Chapter 4: Nocturne

His eyes stared at her. Cold amethyst gazing past the safety of the window, past the floor and to the curled up form in bed, clinging to the sheets in her sleep. If he hadn't know what had happened, he still could have told that there was something troubling her, even in her sleep. But he did know, and he did know why.

Her breathing calmed down a little, and she seemed to relax. Good.

Xelloss smiled slightly to himself, tapping his chin a little as he leaned back against the tree with a sigh.

Everything had turned out as planned so far, yet he knew they still didn't like the thought of him following them to Wolf Pack Island to destroy the ring. They weren't as dumb as most mortals, he thought for himself, a small chuckle escaping his lips.

It would start soon, and she wouldn't know a thing. He just had to take his time.

With a sigh he moved his eyes upwards and towards the sky. How long would it take?

He could always lead them on a false trail as he often did, just to buy himself time. But on the other hand, the other dark lords could pick up their trail, and then things would be much harder.

Juuou-sama wouldn't be happy if they got the ring. and he couldn't risk that could he? Still.

The nightbreeze graced his cheek as it blew through the trees, and he closed his eyes again. This could be fun. very fun indeed if he played his cards right. what he could earn, the ring would be back in Juuou-sama's hands. the feelings, all the pain. just waiting for him.

Yes, a full-course meal was awaiting him if he was patient. Such lovely feelings, the exquisite pain. the hurt, the terror. and when it was all over he would be satisfied. He certainly didn't foresee this when he lost that ring so long ago. it was a funny little toy, and how they loved it at first. yes, they all did. and that just made it soooo much more fun!

A wicked grin played at the corners of his lips, and he opened his eyes to study the sleeping girl in bed. His expression turned to a slightly tender one, though his eyes gleamed with evil attentions.

"Yare yare. how peaceful. how kawaii.." he mocksighed and tilted his head, then grinned.

"Sweet dreams, Lina-chan." he whispered as he blew her a kiss, then faded into the shadows once again as the red-haired girl seemed to relax once more.

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