yet it's there all the same. They think me mad for the things I've done. Ever since I began wearing the guise of this child, they began to fear me.

Odd, their fear tastes better then any other. I know of the things that they call me behind my back. 'Insane', 'sadist', 'demon'. They fear my power, yet they don't realize how grand it truly is. They're fools, all of them. Even he is nothing, but a fool. Fighting this useless war for control. Don't they realize that it's all useless!? As soon as one side gains an advantage she interferes.

I hate that one. Her very name sends me into uncontrolled rage. Everyone, everything, created just for her amusement. She thinks we're all her puppets, but I refuse to be anyone's puppet! Don't they realize that this world isn't even worth ruling? It's tainted with her power. It must be cleansed, and I am the one to do it. I shall cleanse it with the purity of my destruction. Then I shall eliminate the one true evil in this world. I will destroy her. Without any of her essence left the world can live in peace. We can finally hope to win this pathetic war. I am the only one to openly oppose her. Even the supposed all powerful demon kings heed her every call and demand. Yet I refuse. I call her by her true name. A name long forgotten by this world. Yes, I know your name, Asmodeus, that is your true name.

Even she fears me. She sees that I seek to destroy her, so she sends me opposition. First with that pathetic fool Gaav openly rebelling. Such a pathetic one he is. Created in mockery of the dragons. He is nothing. I shall give him his dues soon, but first I must deal with her newest form of opposition. She truly is a fool if she thinks a human can stop me. Even if this one destroyed a piece of him. I have plans for that one. That spell she used. Such delightful destruction it caused. How ironic, this world shall be destroyed by the same power that created it.

"You called Hellmaster-sama?" a voice stops my reverie.

Ah, here he is. The general, and priest of the Greater Beast Zelas Metallium. When I asked her for his services she immediately agreed. She knew that if she said no, I would destroy her utterly. This one shall help bring my plans into culmination. However, he needs a little 'motivation'. Using my limitless powers, I will it into existence. A small, golden orb appears in my outstretched hand. "Xellos, do you know what this is?"

"It is a soul orb Hellmaster-sama" The Trickster replied. Ah, he knows of them. It makes it all the more easier.

"Very good Xellos. But do you know who's soul orb this is?" He looks at me confused. Obviously baffled as to the relevance this has to with why I called him. The fool doesn't realize this has everything to do with why I summoned him.

"No I don't Hellmaster-sama." I'm smiling at him now. He's getting nervous. The initial fear that was trickling out of him is increasing by the minute. How intoxicating! How I love to play with my fellow Mazoku.

"This is your soul orb Xelloss." That finally stopped his stupid grin. A look of absolute terror left in its wake. Fear is coming out in waves. Something else is there too. Anger and disgust that I would mess with such things.

"What are you going to do with it?" He demands. He seems to have forgotten the proper respect entitled for his superiors, but I'll let it pass. After all, he's giving me so much pleasure.

"Nothing, if you follow my orders, and do them correctly."

"Anything you wish Hellmaster-sama."

"I want you to find the human Lina Inverse, and bring her to the City of Sairaag." He has another stupid look on his face. Probably wondering what the great Hellmaster Fibrizo would want anything to do with a useless human. Such idiocy, she has everything to do with my plans.

"As you wish, Hellmaster-sama" He tells me.

"The soul orb is an amazing thing Xelloss. It holds the very essence of an entity within. Can you imagine the amount of pain a being would go through if theirs was injured, or worse, destroyed?" Now he's reaching amounts of fear thought to be unknown to the Mazoku. He knew of the soul orbs, but failed to realize the kind of power someone holds if they can use them. "Xelloss, do you know what I do to the beings that fail me?" It's a rhetorical question I know, but I wish to hear his answer.

"You destroy their soul orbs Hellmaster-sama."

"Very good Xellos. However, I think you've heard that there's other things I do to them. Have you heard of such things?" Now he's afraid I'll kill him if he tells the truth, and he's afraid I'll kill him if he lies to me. Fear of death must be something completely new to him.

"I-I-I...I heard that you do not stop with the destruction of the orb, and that you continue to torment them even after death." He's cowering before me. The idiot! Doesn't he realize that I need him alive for now?

"So you know what I shall do to if you fell don't you?" He gulps before nodding. "Good, now go, and do not fail me under any circumstances." He teleports out, glad to be away from me.

Finally after all this time, my plans are culminating. "You think we're all your toys for you to play with!?" I begin screaming into the empty room. I know that she hears me though. She's always watched me. Afraid of what I'll do. I can't stop myself. I get so angry when I think about it. Do you think this is some kind of game!?" That you can just watch us fight a war that cannot end for your own amusement!? I won't let this continue! Asmodeus, I'm coming for you!"